Sunday, June 5, 2016

Syrian Army Makes Military Advances on al-Raqqa

Syrian Army Makes Military Advances on al-Raqqa

The Sunday Morning Blogosphere is full of updates on the Syrian resistance to the ongoing (Since March, 2011) neocon invasion and war to remove Syria's legitimate government and destroy its infrastructure. This war of attrition was going well for the USrael neocon...acting through their proxy terrorist armies...right up until October 2015. That's when Russia, under President Vladimir Putin, decided to intervene on the side of longtime regional ally, Syria, in terms of providing logistical and air support against the terrorists.

In the following months, a dramatic turnaround took place and the Syrian Army started to take back land stolen from it by the several different attacking foreign-supported terrorist factions. Russia disclosed that it had discovered a complicated network of "trade" in oil and cultural artifacts going across the Syrian/Turkish border. The Russian air force took out thousands of oil trucks--and otherwise shut down the lifeblood supply lines of the terrorists.

In the Spring of 2016, Putin announced that, for the most part, the Russian component of the operation was over and Syria would be on its own to consolidate and extend the successes. A peace Agreement was reached between Russia, the US and the other factions...with the notable exception of Israel, Now, the Syrian army is doing the hard, slogging work of "mopping up" the remnant pockets of terrorists. Unfortunately, although cornered and isolated, they are still attacking, on a daily basis, Syrian civilians and infrastructure.  

Western commentators are becoming frustrated with the ability of the cornered, surrounded, terrorists to inflict damage on their enemy.  Some, like Stephen Lendman, are urging Putin to return to the frey and "finish the job"  I don't agree. I believe Putin's original decision was the correct one...for several reasons.  First, at some point, Syrians will have to collectively save their own skins.  Russia has no intention to prop up any foreign government indefinitely.  It has provided Syria with all the best hardware and logistics available in the world.  See the video above for the weaponry available to the Syrian soldiers. With the terrorist supply lines more or less cut...and the Russian air force still able to target identified and agreed-upon terrorists....including the al Nusra Israeli-supported's only a matter of time before the foreign fighters either give up, go home, or are killed.

Secondly and most importantly...the real (global war) is going on in the arena of public opinion. In this realm, Putin has the neocon down on the mat and out for the count. Every bomb that al-Nusra sets off in Syrian neighbourhoods is a nail in the coffin of the Evil Empire.  It is arrogant for western observers...with their short-sighted view of wars ("bomb the hell out of them and let God sort it out") to think they can out-strategize the Russians. History tells us that the Russians are the most patient, the most determined...the most strategically-gifted warriors the world has ever seen. Ask Napoleon...ask Hitler.

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