Monday, June 6, 2016

UK to vote on Brexit - Eyes Wide Shut

Must Watch video of EU President
Literal rather than metaphorical 
Bitchslapping by a pseudo leader

There's a lot of babble in the media lately about the latest sham referendum due to take place in the UK later on this month. This time it's whether the UK or "Britain" should exit the European Union. It's very similar in intent, purpose...and projected outcome to...say, the Scottish Referendum that was conducted last year.

Although logic would dictate that Britain would do very well after leaving the financial sinkhole known as the European Union...and in fact doesn't even use the Euro...the European Union currency. There's nary a hope in hell that it will happen.  It will be the usual (as in the past several decades) "too close to call" election....with the "stay in EU" side winning by a hair....then everyone will go back to their local pub for a good pint and plate of "bangers and mash" or "squishy peas"....don't you just love the Brit's culinary fare...NOT! : )

The reason I'm even bothering to post on the topic is because of the hilarious "must view" video linked above.  It shows EU President, (former Prime Minister of tiny Luxembourg) Jean-Claude Juncker, well into his cups and "cutting a rug" as they say in the old sod.  Apparently, Juncker was not favoured to become the president of the EU by British Prime Minister David Cameron...but the US wanted him there you have it.

Juncker reminds me of one of the characters from Stanley Kubrick's final cinematic masterpiece, "Eyes Wide Shut".  You can just picture him at one of those wierd get-togethers of the illuminati. I'm sure he was that diabolical circle in the big room.....where everyone was wearing long dark cloaks, masks....and had their bare @$$es hanging out.


Anonymous said...

The mushy pea eastenders are gone gc,they have been swaped out for non whites,our wonderful westminster child molester politicians decided that was best for england,these monsters do not represent the uk indigenous brits.

greencrow said...

All the best to the indigenous Brits to survive the upcoming Brexit fraud referendum.

It will be Ohsoooooooooooooooooooclose!

Anonymous said...

Almost to close to call gc,spot on gal.

Anonymous said...

By the way,i love your blog.

greencrow said...

Thanks for your comments and encouragement. I love taking swipes at the Brits. Especially about their cooking. The British Isles and the Brits should be quarantined and collectively punished for what they do to the egg alone. lol. ;)


Anonymous said...

Have you tried haggis gc,its wonderful,boil it then crisp it all over under the grill,then some brown hp sauce over it,or what about the fry up,sausage egg beans mushrooms tomato potato bacon all fried up with lashings of lard,its really nice on a scorching hot day.

greencrow said...

We were given a haggis once by a Brit as a present on Robbie Burns' day (Jan. 25). We kept it in our freezer for years...then threw it out. Scotch eggs (which I think you're referring to above) are hard-boiled eggs coated in spiced sausage, then dipped in some kind of batter/bread crumbs...are delicious! The manager of our local pub (The Frog and Nightgown) makes them herself and sells them. She can't make enough of them or fast enough...the locals pester her to make more. We bring them home, heat them up and have with a front of the telly....while watching the hockey game, of course!