Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Julian Assange says Wikileaks will publish enough info for Hillary to be indicted

Julian Assange, as the world has come to know him...
being interviewed on TV

Julian Assange, the journalist and co-founder of Wikileaks, has been a fugitive of Imperial "justice" for years now, hiding out in the Ecuadorean Embassy in London, England.  Julian Assange is the Nelson Mandela of our time.  Someone who speaks truth to power and is paying a very high price in terms of freedom. Some day he might be freed....but not until the current cabal of evil doers has left the scene.

Many people don't even know what he is being charged with anymore.  I believe it had to do with some sexual malfeasance in Sweden. Sexual 'crimes" are what the perps almost always charge defectors with.  I remember a fellow in the US military who defected from the cruise missile program a decade or so ago and was giving interviews about how he did the logistics so that the US military could bomb civilians in the Middle East...and how he always ordered two missiles for every for the remote farmhouse where the family lived...and one for any first responders who were unlucky enough to try and assist. Well, the government got after this man and charged him with having sex with under-aged girls.  This kind of charge has the effect of humiliation AND silencing the target.

Anyhoooooo...back to Assange.  Assange has recently made a statement that Wikileaks will be releasing enough evidence about Hillary's government e-mail scandal that the FBI and the Department of Justice will surely have enough evidence to indict her.  Well, I say, if they haven't indicted her by now...they never will. Someone could release a videotape of her selling secrets directly to Putin himself....and they wouldn't indict her.  But they would attack Russia! lol.

Speaking of Russia...apparently Wikileaks got the intercepted e-mails from Russia and Russia is co-operating in the release of same.  So, one would think....if Russia intercepted Hillary's State Department highly confidential e-mails off her illegal private home server....then, surely, this was an act of treason on her part...Yes?  No!  Nothing she does is illegal because Hillary Clinton is the (last?) great white hope of the rogue, neocon, ziofascist CIA side of the divided house of the US power elite.

As I said....the US will attack Russia before it will call Hillary before the halls of Justice.  And, in that regard.....just today US Secretary of State John Kerry has warned Russia that USrael is running out of patience with Russia's continued support of democratically elected President of Syria, Dr. Bashar al Assad:  

  • US patience with Syrian President Assad ‘very limited’ - Kerry
    US Secretary of State John Kerry on Wednesday commented on a fragile ceasefire in Syria. “Russia needs to understand that our patience is not infinite, in fact it is very limited with whether or not [Syrian President Bashar] Assad is going to be held accountable,” AFP quoted Kerry as saying during a visit to Norway. “We also are prepared to hold accountable members of the opposition” who have been involved in continuing violence, he said after a meeting with his Iranian counterpart Mohammad Javad Zarif.
     In this photo released by the Syrian official news agency SANA, Syrians gather around damaged buildings after a bombing attack at the Sayyida Zeinab suburb, Damascus, Syria, Saturday, June 11, 2016.

Why does the US feel that Assad has to be "transitioned", as Kerry puts it...out of office?  No reason is ever given for this stance.  None is necessary, I suppose.  They used to say it was because he "gassed his own people"...but that was proven to be a lie.  So now they don't bother to give a reason.

But the reason hangs heavy in the a sword of Damocles over Kerry's head. The Israeli tail demands that the US military pittbull dog force Assad out of the it can rain yet more havoc, chaos and death down on Syria with a goal of setting up several powerless bantustans under their control on the territory. In other words...Assad stands in the way of a land grab....and Israel is running out of patience.

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