Friday, May 13, 2016

Vladimir Putin ....restoring sanity on earth.... one practical rational thought at a time

Putin - Matrix Blue or Red Pill?

In my recent post about Putin's Palmyra concert, I referred to it as an exorcism and to Putin as an Exorcist ridding the ancient ruins of the evil spirits of the USrael created, funded and trained ISIS terrorists. In this post, I'd like to expand on the concept of Putin "exorcising" today's world of evil--by bringing back the lost art of rational thinking.

I remember when we lost rational thinking in the geopolitical world was when Bush II's Secretary of State Condolezza Rice gave a speech about "the new unipolar world". My jaw dropped as I listened to her...babbling away like the child in the Exorcist Movie about how the world only had one polar state authority...and that was the United States.  The United States had the responsibility for policing the whole world and any country or people that disagreed would be considered a threat and fair game for a "pre-emptive" strike by the US military/industrial complex.

Nutty...I said to myself.  But I was so naive back then. I thought it was just crazy Condolezza and her certifiably stupid president who felt that way. When they were mercifully gone from the political scene...rational thought would be restored. Not so. The insane and hallucinogenic foreign policy of US "exceptionalism" and "indispensability" are now embedded in stone in the halls of power of USrael and the Obama regime.  It seems insanity is a contagious disease...that infects the halls of power in the US and the tail that wags it (Israel).

Veteran's Today has come out with a two part series that details how Vladimir Putin has "...destroyed the new world order and brought practical reason back to the global political table."

Part I of the Veteran's Today article about Putin and the return of practical reason

Part II of the Veteran's Today article about how Putin decimated NWO agents and satanists with a bang

He has done it slowly and methodically over the past decade...introducing one small, practical, rational thought at a time. Controversial ideas like "respect" and "following through on promises" and "not bringing social chaos to small countries". These ideas, shocking in their simplicity, have been brought to the negotiating table and though explaining to a child. Like a good parent or exorcist...they have also been modeled by Putin.  All along, he has practiced (sometimes in a vacuum of good will) what he preached. Even though NATO did not bother holding a referendum in Kosovo to see if the people wanted it to separate from Serbia...Putin encouraged Crimea to hold a see if the ethnic and Russian-speaking people of Crimea truly wanted to separate from Ukraine (which had just banned Russian as an official language) after the duly elected government in Kiev was ousted in a coup.

Putin has his work cut out for him in his war on the demons of irrational thought. They have become addicted to the fruits of their irrational possession of the US vampires to blood. From their dark, secret and anonymous lairs the globalist ziofascist demons have launched a multi-pronged attack on Putin and Russia.

Public Relations smear campaign of lies

The JM$M is relentless in its smear campaign against Russia in general and Putin in particular. Just today they are accusing the entire Russian Sochi Olympic team of being doped during the last Olympics. Weren't there doping stations that were internationally run at those Olympics?  Never mind....just throw some irrational Sh!t at the wall...some of it will undoubtedly stick!

Ringing Russia with nuclear capable missile bases - Strangelovian horror

Nowhere is the insanity of the demons more evident in the recent breaking of longstanding treaties with Russia and installation of nuclear-capable missiles in countries surrounding Russia. This is a direct threat and Putin has said he will counter it. Hopefully, he has that Khibiny system perfected and all the missiles will fall from the the limp dicks of their military generals.

They send their grovelling the Polish President...around the world...stirring up fear...

Polish president wants more Canadian troops to deter Russia's 'expansionist, imperial policy'

Andrzej Duda is touring NATO states to ask for troop increase ahead of July summit

....and are greeted like a conquering hero by our dauphin prime minister Justin Trudeau.
Meanwhile.... Canadian aboriginal youth are threatening mass suicide in northern Canada due to lack of proper housing and other essential resources....but...but...but Canada has to spend taxpayer money to set up more troops for Poland in order to provoke Russia to meet the NATO build-up in kind?!  It's insanity at the highest level!

But Putin plods on...attending each international meeting like an exorcist priest attends the bedside of the demon-possessed. Crucifix in hand, he raises it over the writhing, drooling subjects. He repeats in a prayerful mantra.... rational words like...

 "respect" and "following through on promises/treaties" and "not bringing social chaos to small countries". 

And the demon-possessed irrationals spew and vomit out yet more lies and treachery in response. How will it all end?

Watch the movie:

Scene from "The Exorcist"


Anonymous said...

Thank you for this article--one of your best.

The West (especially the US) cannot understand Putin because it is missing the key part of everything.

A certain group has destroyed Western values and even it's Christianity, such as it was.

