Saturday, July 16, 2016

UPDATE: Geostrategic Implications of the Failed Turkish Coup

UPDATE:  July 16, 2016 RT provides an update of the crisis and an analyst asserts there is "zero chance" that the US did not know there would be a coup.  ABC is reporting that the Incirlik Air Base Shut Down is still in force.

Erdogan with his supporters at Ataturk Airport
Friday, July 15, 2016

IMO, the coup was officially over when Erdogan
told the Turkish people that if it were successful, 
"Turkey would be run from Pennsylvania"
that it was their choice.

A few important factors to keep in mind over the next 48 hours or so as the world works it way through the latest globalist-inspired crisis in the middle east (Turkey, to be precise).  First we have
The "Official Version" from the BBC. In this "Voice of the Perps" rendition, we have the West distancing itself from the failed coup...and particularly Gulen "the mastermind" living in the US, according to Erdogan. Keep in mind there are e-mails in the Clinton imbroglio that connect her with this CIA asset.  The fact that none of the Western Mainstream Media dares print the quote by Erdogan about "Turkey being run from Pennsylvania"...tells us all we need to know about who the likely perpetrators were.

Here are a couple of good geopolitical analyses...first from the Saker website and then from analysis appropriately titled "Another US bloody mistake".  We are just beginning to comprehend how monumental a failure this failed coup is for the West.  In so many ways, Turkey was the lynchpin of their hegemonic, globalist wet dreams. We could go into all the the Baltic Sea Western Base...and the Russia/Turkey pipeline...but I want to focus on one very serious but as yet unplumbed crisis unleashed by the coup. This is the status of the Incirlik NATO airbase in Turkey. This is the airbase from which the infamous "Turkish jet" took off from before downing the Russian jet over Syria last November. I have always held the opinion that Erdogan had nothing to do with that downing and probably found out about it after the fact.  It was set up as a divide and conquer strategy aimed at putting the kibosh to warming Turkish/Russian relations.  And, for a brief period in was successful.

So, as part of quelling the coup...Turkey has taken over the airbase...cutting off the power and banning landings and take-offs, once the planes already in the air were safely landed.  The Turks said that the base would be closed until the government was able to sort through the military personnel and see who was loyal and who was part of the coup.  Makes sense to me....only problem is that NATO is storing some nuclear bombs there. Perhaps as many as 90 bombs. Well....this is a huge embarrassment for the US...not to be responsible for their own bombs.  It's huge. Perhaps Turkey will never again let "NATO" control the airbase.  Now...who would be capable of making such an absolutely brilliant "chess move"[moving Erdogan from the hotel four hours prior to the coup military "surrounding it" AND shutting off power and sealing off Incirlik]....Hmmmmmm ......let me think....and the timing so perfect too...right while Kerry was presenting his 8 page "ultimatum" on Syria to the Russians:

US Secretary of State John Kerry speaks during a press conference with Russia's Foreign Minister in Moscow on July 15, 2016. US Secretary of State John Kerry said on July 15 he was still catching up with fast-moving events in Turkey, where troops are on the street amid reports of a coup attempt.

Kerry is thinking..."Memo to Self...Perhaps next time
we should install some power generators
to keep the power on at Incirlik."
While Lavrov is saying:  "Don't worry, John
We'll take care of your Incirlik nukes.  They're safe with us."

Incirlik - the Jewel in the Coup Crown

Here's another, western slanted, report on the "sealing off" of the Incirlik Air Base.  It can't be stressed enough how pivotal the "sealing off" of the Turkish Airbase is.  You can bet that Russian intelligence is crawling all over the airbase as we type. In my opinion, this could well go down in history as Putin, once again, saving the world from nuclear Armageddon...should "ISIS" have got control of those nukes as part of the "coup"....and used them to blackmail the world.

In another reality....heads would roll in Washington over this debacle. But this is another "parallel reality" we're living in....a reality where pyromaniacs are allowed to move unimpeded ...from one scene of arson to another.


james@wpc said...

I agree, Greencrow, that Erdogan did not know beforehand about the shooting down of the Russian jet. The incident was designed threaten and embarrass Erdogan and to cut off the Turkstream pipeline.

Surrounding the airbase is huge, as you say. Cutting off the electricity means severely disrupting the US's communications at the base and is a huge slap in the face of the US forces. This is open hostility to the US by Erdogan.

I expect that Kerry thought the coup would strengthen his already weak hand in his negotiations with Russia but instead has egg all over his face. It looks like the coup was hastily put together to me and is symptomatic of the desperation of the US as it scrambles for traction in the Syrian conflict

greencrow said...

James....the US...with their NATO air base in Turkey off cornered. Any time an adversary is a very dangerous time. I'm sure Putin is aware of this. IMO...the future of the planet is in his hands. I don't think I'm exaggerating, either.

james@wpc said...

Cornered and desperate . . . Important insight, Greencrow! Dangerous times, indeed.

I wonder which way the US will twist and turn next? I'm sure more people will die whatever their next desperate move is

james@wpc said...

Andrew Korybko answers the question-

Gullen-influenced coup

Penny said...

Hey James and GC:

I third the Erdogan out of the loop regarding the shootdown- pretty much stated that right off- IMO: Turkey most likely aided by Russia pulled the rug right out from under Kerry and his offers of cooperation- worthless offers
The whole Incirlik thing is scary- Watch out for Israel

greencrow said...

Hi James and Penny...yes, it's pretty much impossible to NOT know about a coup that is being run right out of your airbase (Incirlik was a US airbase). I wonder how much Kerry was in on the coup....he might have been unaware and set up to go to Moscow as a method of "recording" the Russian Sorry, but it IS funny how the tables were turned,

But they might turn again in a it IS scary, indeed.