Friday, July 22, 2016

Update on Turkey: Was Power restored at Incirlik? And other questions

Breaking News re the Failed Turkish Coup

UPDATE:  July 23, 2016 RT is reporting that the right hand man of the alleged head conspirator (Gulen who lives in Pennsylania) in the failed Turkish coup was arrested today. Interestingly, for blog readers, this report also says that the head of the Turkish military, none other than Hulusi Akar, was briefly held hostage by the would be coupmeisters and they tried to force him to talk with Gulen. Akar is the general who met with US General Dunford last January...excluding Erdogan from the meeting. Also the report originating with a French media outlet, does not update the status of Incirlik Air Base...although it was based on a personal interview with Erdogan. It DOES, however, say that Erdogan said he would be meeting Putin in Russia in mid-August. I can hear the gnashing of teeth/fangs from here....

UPDATE:  July 23, 2016 James Corbett of is saying that the NYT has reported that the power is on at Incirlik. If the ONLY source is the NYT...should anyone in the world believe the report? I think NOT! The Power could well be back on, but until I have some corroberation from sources such as RT and/or PressTV (both of which reported that the power had been cut), I will tend to believe the power is still NOT on.

UPDATE:  July 22, 2015 I note that WHATREALLYHAPPENED.COM is still running the link to a little known website as the source of the story that the power is back on at Incirlik Air Base. Accompanying that link is this link which is a Global Research recap of events in Turkey. No where in the Global Research report does it state that the power is back on.  So the power is still off.

There has been a minor controversy on the blog Comments Forum re an earlier post wherein the comments I queried what happened to the Turkish general who met with a US general some months back, both suspiciously by-passing Erdogan. I wondered whether he was involved in the failed coup of July 15, 2016.  An intrepid sleuth code-named MMM found the relevant post on Penny for Your Thoughts blog in a post dated back to January 7, 2016.  The name of the Turkish general was Hulusi Akar.  Well I did a bit of googling around the time of the failed coup and found that General Akar was briefly held hostage in Ankara by the coup soldiers but was later released and eventually appeared at several memorials for the loyalist dead. So, that's that...unless someone can come up with some more recent information about the whereabouts of the good General. 


An unknown Website called Breaking 911 is reporting that electrical power has been restored to Incirlik Air Base in Turkey.  This is being copied by WHATREALLYHAPPENED.COM and the press release is as follows:
“The base was without power since July 16 and was operating on backup generator power,” European Command said. “We will retain this capability should the power be interrupted again. Meanwhile, there is a steady flow of hot food, water, and fuel to support our service members and civilians in Turkey.”
The U.S. will continue to work with Turkey to make sure that U.S. troops and the operations carried out there “remain fully prepared to take on a myriad of missions as we work together to defeat terrorism,” European Command added.
The coup attempt against the regime of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan was launched late July 15, prompting the United States to elevate security at the bases it uses in Turkey to its Delta level. That is typically designated for when a terrorist attack has occurred nearby, or is considered imminent.
The Incirlik base is home to a few thousand deployed U.S. troops, and also is used to store about 50 s B61 nuclear gravity bombs as part of a sharing agreement with NATO nations.

So, I checked my trusty Turkish government Official Press Release link:

And didn't see any notification that power was restored.  Nor have RT or PressTV (Iran) reported as such.  So....I don't believe it.  Erdogan has announced a three month "state of emergency" and so I don't think the power will be restored for three months. C'mon...guys...the coup was RUN OUT OF INCIRLIK!

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