Saturday, July 16, 2016

Failed Turkish coup...was it really a "NATO" coup?

French TV reporting on today's "Turkish Coup"

The latest news about the so-called "failed" Turkish coup that took place on Friday, July 15, 2016 is that the government of Erdogan is back in full control and that over 700 of the military have been arrested.  Who was behind the coup?  is now the main question being asked.

Here's a good analysis of the failed Turkish coup by Ulnar Gunnar originally writing in New Eastern Outlook...that I saw in the blog "Land Destroyer".  Here's another excellent analysis from "Crimes of Empire".

The last analysis supports my suspicions that the coup was backed by "NATO"...which is really the USrael and their vassal states. Here is the part of the last analysis that supports my contention that the failed coup was engineered by the "usual suspects"...the CIA and their Israeli cohorts:

Who is Behind This? 
The Turkish President Recep Tayyeb Erdogan has blamed the coup on elements within the military loyal to Fetullah Gulen and his Hizmet movement. Fetullah Gulen is an Islamist leader who lives in the US, Gulen is alleged to be involved in  drug dealing and money laundering and is understood to be aligned with the CIA.
If the CIA have backed this and it fails this will be one of the greatest fiascos in the agencies history right up there with the Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba in the early 1960’s. 
The timing of this is very very strange. Several months ago a coup seemed likely and even desirable as the Turkish government made a series of blunders regarding their Syria policy that saw them edge close to war with Russia. Recently Turkey has sought to ease tensions with Russia and has adopted a more conciliatory tone regarding Syria. These developments appear to have displeased certain forces within the US Government and it seems they have encouraged the attempted overthrow of a NATO member government.
A low level civil war continues in South Eastern Turkey against Kurdish separatists and the Turkish military have suffered a number of losses in the fighting but there has never been any doubt as to whom holds the upper hand and the Kurdish fighters are routinely crushed and routed by a ruthless and powerful Turkish military.
To their credit opposition parties have not offered any public support to the plotters. Supporters of the ruling AK party have taken to the streets to support the elected government responding to Erdogan’s call made after the government managed to retake control of parts of the media that had been closed by the plotters. 
Mysteries Solved. 
The coup attempt appears to clear up the mystery regarding several of the terror attacks that have taken place in Turkey this year. It seems almost certain now that the rogue military faction were conducting the attacks in an attempt to destabilise the nation and prepare the way for the coup.That is why the State Department warned of attacks in Turkey the day before theIstanbul airport blasts-the CIA knew about the campaign as they were involved and the State Department were told by the CIA.
It is likely that the Israeli Security firm ICTS were at the very least facilitators of the terror attack also.

Whatever happened to that Turkish general who met with a high-ranking US General some months back when the US general paid an official visit to Turkey?  I remember at that time the US General surprisingly did NOT meet with Erdogan, but only with his Turkish counterpart.  This raised some eyebrows in the blogosphere.  Was that a meeting to set up this coup?

It was equally surprising when Erdogan made his about-face with Russia a week or so ago and apologized for the shoot-down of the Russian plane over Syria last November.  Viewed with the benefit of seems probable that Erdogan was made aware of this brewing coup and was desperately attempting to shore up Russian support, in order to combat the NATO-led revolt within. Or, perhaps it was even the Russians who alerted Erdogan of the fomenting mutiny.

I have highlighted in red above the obvious implications for the CIA if this coup has failed and if it can be traced back to them, NATO or any other western agency.  There will no doubt be a monumental effort to salvage the coup with another assault on Erdogan's government....control the damage, to blame others and/or to destroy the trail....and perhaps to distract...with yet another False Flag.

UPDATE:  I am seeing in the mainstream media that it appears they are going to continue the effort to destabilize Erdogan's government...the "Voice of the Perps", the BBC is running a lead story that the coup is not over definitively, there is "confusion" and there has been a "night of violence".

In the final analysis...this phase of the coup failed when Erdogan was able to get on TV and advise the Turkish people that the head of the coup plotters was a man who lived in the US.

When Erdogan said:  "Turkey cannot be run from Pennsylvania"

The coup was finished.


Penny said...

LOL on the western media: Don't clean house Erdogan- Respect freedom and democracy
As if the UK, France and Germany, Us or Canada do that?
Two face psychos

If Turkey has any hope of surviving and remaining a non failed state they have to clean house and clean house quick

Undoubtedly someone wanted to kill Erdogan- he's popular and his death would have ensured a succesful coup

I suspect Russia gave Turkey intel

This thwarts that Black Sea base NATO had hoped for
Oh and some of the coup plotters went to greece where they received military escort
france looks to have had prior knowledge
check out my latest GC and share some thoughts

greencrow said...

I did read your excellent post on this topic, Penny. When I was in Turkey this time last year, I spoke with a few Turkish citizens about Erdogan. The ones I spoke with didn't like him at all due to pervasive corruption in his government. But, just like us Canadians and Trudeau Jr....if a CIA coup was initiated...we no doubt would rally 'round the Dauphin as the lesser of the two negatives.

IMO, Russia is decidedly the victor in this little skirmish. Kerry was hoping to meet with Putin during the coup and it would give him a "leg up" on the 8 page proposal he was making to the Russians over Syria. Can you imagine how Kerry felt...meeting with Putin in the midst of a failed US coup in Turkey (the US's key ally in the proxy war against Syria).

I'm going to do a post in the next day or so regarding the international geostrategic implications of the failed coup...and there are many! So much for Obama's "August 1, 2016 deadline" about getting rid of Assad....or else.

And it even has grave political implications for Hillary Clinton...because there are leaked e-mails connecting her with Gulen...the alleged US-Based coup leader. There! I don't have to do the I've encapsulated it all


james@wpc said...

Ah, I see you caught the implications for Kerry in Moscow, Greencrow. I jumped the gun in a comment on your later post. The whole thing is looking rather seismic.

Penny, from an article on 21Wire,
"The western media are busy spinning and re-spinning the post coup narrative now: We’re told that a coup in Turkey is ‘non-democratic’, but that be-headings, lynchings, mass detention, torture and abuse of protestors is to be supported as ‘legitimate reprisals’, while in Syria we see an complete inversion of this narrative – where the US-led Coalition has been supporting an armed coup for the last 5 years while still condemning the Syrian government and the country’s Army for defending its country against an invasion of foreign mercenaries armed, funded and equipped by NATO and its Gulf State allies. How much more abject hypocrisy can you have?"

If there is a way for the western media to be even more hypocritical, they will surely find it.