Tuesday, June 14, 2016

BINGO! Orlando had drills going on at the time of the "mass murder"

Scene from the Orlando “shooting,” one of many
 showing no evidence to support the story. Image: CNN

The Memory Hole blog is the first reporting there were "drills" going on at the time of the "mass murder" shooting in Orlando last Saturday Night.  The evidence is scanty...but worth reporting:

".....G4S, the world’s largest security company by revenue, has its US headquarters in Jupiter, Florida, but operates in “more than 100 countries,” with “more than 50,000 employees in the United States.” G4S “has the international reach and resources to meet the security needs of the global age.”[1] The company has expressed its condolences over the tragic event and is cooperating “fully” with the FBI and other agencies who are investigating the “unspeakable tragedy.” 
According to Judicial Watch, G4S is involved in a DHS operation to move illegal immigrants (“other than Mexicans”) north across the Mexican border into Arizona, releasing them without proper processing.[2] Perhaps this is the reason that Mateen, reportedly interviewed by the FBI in 2013 and 2014, was able to keep his security clearance and gun permits although he was supposedly under investigation for possible terrorist ties.[3]
– Interviews by assorted officials also sound scripted and strange. These include State Senator Geraldine Thompson, who tells us she is the senator for the district that includes the Pulse night club “in Tallahassee” – although Pulse is actually in Orlando. (CNN)
– Drills were involved, as with many false flag events (more on this subject is sure to come). Oddly, the June 13 online edition of the Orlando Sentinelnhighlighted an article originally published in 2015, regarding a drill to prepare nurses for mass casualties.[8]...."
At this stage, all but the terminally brain dead (unfortunately, about 63% of the North American population) know this Orlando mass murder was a False Flag.  All we need to figure out now is...what was the now confirmed Orlando False Flag used to cover up?  What was it used to distract us from?  Who and/or what group was being divided, conquered and/or baited?
There are a few obvious things going on in the world that may provide clues:
1. the Brexit vote on June 24th for the UK to exit the EU....they will NOT permit this to happen.
2.  Indigenous populations in Syria and Iraq are finally getting a handle on the foreign invaders and kicking them out with the help of other nations, including Russia.  [NOTE: In the past few days, the Israeli-supported terrorist group, al Nusra, has stepped up its fight with the Syrian Army....attempting to surround it in Aleppo.  Fierce fighting has been reported. The ceasefire has, to all intents and purposes, collapsed].
3.  The US Presidential Election in which the "Trump phenomenon" (as Julian Assange calls him) is putting the "usual suspects" off their game (to get Killary (s)elected).
4.  The US economy is a basket case.  The tipping point is about to be reached and the perps still haven't totally subjugated the US population.  Reality is not as fuzzy as the 'graphic" screen shots of the "massacre".  The average American is just beginning to wake up...what to dooooooooo?
5.  Other issues as yet unidentified.

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