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CawRANT Events #29

CawRANT Events #29

It's a brilliantly sunny, summer day on the West Coast and time for my bi-weekly RANT.  It is again a bit late...due to all the events that I have been attempting to cover on this blog.  So much is happening on this planet that all I can do is touch on geopolitical fires and so regular features are left begging. But it is time for a RANT so here goes!

Greencrow is back on the CBC Forums...but has a new name

First, some minor and somewhat amusing housekeeping matters. A month or so ago I was complaining on the blog that I was effectively kicked off the CBC forums...where I have been leaving comments under "greencrow' for over a decade.  They changed their format and are now demanding "real names" in order to post comments.  Well, after thinking about it for a couple of weeks...I got back on the CBC comments forums, under the new format.  I had to change my "nom de plume' however, because under the new format, CBC will only allow "real" names (first and last) to be used. Thenceforward I will be posting under my new name:
vertina corbeau
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Seems like any issue worth commenting on is excluded from comments on the new CBC forums. can say all you want about Air Miles Rewards..duh! but can you say anything about Russia being allowed to compete in the Olympics and Justin's little mission to exclude Russia falling flat? No!
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lol! new name, translated from French to English is "greentina crow".  And after some minor delays...the CBC even allowed me to use my avatar.  What a joke! But I do feel better now that I am able to again vent on the CBC and let them know that not every Canadian is a mindless sheeple...swallowing their swill.

Speaking of Swill...

As they's an ill wind that doesn't blow somebody some good. One alternative blog after another is being exposed as dysinfo by propagandizing the Official Lies about the Turkish Coup...The Daily Sheeple and others are or shortly will be purged from my Blog Roll. It is truly shocking to me (although others have been saying it for years) almost all the alternative American blogs are utter disinfo.  The Turkish coup is neatly dividing the wheat from the chaff.

Trudeau bends over again

My vacationing and blogging compatriot, Northerntruthseeker will be interested to read that Trudeau has broken his campaign pledge not to buy the Lockheed F-35 garbage they call fighter jets. Apparently, Trudeau was considering buying some Boeing Hornets but Lockheed reminded le Dauphin 'whose your daddy.' So now Canada is going to pour yet more tax dollars down the military sinkhole. The goal of the globalists is to leave the vassal states like Australia and Canada completely unprepared and vulnerable.

Russia avoids being banned from 2016 Olympics

Trudeau's other task being carried out for his globalist masters was to publish a report that would take Russia out of the Rio Olympics.  Failed again!  The report, written in only 57 days and without consultation with Russia...fell a bit flat, apparently...because the committee overseeing the testing for drug use at the Olympics allowed Russia to participate.  If Russia had been banned...I would have expected the rest of the BRICS to drop out of the games as well....probably too much for the Olympic committee to risk.

Turkey Update
Head of the Turkish Military, Hulusi Akar

There was a bit of excitement on the blog a few days ago when some of us used our research skills to find out who was the Turkish General who met with the American General (and, significantly, bypassed Erdogan) some months ago prior to the failed coup. Reader MMM was the successful researcher and found the answer on Penny For Your Thoughts blog in a post dated way back on January 7th, 2016.

As it turned out, General Akar was not involved in the failed coup of July 15, 2016. He is still head of the Turkish military. But if I were Erdogan....I would keep an eye on him....if the coupmeisters thought he was worth meeting with AND captured him in the early moments of the coup...with the intention of getting him to speak directly with coup leader in America, Gulen.

I was also obsessed to find out the status of the Turkish base holding NATO nukes, Incirlik. Especially after thetruthseeker posted information that the electrical power off at the base was continuing:

This from thetruthseeker posted a report dated July 20th but posted on July 24th from the unreliable DEBKAfile:

......Our military sources report that deep bunkers located near the base’s running strips house B61 tactical nuclear gravity bombs.
In the course of the massive sweep-cum-purge Erdogan is conducting in every corner of the country, hundreds of police officers accompanied by Ministry of Justice and Attorney General Office investigators are the only people permitted to enter the strategic air base, and only emergency cases may leave, after coordinating with the Turkish authorities.
The base is under virtual siege by large police contingents, cut off from electric power for several days except for local generators which will soon run out of fuel. This pressure appears to be Erdogan’s method of turning hundreds of Americans on the base into hostages to force Washington into extraditing Fethullah Gulen, whom he accuses of orchestrating the failed coup from his place of asylum in Pennsylvania.

Then, just as we were trying to absorb the crisis involving Turkey's maintenance of two NATO bases on it's soil after it was appearing more and more like NATO/the US had been involved in the attempted coup....a Turkish newspaper NAMED the leader of the coup as American General, John F. Campbell. The mention of the sirname "Campbell" immediately brought back memories from 1986 when my family traveled around the British Isles...and more specifically, the Scottish Highlands.

The Scots could tell you about the deviousness of the Campbell's...just ask them about the "massacre at Glencoe" in the Scottish Highlands. At the mention of the name "Campbell" my mind's eye travelled back to a dark, foggy day wandering around the ruins of Glencoe...and hearing from a guide about the massacre that took place there, centuries ago. It seems the clans Macdonald and Campbell were feuding, but the Macdonalds invited the Campbells to a feast at their castle in the remote highlands. When their hosts fell asleep after the celebrations, the Campbells murdered them in their beds. This infamy has never been forgotten and the Campbells have had to carry the stigma around ever since. When we visited the Edinburgh castle in the capital of Scotland...the guide there again reiterated the Campbell/Macdonald legend and said that the Scot's "Never turn their backs on a Campbell". I never forgot him saying that in his thick Scottish brogue....especially because of the chance he took. Had there been a "Campbell" in the crowd, he may have lost his job!

The biggest betrayer of the coup, however, is the usual suspect....the JM$M

NBC an "active shooter" in the would-be Turkish coup? This is just the latest nadir in the plummeting of the mainstream media from being the "fifth estate" to being just another hitman mobster in the globalist criminal cabal. How many lies can you pack into a single geopolitical analysis? Read the following fro the Daily Express...there must be a lie in every second phrase of three words or more.

Alexander Dugin has a good editorial on the Atlanticist media perfidy here:

American Disinformation

Some people don't like Dugin as a geopolitical analyst.  In this case, he's spot on.

The Turkish Coup and American Disinformation

More and more the media (unfortunately, including some alternate media/blogs) is being revealed as co-conspirators and criminal adjuncts of the globalist cabal. Having NBC being instrumental in setting off the coup is just the final straw. How much lower can they sink? And as Dugin says...the M$M just goes from one conflagation to the next, lying their heads off...accepting NO responsibility for any of the mayhem, deaths, murders, assassinations they facilitate.

Now, they've finally run into a brick (or is it BRIC) wall. Turkey, with its Imam early warning system (chanting alerts about the coup from the Mosque towers) finally, outsmarted the mobsters...with all their high tech gizmos...and "apps". lol. The cabal has been extremely silent since the coup....sending its media pittbulls to fight at the DNC as a distraction. Have they finally run out of ideas and options? Could it be they will be Putin defeated the would-be take-over of Crimea...without a shot being fired (as he is proud to repeat)?

Now, wouldn't it be loverly?

That's it for this RANT. Till next time, bye for now.

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