Thursday, June 2, 2016

Reflections on my 502nd post

 This is what happens when MKULTRA's
exceed their "Best Before Date"
Can you believe this guy is
President of the United States???

Reflections on my 502nd Post

In the past, when I have hit a milestone in the number of posts published...I have done a "reflections" post, looking back and trying to synthesize what Blogging has meant and whether I have accomplished goals set out at the beginning.  This blog has been in existence since, I believe, 2006...but I was working at the time and didn't post much until my retirement in 2013. Since then, it's been gangbusters.Now I have racked up over 500 posts. One thing I know...the more I post the humbler I get about "my achievements". Five hundred posts at one time seemed like a lot. Now it's just a piss in the bucket. Many other bloggers have posted thousands of posts...some within the same time frame. How they do it, I'll never know. Each post is like giving birth to a baby (well maybe a small bird). You prepare for it...(research) nurture it along (edit...and re-edit long after posting, lol) and then you let it go...send it off, as it were, into the blogosphere to fend for itself.

Another thing for subject matter never dries up or is boring. Witness the video linked above....have you ever seen anything so wierd? Obama cannot finish a thought! It's like the mind control isn't working anymore. I don't know much about the MKULTRA program...but if anyone was ever a product of that CIA atrocity...Obama is it.  Reminds me somewhat of "sports heroes" Tiger Woods and Lance Armstrong.  I have a suspicion both those individuals were mind control products of the government.  Tiger was a great golfer all his life...then suddenly he can't play golf at all.  Lance Armstong "won" the Tour de France numerous times...then suddenly he's a complete drug-addled fraud.  Both were symbols of the greatness of American athletes.  I think the perps are learning about the long range effects of mind control programs all the time...and the greatest learning is that they're time limited.  They are also learning that video capture of moments like the one above going viral on the Internet can be threatening to their power.

Hillary on the Ropes

Then, there's the never-ending political theatre. Last night I read the riveting, "must read" post by Anthony Napolitano about the trouble Hillary Clinton is in--with her e-mails from back when she was Secretary of State...and wreaking death down on Libya. According to Napolitano, Hillary is in a "grave" situation. The FBI is chomping at the bit to interview her over the report that was handed down by the Inspector General. This report says that not only did she divert government e-mails through her own home-based server, thus denying any other Americans from ever knowing what was done by their tax dollars and in their name....but she has consistently lied and covered-up evidence. But was the FBI who covered up the "suicide" of Clinton aide Vince Foster. Today, there's no follow up new report. Hillary's Campaign seems to be "bidness as usual". There's no doubt in my mind that a terrible conflict of wills is going on between those who want to uphold the law in the US and those who must have a "made man" [criminal colleague] in the White House to maintain their diabolically fatal agenda.

International Intrigue

The International we run up to WWIII...has also been a spine-tingling source of intrigue and black-hearted Spy vs Spy conflict between the indispensable nation, its dog wagging tail and the Rest of the Planet. Just this morning I see where France has finally delivered the ill-fated Russian aircraft carriers to Egypt. Egypt bought the boats after the perps forbid France to follow through on its contract for two vessels for Russia. Now, what a coinkydynk is that!?  Just last week we had an Egyptian Air jet go down in the Mediterranean on its flight between France and Egypt. Could someone be sending a message? Move along...nothing to see here. 

Finally, the future of Blogging: The Internet mousetrap is about to snap shut!?

As I continue to settle into my new avocation of blogging and survey the scene around me, touch bases with my fellow bloggers and analyse what the future holds--for this fascinating, but poorly compensated, career...I note some clouds on the horizon.  Here's an analysis by a blogger that recently appeared on RT:  The prediction is that freedom of speech on the Internet is threatened with extinction.

History tells us that the deep state controllers will not abide alternative views not under their control. In other words...they will only tolerate (and routinely invent) controlled opposition.

Clearly, those at the top of the pyramid want to standardize and geld alternative media as has been done with the mainstream.
If you stand up and say anything which gains an audience under your own name – along with all the decent people who read your stuff – you will attract a shoal of anonymous bottom-feeding trolls.

CBC Changing Forum Rules to "out" commenters - A prelude to oppression?

Recently, I posted on the CBC my opposition to their new Comments Forums posting rule that pseudonyms from June 1, 2016 on are forbidden.  All posters must use their own names, first and last. This, IMO, is the thin edge of the wedge for Internet freedom. Newspaper editorials have traditionally been anonymous--specifically to protect writers who express unpopular opinions.

Now that fundamental principle (anonymity) of journalism and freedom of the press has gone by the wayside. Many other tactics to curb readership to blogs have been used by the monopolistic companies like Google. Here is an important development where Google faces record breaking fine for web search monopoly abuse.  Do you really believe fining a bottomless financial gold mine like Google will stop the activity? Wake UP!

On the other hand, small (infinitesimally small) players like wee bloggers will soon, IMO, be subjected to all sorts of draconian measures to weed out the true alternative viewpoints from the blogosphere. The phonies, bootlickers and shills will be allowed to stay. Perhaps there will be some accreditation process...where bloggers will need to be certified (following some FALSE FLAG attack blamed on a blogger...dontchaknow).  Maybe we'll be threatened with "re-education" like what's happening in England. I doubt it. Re-education would give us some publicity...which they absolutely don't want...they want to pretend we don't exist and discourage us by manipulating our stats (as Google habitually does).

But, until that day...I will continue to blog and "name" the issues that deserve commentary from the ordinary citizen. The ordinary citizen, now more than ever--in these times of universal deceit/tyranny--has a role to play in current events. Blogging is only one way to fulfill our role. In centuries past, folks brought soapboxes to the town square, stood on them and spoke their mind. This blog is my soap box. If the PTB want to take it away...I guess I'll have to find an alternative.

Truth:  The New Hate Speech


james@wpc said...

Hi Greencrow,
In that video of Obama, a woman in the audience calls out something and then Obama loses it. Could it have been a trigger?

That op-ed article from RT is excellent. I particularly noted his comment that the perps use our compassion against us. The psychopaths see our compassion as a weakness and it is when it is detached from critical thinking. But when compassion is combined with critical thinking (as in your blog) it can be a powerful weapon.

greencrow said...

Hi James:

Yes, the video of Obama...losing his train of thought...actually it very interesting...including the woman shouting in the background. Worst case scenario...he has a microphone implanted in his head that tells him what to say (ergo the "stitches" visible on his scalp). Even when he's on task...he never utters an original thought or a credible opinion. Can you imagine what it must be like for Putin to do high stakes negotiations with him? No wonder Putin's going to places of worship like that monastery in Greece.

Compassion for me is speaking from the heart. A lot of what bloggers write about is conjecture and "worst" or "best" case scenarios. Nobody has a franchise on the truth. But we can all write from the heart. Of course, all of us EXCEPT psychopaths.