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Who is trying to kill Turkey? And Why?!

UPDATE:  June 30, 2016 - Today's post on the Ataturk False Flag by Scott Creighton is so good I will post a link here.

Scott Creighton's entry into the ISIS
beheading photo contest
ISIS is the new Gladio 2.0 villain
Ataturk Airport is the latest False Flag attack?

Strategy of Tension

American Everyman blogger Scott Creighton has an excellent take on the bombing yesterday at the Ataturk Airport in Istanbul.  He submits that it is another Gladio 2.0 attack on European countries that has been going on for years and in the past few years has morphed into the ISIS phase.

The latest attack in Turkey yesterday has a lot of the hallmarks of these false flags....the limited evidence of violence or two symbolic videos and iconic photos, as I have posted below:

Ataturk Airport, Turkey from WeAreChange

Iconic Kalashnikov Rifle highlighted in JM$M in attempt to frame....WHO?!

But the question is why all the recent focus on Turkey? Who is trying to kill Turkey?  And Why?!  Here are some recent attacks on Turkey:

From the BBC:

20167 June, Istanbul: Car bomb kills seven police officers and four civilians. Claimed by Kurdish militant group TAK
19 March, Istanbul: Suicide bomb kills four people in shopping street. IS blamed.
13 March, Ankara: Car bomb kills 34. Claimed by TAK.
17 February, Ankara: 29 killed in attack on military busses. Claimed by TAK
12 January, Istanbul: 11 Germans killed by Syrian bomber in tourist area

201523 December, Istanbul: Bomb kills cleaner at Istanbul's Sabiha Gokcen airport. Claimed by TAK
10 October, Ankara: More than 100 killed at peace rally outside railway station. Claimed by IS
20 July, Suruc, near Syrian border: 34 people killed in bombing in Kurdish town. IS blamed

Security concerns and a Russian boycott over last year's downing of a Russian military jet on the Turkey-Syria border have hit the Turkish tourist sector this year.
More than 61 million passengers travelled through Ataturk airport in 2015.
A US state department travel warning for Turkey, originally published in March and updated on Monday, urges US citizens to "exercise heightened vigilance and caution when visiting public access areas, especially those heavily frequented by tourists."

Clearly, some powerful entity is trying to create "order out of chaos" and perhaps as blogger Penny for your Thoughts has said today... escalate the region into a "no Fly Zone" between Syria and Turkey.  I don't think a "No Fly" zone will (excuse the pun) "fly" with Russia. The main goal of the entire Russian project in Syria was to retain their access to the air and naval transportation routes.

Location, Location, Location 

Northerntruthseeker sees the Ataturk Airport attack as a warning to Turkey not to make nice (i.e., apologize for the Russian jet shoot down) to Russia without permission of the overlords.  He also says that ISIS has claimed responsibility and, as we know, ISIS is a proxy for USrael.  Nothing spells out the motive more clearly than the map of the region below. Turkey is smack, dab in the middle of Israel's proposed pipeline route. Turkey is thus located within the perimeter of permanent chaos....that extends for thousands of kilometers out, in a toxic 360 degree radius, around the tiny, borderless entity.

Turkey/Israeli Pipeline Route

The news reports and video scenes at Ataturk Airport yesterday brought back memories of my trip to Turkey almost exactly one year ago. Little did we know that in a matter of weeks...Turkey would be one of the most unsafe tourist destinations in the world. We loved our time in Istanbul and the ancient ruins of Ephesus. I felt very safe in our little hotel suite, tucked away against the hillside in the Sultanahmet tourist district overlooking the Bosporus Straight. Later, I even wrote one of my all time favourite posts about the "The Dogs of Aksakal", complete with photos I took. Ataturk Airport is a sprawling state of the art airport located some distance from downtown Istanbul. With huge windows letting in lots of light, it was one of the more pleasant airports to have to spend time waiting in.

Istanbul was a wonderful city to visit. There are so many world class historic sites that days are crammed full of activity and the senses overwhelmed at the beauty and culture. The Blue Mosque...St. Sophia's...the underground Cistern....the huge Spice Market.  We had a young Turkish man, Gengis, as our guide.  He was highly efficient and organized, very polite, kind and full of useful information. When I thanked and complimented Gengis at the end of our stay....he said that he had already made an application for a green card to move his family to the United States to live and was waiting to hear.  I felt sad when hearing this and said that, while the United States would no doubt benefit from having such a talented and hard working citizen, his homeland, Turkey, would suffer a loss that would (incrementally, with the exodus of such quality citizens) leave it seriously weakened in the future. I genuinely felt sorry for Turkey at that moment.

I wonder today where that young man is.  Did he make it to the US?  Is he still working in Istanbul? In such a damaged tourist can he support his family?  Whether he's in the US or in Turkey he must feel devastated at what's going on in his country.  The question remains:  Who thinks they can destroy a country?  That is the real question.  No country in the world is safe when this mindset is allowed to prevail.

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