Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Everyone's a Critic! A good read...and bbl

Bringing the cows back to the barn--with trombone music!

As we get into the lazy, hazy crazy dayz of summer...I'm presenting a little bit of night music...well, evening music anyway.

Also some good reading about the US Election and consequent prospects for the world....I will not be covering the DNC convention, aka Hillary's coronation. Although I agree that the choices are clear in this election...either an unknown quantity [Trump] or planetary annihilation....via a nuclear Armageddon...but I cannot jump into the bucket of swill that is the Democratic National Convention. So, on a much lighter note.....

NOTICE TO READERS:  Starting today, I will be going offline for a week or so...while I unplug this old laptop for the last time, right after I publish this post. I'm going to then take it to the computer store and get all the files transferred onto a brand new laptop with Windows 10 (the Dreaded Window 10!) already loaded on. The new laptop I've already purchased has mega more memory than this one does. I'm hoping to be able to develop some new features for the blog, such as video posts....and maybe even an interview (ever the optimist....gulp!). In the meantime, please visit the excellent blogs on the blogroll to the right of this post. And, especially, please visit my geopolitical blogging compatriots, Penny for your Thoughts and Northerntruthseeker.

Lastly, I want to thank all my readers for their interest and regular visits to my blog. YOU are the fuel that keeps it going. Especially, do I want to thank my American readers. There are none more under assault by the PTB than you are. The fact that you CAN "handle the truth" under such conditions wins you my undying respect., until I am back online...bbl.....(be back later).

BBL - a week or two after my computer upgrade
Enjoy your summer!

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