Friday, June 17, 2016

UPDATED: UK "REMAIN" Parliamentarian assassination compared with 1984 shooting

UPDATED:  June 20, 2016  - I called this an assassination on June 16, 2016....within hours of it happening. Here's yet another article alleging that MP Jo Cox was assassinated.  Here's another one from Veteran's Today. Why the average citizen is not connecting the dots on these blatant False Flag atrocities is hard to fathom. Sadly, instinct for smelling a rat is as sharp as ever.

UPDATED:  June 18, 2016 Honestly guys! Have you ever seen any headline more craven than this one?  It's from the neocon-owned and controlled Toronto Star. I rest my case.

Also, "Off Guardian" has found another, even more eerily similar example of how a politically active woman was violently killed to terrorize the public into subservience to the globalist agenda:  The stabbing murder of pro-Eurozone Anna Lindh...which occurred in 2003, shortly before Sweden was to vote on joining the Eurozone.

London PC Yvonne Fletcher died in 1984


Shooting of London Policewoman Yvonne Fletcher - as reported by Joe Vialls

I am going to repost this piece that I did yesterday, moments after reading about the assassination of the British MP Jo Cox. Immediately, Red Flags went up over this shooting. I felt a bit foolish posting so soon after reading about the almost immediately...but, sure enough...within a half hour or so...others were posting their concerns. It was just too perfect. It was so helpful to the "REMAIN" agenda that the word coincidence...did NOT come to mind.

Then, after ruminating it over for a day or so...I realized there was something else about the scenario that was nauseatingly, not the shooting in public and/or in broad daylight...the Usralies have that down to a science in Amerika. Only they always do overkill....literally...just like the obsession of the State of has to be the "biggest killing in US history!"

No. Finally, I was the very similar shooting that got the late, great blogger, Joe Vialls, who posted from Australia, as I recall...started as an Internet sleuth, keyboard warrior and one of the greatest bloggers of conspiracy theories ever.  Like a lot of bloggers, Joe was always going on about the issue that first woke him up from his sheeple slumber.  My issue is the April, 2002 Tarnak Farm Incident...where two US reserve pilots, returning to their Middle East airbase...suddenly flew wildly off course and bombed some Canadian soldiers doing live fire training exercises just outside of (the restricted air space) Kandahar Air base in Afghanistan. Four Canadians were killed and several seriously injured. I can get going about that incident...because it woke me up.

Well, Joe got woken up when the Libyans were blamed for the sniper fire shooting of Yvonne Fletcher, a London policewoman in the street of St James Square adjacent the Libyan Embassy. Joe investigated the incident and concluded it was a False Flag incident--to get the Brits all riled up against Libya as a precedent to invading it and killing the leader...which is what Amerika did...some years later.

The reason I find the two incidents similar is true Brit fashion...there is no "overkill". Why kill a bunch of people when one will do? Also, the targeting of a woman...the sympathy factor is huge here. Constable Fletcher was associated with the government, as was MP Jo people will feel all the more threatened. Cox was apparently pro-Palestinian....a risk factor for assassination if ever there was one. Most of all...I am thinking that the killing of MP Cox was done by a sniper or snipers...they would never trust a brain addled non-violent man with an "antique or home made gun" to do the job. Accused, Thomas Mair, is just a patsy.

It's just too bad that Joe Vialls isn't here to look into it. Unfortunately, Joe died from a fast-acting cancer in July of 2005. His wikipedia entry says he died of a heart attack...but he was suffering from cancer at the time.

UK Campaign Poster for the "Remain" in EU side

From RT:

British MP Jo Cox has died after brutal stabbing & shooting attack - police

Labour MP Jo Cox has died after being shot and stabbed outside her weekly advice surgery in West Yorkshire. A 52-year-old man is being held by police. Cox was shot and stabbed outside Birstall library. She was airlifted to nearby Leeds General Infirmary in a critical condition.
Various eyewitness accounts say the MP was shot during a row with a man. The gun has been described as either antique or hand made.
["hand made"?  Gawd......can  we get a photo of that gun, media?  Surely the media must have a photo of the "hand made" gun! Otherwise, we might start thinking that professional snipers took the MP out.] 
Some eyewitnesses report the attacker may have targeted Cox deliberately, shooting her up to three times, as well as beating and stabbing her while she was on the ground.
Another man reportedly intervened to help her, and was also injured.
The MP was left lying bloodied on the ground.
Police say they are not looking for anyone else in connection with the incident, and regard this as a lone attack.  A number of areas are still being searched by police.
The Remain and Leave sides are suspending their campaigns for next week's EU referendum following the attack.
On Wednesday, Cox had been tweeting in support of the Remain campaign, of which she is a strong advocate.
Prime Minister David Cameron has cancelled a trip to Gibraltar where he was to attend an anti-Brexit rally.

I'm very suspicious of this tragic event.  The timing, the victim, the alleged perpetrator and methodology are all supportive of the meme that needs to be enforced if the current global elite are to remain in control.  There is not one aspect of this tragedy that does not fit the agenda.  Already, the Media Frenzy is starting...a sure sign.

From "Twitter":
Sad to see Remainers use Jo Cox's shooting to attack Brexiteers when both sides have suspended campaigning

I will be very interested in learning the background of the murderer.  Where did he grow up?  Was it near any military bases?  Did he spend time in a mental ward in a hospital?  Did he have ANY contact with Police or M16? spite of being a "loner" with mental health issues....the gunman carried "a number of weapons, including a firearm" to the ambush.  In spite of being knocked to the ground, the gunman managed to get off at least two shots.

Eyewitnesses to the attack told Batley & Birstall News how at one point the gunman was tackled to the floor but managed to fire off at least two shots.
Images purportedly of the arrest show two uniformed officers pinning a man to the ground in a residential area.......
 .....West Yorkshire Police said in a statement that they are not looking for anyone else in connection with the crime.

Kind of early days to rule out accomplices....wouldn't you say????


james@wpc said...

It's just too bad that Joe Vialls isn't here to look into it.

amen to that, Geeencrow.

One thing he said which has always stayed with me is, when assessing if there has been state complicity in an act of terror, ask yourself the question, "What should have happened but didn't ?"

greencrow said...

Hi James: Thanks for your comment.

One thing that happened that should NOT have happened was that the police said immediately that they were not looking for any accomplices. How could that arrived at that conclusion so soon (within hours)?

One thing that should have happened but didn't was we never saw a photo of the "gun" used in the crime. Also, there was no blood visible on Mair during his arrest. Having just stabbed a woman to death, he should have been drenched in blood. I embedded a video of the arrest under the word "patsy" in the post.