Wednesday, July 6, 2016

20/20 Hindsight....The Hillary e-mail Scandal versus Watergate

Trump says Hillary will "Pay for her Lies on Nov. 8"

Patriot Rising is reporting on an interview with Donald Trump where he repeats that the US Justice System is "Rigged" and that Americans will "make Hillary pay for her lies on November 8, 2016 during the election".  I have several other issues I'd prefer to post about...but this one still has a lot of much so that I'll devote at least one more post to it.  

I've been thinking lately and comparing Hillary E-mailgate to the Watergate scandal that brought Tricky Dicky Nixon down in the 1970's.  Having been alive and kicking during that era in US politics, I feel in a position to make some general observations...viewing the past through the wonderful lens of 20/20 hindsight.

The difference between the Hillary scandal and the Watergate scandal is that in the Watergate scandal the US Justice system was strong enough to respond appropriately.  There were of Senate Hearings where a special prosecutor rhetorically took the public down the halls of power and behind the walls of the White House to learn what was going on. Several strong and reputable personalities both political and judicial...rose to the public forefront and maintained a calm and reassuring leadership. The forced resignation of Nixon and his banishment from Washington seemed an appropriate "cleansing of the system" the country could move forward.

Unfortunately, as we learned decades later, it was all a sham. The Watergate crisis was not about some ham-handed burglars trying to find out Democratic party secrets. It was about trying to find out what the Democrats knew about the Kennedy assassinations.  The lead burglars, E. Howard Hunt and G. Gordon Liddy were both mixed up in the CIA Kennedy assassination(s). The world got dangerously close to finding out the truth about the CIA/Pentagon/Mossad US government plot to kill the President and presidential candidate Robert Kennedy. What happened in Watergate was that the resignation of the garrulous (on White House Tapes that were destroyed) Richard Nixon...conveniently kept a lid on the true crimes that were being covered up,

But at least there was a semblance of peace, order and good government. Not this time. After the coup of 9/11, which no one should ever forget was planned during the Clinton years and perpetrated by partner-in-Crime Family Bush...all pretense of justice and law have been thrown aside for the expedience of allowing Hillary Clinton to regain control of the White House. That is the only thing that's important here for the crooks. If she doesn't wrestle the White House away from the "phenomenon" (according to Julian Assange) Donald entire graveyard of skeletons the size of Arlington, Virginia cemetery close to Washington, DC (including the Kennedy assassination) will surely tumble out of the Clinton/Bush/Obama closet.

The precedent-breaking statement of the Director of the FBI yesterday was a signal to anyone who is capable of picking up signals...that the perps will stop at nothing to achieve their goal.  FBI Director James Comey was right in your face with the message..."Yes, this stinks to high heaven, but get used to it! This is what Tyranny smells like, you idiots!" There will be no Special Prosecutor this there was during the Watergate scandal...there will be no ancient, venerable Head of the Senate Hearing to Investigate the there was during the Watergate. There won't even be any "deep throat" or eager, young White House lawyers who finally tell the truth once they are on the stand. None of that!....only the distinct likelihood of even more shocking and desperate actions by the usual suspects...committed under cover of the shadows of smoke and ashes of a trashed Constitution and System of Justice....smoldering the pulverized debris of the Twin Towers just after 9/11....before it was quickly hauled away.

The lesson of Watergate, as applied to Hillary E-mailgate, is this: No matter how serious the allegations are against Hillary and the substance of the crimes she is [not] being indicted for.....the truth is probably far worse...worse than anything we can probably imagine. But we'll likely not find out for decades...if humanity survives that long.

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