Saturday, July 2, 2016

America Gets It! But is it too Late?

Bill O'Reilly on the Loretta Lynch/Bill Clinton

From the "Better Late than Never Department"

TV News Show Talk Host Bill O'Reilly has a riveting interview with a Democratic Party Spin Doctor in the link above.  During the conversation (almost always a monologue when it comes to Bill O'Reilly) Bill spells it all out. The issue of the impropriety to the nth degree of an Attorney General meeting--as it turns out in private for 30 minutes--with the partner of an individual under active FBI investigation. Both these individuals knew what was at stake if their meeting were to become public. They both knew it would be seen as a blatant and flagrant "obstruction of justice". That is why they met in private in a private section of the airport. Why is it that "Bubba" always gets hung up in airport hangars? Remember the Airport at Mena, Arkansas...where rumour has it, he trafficked cocaine from South America...with the help of the Bush Crime Family?

The reason they thought they could get away with it is comes out in the interview above...the FBI agents were standing guard over the couple as they met and prevented any photos, videos and communications between the media and the couple. The only reason the meeting ever saw the light of the controlled media day in the US was because a local news journalist received a tip from a private and trusted source and "went with it" after having the tip confirmed by a separate source. Well, that young, budding journalist will, no doubt "never work in this town again" as the old Hollywood saying goes.  As I type...the Clintonians are probably "goin' through his garbage like a pack of hounds" the old song written by Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young went:

"American Dream" 
I used to see you on every T.V.
Your smiling face looked back at me.
I used to see you on every T.V.
Your smiling face looked back at me.
Then they caught you with the girl next door,
People's money piled on the floor,
Accusations that you try to deny,
Revelations and rumors begin to fly. 
Now you think about reaching out
Maybe get some help from above.
Now you think about reaching out
Maybe get some help from above.
Reporters crowd around your house.
Going through your garbage like a pack of hounds,Speculating what they may find out, It don't matter now, you're all washed up. order to cast doubt on the entire story. It's the way American politics works. Notice how the shill O'Reilly is interviewing keeps trying to dismiss it all as "conspiracy theories".

So...let's sum up where we are at this point. The FBI is interviewing Hillary Clinton today concerning their investigation into the e-mail scandal. The same bureau of investigation that stood guard while Bill and Loretta met for 30 minutes in private last Monday. Those who know the way Bill works have speculated that he met with Loretta to threaten and intimidate her.  That's what he does.

No matter what the final report and recommendations Loretta herself has admitted...a shadow has been cast over them. The investigation has already been has been blemished and gravely matter what. If Loretta throws the book at Hillary....the Clintons will say she is over-reacting because of the controversy. If Loretta allows Hillary to go scott free....the rest of the body politic will call foul. My original question remains....since both parties knew the risk...what horrible things made Bill so desperate as to take the risk?

In the interview above, the participants both agree that Loretta cannot "recuse" herself from the case at this stage. This is not true. Loretta should immediately appoint a "Special Prosecutor" just for this matter. This is what happened during the Watergate Scandal and this is what should happen here. If it does NOT happen....then the US population should truly worry about their "Justice" System....because this stinks to high heaven.

The Special Prosecutor should be a member of the judiciary with an exemplary reputation.  Is there any such critter in the US today? We might well ask!


RickB said...

I thought the indicator that our justice system stank was when Bush's AG legalized torture. We're already past the high water mark.

greencrow said...

Agreed, the legalization of torture was a nadir...but this could be worse...if it results in the worst crime families (Clinton/Bush) in American History maintaining a death grip on the US nuclear trigger.