Garrett Miller escapes Justice in Freddie Gray Case

Officer Garrett Miller, right, one of the six Baltimore officers charged in connection with the death of Gray, is seen arriving earlier Wednesday with attorney Michael Davey at a courthouse. (Steve Ruark/Associated Press)
After Gray's death, the U.S. Justice Department launched a patterns and practice investigation into allegations of widespread abuse and unlawful arrests by the Baltimore Police Department. The results have not been released.
Prosecutors had said Gray was illegally arrested after he ran away from a bike patrol officer and the officers failed to buckle Gray into a seat belt or call a medic when he indicated he wanted to go to a hospital.

State Attorney Mosby in spotlight

State's Attorney Marilyn Mosby wasted little time in announcing charges after Gray's death — one day after receiving the police department's investigation while a tense city was still under curfew — and she did not shy from the spotlight. She posed for magazine photos, sat for TV interviews and even appeared onstage at a Prince concert in Gray's honour.
The city's troubles forced Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake to fire her reform-minded police chief and abandon her re-election campaign. Homicides skyrocketed at a rate unseen in decades.
Many feared that the acquittals could prompt more protests and unrest, but that never panned out.
Three of the officers who were charged were black and three were white.
No reputations hinged on the case's outcome as much as Mosby and her husband, Nick Mosby, a councilman for Baltimore's west side who announced his mayoral candidacy shortly after Rawlings-Blake pulled out.
Marilyn Mosby spoke so forcefully when she announced the charges against the officers in May that defence attorneys argued she should check herself for bias.

When the history of the Fraud "Nation" of the United States is finally written...and the sham civilization relegated thankfully to the dustbin of history...this case will be front and centre in defining how broken, corrupt and downright disgusting the entire exercise on the "New Found Land" and the "Land of the Free" has been. The Freddie Grey Case has been a  kangaroo court from the instant Freddie's lower spine was snapped in two by the arresting "bicycle policemen" on the pavement of the dirty streets of a Baltimore "hood".

When I saw the sir names of the arresting policemen...I knew they would get off.  "Miller" is a chosenite name and thug Garrett was the lead "spine snapper".

What the cabal did was instead of showing blacks in America they could get a fair hearing...they turned the heat on other blacks...the black policemen who had peripheral roles in getting Freddie belatedly to the hospital...but mostly that rare composite in America...the black in a role of power...Marilyn Mosby, the young black woman prosecutor. They turned the heat up on her and instantly, it was Mosby and her reputation who was on trial. She had to withdraw from the case.  All the cabal had to do then was get one of their myriad of corrupt judges to hear the case.  It was a slam dunk.

And blacks shouldn't bother going out in the streets to protest. Protests have been all sewn up in neat corrupt packages by the chosenites and their ghoul, Soros.

The only hope for blacks in America is the religion of Islam. This religion recently thwarted a take over in chanting from the mosque towers...Imams chanting instructions on where and how to assemble...low tech but effective. The crowds instantly assembled in such numbers that the coup meisters didn't dare follow their express orders to "shoot to kill"...innocent citizens in the streets.

Lesson learned.