Saturday, July 9, 2016

Full Circle Back to Dallas -- The hidden messages of the Dallas False Flag

On July 15, 1960, Senator John F. Kennedy
tells Democratic convention delegates and some 65,000
others in the Los Angeles Coliseum that he will
be the party's candidate for President
in the 1960 campaign

When I read about the latest (they're coming on almost a daily basis now) false flag...and how it had happened in Dallas, Texas....a thousand memories came flooding back...all the permanently imprinted mental images of That Place (Dallas) and the last time triangulating snipers caused a ruckus thereThe legendary corrupt Dallas Police Force...escorting the "sheep-dipped" CIA asset Lee Harvey Oswald to his doom. The wanton murder of Officer JD Tippet...just because he was a Kennedy a preparation for body/autopsy switching. .  There are few cities on earth that could pull off such a blatant caper as this...twice, in a little over 50 years. Over the course of 24 hours...several."snipers" morphed into one Oswaldian "lone shooter" who then conveniently died at the "hands" of a bomb-carrying robot? Another escalation of domestic military actions against civilians...but hey, it works for the Pentagons' recent request for $$$$ for bomb laden drones.

The entities who plan these events usually leave nothing to chance....least of all the symbolism of it all. Their egos command they leave business cards. The message of Dallas is that now they have come full circle.  Fifty-three years later, they are back where they started. The Deep State that took over the USA by stealth when they shot down its president like a dog in the streets are messaging to humanity..."This is where we will make our stand. You have been served notice that we will either be allowed to continue our conquest of planet earth here...or we will create such chaos, including nuclear, that the living will envy the dead." 

But they are running out of time...and they are running out of lies. It took less than 24 hours for the official story of the Dallas police shootings to lose all credibility in the alternative media. Nobody believes anything they say anymore. Recent reports say the police found "bomb-making material" at the "loner" gunmans' home. Wonder if he was yet another member of that new fraternity....the government-handled loser.  We have one of those up here in Canada...a former addict with mental health issues who, with his equally vulnerable girl friend, is still going through a special hearing to see if their convictions for "terror bombing" activities will withstand a judge's scrutiny as to whether the police and their "letter agency" handlers set the poor suckers up.  All we need to know now about the Dallas shooter is--what interactions he had with police prior to the incident...I'll bet there were many.

The recent uptick in these staged terror attacks is because the deep state is getting their @$$es whupped by the Russians in Syria, the Iranians in Iraq....and their Middle East Ziofascist wet dream is in tatters.  Now, Europe is waking up and their bestest little buddy, the UK, is trying to break out of the EU fold.  Swedes just voted overwhelmingly in a public opinion poll against joining NATO.

But, worst of all, a "phenomenon" politician has come along who, like Kennedy, is independently wealthy and not able to be bought by greed like the Clintons...and who isn't a mind-controlled Manchurian candidate like Obama. Candidate Trump's saying all kinds of dangerous things....just like Kennedy...who talked about "secret societies" [see the quote to the right of this post] and threatened to break the CIA into a "thousand pieces and scatter it to the winds.  Trump is calling Hillary a "crook" and is threatening to put her in jail.  He's saying the political and judicial system in the US is "rigged".  He's saying he can "work with Putin" and doesn't want war. IMO, the symbolism and message of the recent Dallas police shootings is a direct warning to Trump. Do you want to end up like Kennedy?

Yes, "they", along with their triangulating snipers, are back in Dallas where they started...ready for a violent "Soros Summer" ...ready to ride the storm and reap the whirlwind...bringing it all to a head in November.

Riders on the Storm
The Doors


james@wpc said...

You make some really good points, Greencrow. Coming full circle back to Dallas: the message to Trump; the message to the bankers' national and international opponents - give us what want or we'll set the world on fire.

I get the impression that there are some heavy tantrums being thrown in boardrooms in New York and elsewhere.

greencrow said...

Hi James....Thanks for your comment. Because of the fast moving and morphing pace of events during the past 24 hours I had to edit this post a lot. New information was coming in by the moment. I apologize to any readers who read some of the inadvertent errors in the first version....there might be some more pivotal news yet.

I really wanted to lay it on the line to Americans what evil was set in motion when Kennedy was killed and how they had their own "Putin" [great leader who could have taken them to another echelon in development and world stature] but he was murdered in the street and his murderers went Scott free. IMO, Americans have never responded appropriately to his death...even today they should have an unquenchable rage and vigilance.

Instead, they allowed the same perps that physically killed spiritually kill his reputation with lies...and to murder his son. It's a frigging disgrace and makes me angry.
So I needed to point out the recent messages and warnings of Dallas.

james@wpc said...

JFK's assassination, or should I say ritual killing, was a watershed moment. Many people were found wanting in its aftermath. At least we have the internet now.
50 years ago, people were stunned at the shear brazenness of it but not any more.
To me, the fact that 'they' have to keep doing this shit means they are no longer in full control of the future.

kerdasi amaq said...

Are you sure that Oswald was killed? I'd say that Ruby fired a blank at Oswald and the rest is a fake story.

greencrow said...

Hi kerdasi amaq. No, I'm not sure that Oswald was killed. His family, Marina and the two girls, have been interviewed during the past decade or so and seem to indicate as much. One of his daughters has been saying that he was framed and innocent...Marina seems to allude as much as well...but has been frightened into virtual many victims.