Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Putin: " I do not even know how to get through to you anymore!"

Putin says Nuclear War is near

As an alternative blogger, I can understand Putin's frustration.  Other bloggers--like The Saker, Paul Craig Roberts and Stephen Lendman--have been saying for weeks that current events are reaching a point where nuclear war is almost inevitable. Fascist NATO is baiting Russia on all sides and if Russia does not respond...then it de facto capitulates and is sucked into the evil vortex. What choice does it have?

What choice do the Atlanticist have? If they DON'T start a formulaic WWIII to reboot the capitalist economy....which relies on the war machine to fuel it's engines....then the "West" will have to give up on its wet dream of global dominance....and the perps might find themselves dragged through the streets like Ambassador Stephens was in Libya. Only this time it will be Western cultures and societies finally waking up and seizing humanity from the grasp of their reptilian overlords.

On that not so light note, this is a notice to readers that I'm taking a couple of days off....for family reasons.  Enjoy the first few days of summer. bbl

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