Saturday, July 23, 2016

Is Someone Trying to Blackmail and/or Destroy Europe's Tourist Industry?

UPDATE:  July 24 2016 - Looks like they're really going after Germany.  Two incidents just a machete wielding attacker and another a bomb going off in Bavaria...just after a music festival...dontchaknow.

UPDATE:  July 23, 2016 - I have added some interesting updates to my most recent post on the Failed Turkish coup "Breaking News" below.

Nice, France -- Waterfront Promenade

Yesterday, there was another in the epidemic of False Flag attacks aka "mass casualty events" targeting the prime tourist destinations of Europe. We know that Greece has been decimated as a tourist haven...then there were the bombings/shootings in Paris, France...Istanbul, Nice, and now Munich. These cities are a Who's Who of top tourist spots in Europe. It's not a coinkydynk anymore folks. This, IMO is a [drumroll] "War on Tourism". You know, when they wanted to make a "killing" running drugs internationally, the PTB mobsters called it a "War on Drugs"...and, when they wanted to do another Gladio and cause fear and bring in police states all over the world...they called it a "War on Terrorism". Now, it appears they don't want people to move around certain places and spending their money in certain locales...improving the economy of those places.  So, they've started a "War on Tourism".

The boomers, as they moved down the demographic snake...have always heavily influenced the world economy. When we were teenagers..."teenager" became a word in the lexicon. When we were buying houses and growing our families...the housing boom happened..and the manufacturing economy prospered. Now, we're downsizing and we have money to spend. We want to travel, go on cruises and see far off places. They say there's only about 15 years (between 65 and 80) when people are retired but still healthy enough and mobile enough to travel. These are those pivotal years. Potentially, there are billion$ and billion$ of tourist dollars that will be spent in the coming 15 years.

But WHERE those dollars will be spent is the question. Will they be spent in Europe?  Or in North America. Will they be spent in the Far East (China, Japan, Malasia, etc) or in North America. Will they be spent in South America (i.e., the Brazil Olympics) or in North America (Las Vegas)?  It appears some entity is using gratuitous violence to funnel the tourist dollars in a certain making certain destinations "unpopular" or "unstable".  

Let's look at the recent evidence...(and there is more than enough):  First we have the latest False Flag in Munich (right while youngsters and seniors are making their Oktoberfest reservations, dontchaknow):

Munich False Flag of just Yesterday
Can't see nothing in this video.  Hear some shots and
 crowd noise...then a man speaking in German
That's all.  The usual "bad movie" stuff

Oh, here's a much better version:

Only, an Internet sleuth has determined that
the maker of this video, Richard Gutjahr,
is married to a Mossad Agent and
also filmed the Nice Psy-op!

Yes, just yesterday, there was a false flag attack in a prime tourist destination...the home of Oktoberfest, Munich, Germany.  The JM$M first started off the lies with the requisite shout of "Allahu Akbar" (later, of course, discounted) and the "several gunmen" story.

There were headlines of GunmEn at Large

Several victims were reported in the MacDonald's shooting....("You won't be safe, even if you stick to American outlets in Europe"...was the subliminal message). But, WAIT!  Soon the Three gunmen began to morph into one (much less messy in terms of anomalous details later) eight killed and ninth body might be the gunman...from the CBC. The alternative media jumped on the latest hoax like a June bug, tearings its flimsy official story to shreds.  Same old, same old.  As I've said's the "New Normal". Finally, by the end of the day the morphing of three gunMEN into one gunMAN was complete...according to the pathologial liar....BBCYup! I checked again this morning and The BBC is reporting that the three gunmen have definitively morphed into one lone 19 year old nut....conveniently dead...of course.

A day without a false flag is a day without sunshine--for the "usual suspects". But there's a new thread emerging in the pattern...the "War on Tourism".

What do Istanbul, Munich, Paris and Nice all have in common?

They're all top European Tourist destinations AND they've all been recently hit by False Flag Terror in the current epidemic by the "usual suspects". Already, embassies are issuing "warnings" to tourists about visiting certain locales and, most importantly, multinational cruise lines are "repositioning" their ships to avoid Europe and focus on "safe" holiday destinations like the Caribbean.  The question is: Why do the usual suspects want to destroy European Tourism????

We've known for decades about "Operation Gladio" --the series of NATO false flag operations.  The objective of that criminal murder escapade was to instill fear in European citizens and direct the fear at "communists". This is definitely Gladio on steroids. Some complete psychopaths and human-haters are driving what's going on on earth. It must be some entities who don't even consider themselves humans....and subject to the same laws, traditions and risks. They must hold the acquisition of money/power above all other considerations. Now, who could these entities be????????

Where do they have their strongholds?  I note that London as yet has not had a mass shooting...although there were some isolated (7/7) events some time ago of targeted violence. Las Vegas has been free of "gladio-style" have the US colonies in the Caribbean (Puerto Rico, etc.) What should be done is a scientific study, complete with maps and graphs pinpointing the "Gladio-style" events and extrapolating from where the events AREN'T happening...who's responsible.

Summary and Conclusions:

More research and analysis needs to be done before the theory of the "War on Tourism" can be accepted as fact--like the War on Drugs and the War on Terrorism already are. But there's a thread emerging, of wanting to discourage or funnel tourism dollars from certain destinations and towards others. Billions of dollars are at stake in the next 15 or so years. Of course, we already know that the "usual suspects" don't want you travelling to Russia, the Muslim Middle East or other "enemies du jour"...but it's more complicated why they don't want you to visit the historical tourist hotspots in Europe.  But it's looking more and more that they don't want you going there and spending your dollars there.


Penny said...

Good point Greencrow: War on Tourism is economic warfare- As good as sanctions, but, without saying as much

greencrow said...

Thank's Penny. Hope you're feeling better after the dental visits last week. I've been suspecting that Tourism was a target of the perps for a long time. But I always felt it might be taken as paranoia. But after Munich last week....that tipped the scales. This is right when people are planning and making reservations to go there for Oktoberfest!

Nice...right on the Promenade was also a bit obvious. Maybe they think people will go to Israel instead......right!