Thursday, June 30, 2016

Websites under attack?


I just spent half an hour trying to browse through the blog: without success.  The screen kept freezing.  I don't know whether it's because I refuse to "upgrade" to Windows 10*or because Mike Rivero's website is making too much money with advertising...or is posting some very "truthy" material. Whatever.

It brought to mind an interesting report I read the other day that might be the answer to the questions posed above and/or the questions I've been asking recently about the purpose of "spam". In the report, I found out a possible answer to my question about why spam the comments section.  Here it is.  According to the link, bloggers can test whether they have any spam on their blog that is "blacklisted".  Unfortunately, I am one of the worst in the "techie" department.  I still can't upload videos made by me onto my blog or do any other complex maneuvers....such as customize my web design (like I would like to but without using the "templates" provided by Blogger).

Simply put...and I may be misinterpreting or leaving something out here: Google is desperate to track and control all the traffic on the internet. It has devised various and sundry stealth methods to do this.  One of the methods is to spam the comments sections and then "blacklist" the spam sources. So, if I have some spam on my site that is blacklisted...then traffic is prevented from coming to my site.  I see where Jim Stone is complaining about having his website traffic reduced by 35% in a somewhat similar fashion.
"......on my end I can still see that approximately 35 percent of the people trying to access this site (worldwide) are being blocked by web filtering."

Now, I think there could be another [tiny, borderless] entity that might be interested in putting "blacklisted" spam onto comments forums...perhaps the target(s) of some of the "truth bombs" perchance?

Like I say....I am a total Luddite when it comes to computer technology.  So Google, or whoever, can play cat and mouse with my blog to their heart's content.  I just have to sit back and take note of it.

*NOTE: Microsoft is saying that the last day for a "free" upgrade to Windows 10 is July 29, 2016. Coinkydinkally, the "license' for Blogger (on the Reuters licensing system?!) also expires as of the end of July.

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