Friday, June 24, 2016

BREXIT - Eyes Wide Shut, Continued.....


Not too long ago I wrote about the BREXIT Referendum...and compared the EU culture to the strange goings on of the elite as revealed by filmmaker Stanley Kubrick in his classic movie "Eyes Wide Shut".  No one, least of all moi, would pretend to know all the complexities behind the formation and now threatened dissolution of the European Union. We all have our suspicions. I believe that the globalist banksters were behind the EU project. This was so they could, as Paul Craig Roberts so eloquently puts it in this Press TV interview, "Loot the smaller members" such as Spain and, in particular, Greece. I visited Greece briefly last summer on holiday and was shocked at the deterioration of the country since I had last visited, back in 1977.  The Island of Mykonos looks like a crowded strip mall....while the capital, Athens, looks like a ghetto:  whole neighbourhoods of abandoned, dilapidated office high rises with anti-government graffiti scrawled over the mouldy concrete facades. The EU should be dismantled for the damage it has done to Greece alone...and apparently it has the same plans for Spain and other countries.  The EU is an economic choke hold and the concern now is that the tactics used on the smaller members will be turned on the renegade UK.  It's economy will be revenge and as a "cautionary tale" to other members.

Donald Trump, never one to mince (or even chop) words...blames the LEAVE vote on two factors...the overwhelming of the British culture by mass immigration and the paralyzing bureaucracy of the EU.  Living in the Vancouver lower mainland, where Chinese immigration has put the entire housing market out of the reach of Vancouver inhabitants....I can understand the frustration at the former reason and having viewed this video....
MEP Ming Flanagan tries to view the TTIP Agreement
in the EU Parliamentary Library

I can certainly understand the anger at the latter....having to pay taxes for such a stultifying bureaucracy. 

Paul Craig Roberts, while saying that this is just the beginning of the struggle of the UK to exit the EU, suggests the hopeful possibility that the biggest threat to world peace (NATO) could also be dismantled in Europe.

In my opinion, the European Union is the mechanism by which the United States military industrial complex continues to "occupy" post WWII Europe. Particularly Germany. It is no accident that Germany is the "most powerful" member of the EU. More than 50 years after the end of WWII...Germany is still an occupied country...close to Russia's borders. They say the EU was originally a CIA project. Makes sense to me.  It is not overstating the situation to say that this "Black Swan Event" (the BREXIT vote) is a direct threat to the current world order. Now, everyone is holding their breath and waiting....for the "Empire to strike back."

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