Saturday, June 4, 2016

Hold the Applause

This photo of Trump with his 15-year old daughter was taken while sitting on a statue of two copulating parrots at Trump's Mar Lago Club in Palm Beach, Florida. Mr. Trump's hand appears to be starting a journey that some waiters witnessed it complete during numerous table interludes at the Trump Grill in New York. [photo and caption from the Madsen article]

Wayne Madsen posted a very disturbing post about Donald Trump a day or so ago.  Because his website is subscribers only...I won't cut and paste the relevant information.  Just as well, because it's fairly disgusting and has to do with Donald and his then 15 year old daughter Ivanka.

Let's just say if there is any more "evidence" about this rumour...than was printed by Madsen...we can hold the applause for Trump's coronation, anticipated to occur after the California primary next Tuesday. "You just can't get good help [political candidates] anymore"....was my first gut response when I read the post. Then I hearkened back to my abandoned prediction....made some months ago... that "They" would never allow Trump to survive and run in the presidential election and that he probably would be gone before the California primary. Suffice it to say it's obvious they have not given up....and we're in for a tumultuous denouement to this staged farce/tragedy.

Yes, there have been a lot of ups and downs in the sham of a presidential campaign (both parties included) and there will no doubt be plenty more...but I may have been right in my first prediction after all. Reminds me of that old joke: "I've never been wrong in my entire life...except one time....when I thought I was wrong...but I was actually right!"  If something happens to eliminate Donald Trump from the recommendation is that the Supreme Court (or some authority...military?) step in and suspend the whole process....appointing a select committee of respected Americans to review what has gone wrong (well, we know what has gone wrong...they got rid of the constitution via the "Patriot Act" following the neocon coup of 9/11) and make recommendations to bring Democracy back to the US.

On this select committee I suggest should be:

Ron Paul
Jesse Ventura
Cynthia MacKinny
I would have suggested Muhammed Ali....but unfortunately this great American passed away last night
Robert Kennedy Jr.
Caroline Kennedy
And several more that I may think of in the day(s) to come.

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greencrow said...

I neglected to add why this allegation is so dangerous for the US. As Madsen points out...if there is evidence of this (in the way of signed affidavits, or, worse photos, then Trump will be open to blackmail. Madsen alleges that both Hillary AND Trump are open to blackmail and this could lead the US into wars the neocon so desperately need.