The same people tried to do that in Russia, when it was a Christian Empire, but they did not succeed (for more than 70 years). They still vilify the Emperor Nicholas II and the culture in the press they totally own, but it is all lies. Orthodox Christianity will never die, though there be even more martyrs.

Putin is a staunch Orthodox Christian and that is the reason why he is rational, effective, and just.

This is why some bloggers are completely derailed about current events. They think all religions are the same. They think they are all like the fanatic cults in America, the corrupt evil Roman Catholic church, or the Jew worshiping Evangelical Protestants who are so insane they think Christ died on the cross so they can say a simple phrase aloud and be automatically "saved". The latter do not know that the Bible they use was adulterated at the behest of Rothschild agents, they are so colossally ignorant.

Ignorance is so prevalent that most people are not aware of the fact that Obama celebrated Passover. He is a Jew (because his mother is a Jew), not a Muslim as hillbillies like to think. Forget the name--it's not his real name anyway. They always use fake names. By contrast, Putin celebrates all Orthodox Christian holidays.

Brainwashing through media, drugs, etc. have made a level of cognitive dissonance tolerable to the unthinking masses, who in their ignorance of even basic high school physics believe a hollow fiberglass and aluminum structure can penetrate steel reinforced concrete because they saw it on Talmudvision.

Thank you for your excellent blog.


greencrow said...

Hi Laskarina:

Thanks for your comments. The longer the current geopolitical crisis goes on...the more I appreciate the importance of religion in the dynamic. Not only the Jewish religion, which has apparently been co-opted by ziofascists, but the Eastern Orthodox religion of Russia. Putin seems to rely on the strength and solace he gets from his religious beliefs. I understand he has gone for "retreats" from time to time in Eastern Orthodox monasteries. When I visited Russia on holidays in 2014 I was impressed by the centrality of churches in the communities as well as the Russians' pride in their churches.

Pope Francis recently met with the head of the Eastern Orthodox Cuba of all places. My hope is that the Catholic Church eventually folds itself into the Eastern Orthodox Church as....and here's those words again...the rules of the Eastern Orthodox Church (particularly regarding clergy being allowed to marry) are so much more rational and practical.


james@wpc said...

A fine post, Greencrow. You've hit on the essential difference between the West and the East (and I'll include Russia in the East). The reasonableness and rationality of Putin versus the irrationality and insanity of the Western leaders. And I'll include the world's largest paedophile organisation, the Catholic Church, in with the West. Any accommodation with the Russian Orthodox Church will be to the detriment of the ROC.

Psychopathy (which rules the West) used to be called "moral insanity" and I would put the emphasis on "insanity". It is insane because it pursues destruction above all else.

Psychopaths do not have the ability to act reasonably or with any genuine intent of co-operation. They do not have the free will to do 'good'. That is what makes them demonic - in nature if not in actuality. If they do anything that appears 'good', on closer inspection, it will be found that it served only to set up the victim for a greater evil. Rant over! :)

There is a very good interview on Fox News Radio (of all places!). Of particular interest to you, Greencrow, (and apropos to your post and the 'internal civil war') will be what he says from the 30min mark and for the next several minutes:-

William Engdahl on FOreign Policy

INCOMING!!!!!!! said...

Excellent Laskarina. The PGU KGB went orthodox decades ago.

I would add that there are two massive dangers to the greatest and newest civilisation known to humanity.

Read the Race Replacement paper by Martin and the sabotage of western humanity is quite clear since before Christ.
Hence the current massive collection of empty people wandering around NATOland.

Secondly the Ba'al Bishop of Rome is on mission to kill the truest home of western faith and grace. The Babylonian fishhat bearer knows that the original headship of the church he claims to be supremo of, when in fact he is nothing but a Chaldean steward, is the James Sanhedrin of Jerusalem. The Jerusalem Sanhedrin was reestablished 10 years ago. That is who's interests he will be representing.

In Putin we have man who is intellectually more qualified and fit to expound on market theory, political economy, theology and deep history than any western politrune, he will face an enemy networking outwith his reach, as it usually does because its mission is exploratory slavery, calling in occulted favours from centuries ago. That is why we have a South American Jesuit on the stage.

Anyway I must away, mission for the day is calling.

Thanks L and keep up the good work gc.

BTW gc what is it with the chopped off feet in sneakers in your neck of the woods?

greencrow said...

Hi Incoming!!!!! and James:

It seems I have to respond to both of you at once. Blogger is not offering the option of separate posts. Anyhoooooo....thanks for your comments. I judge my posts on the number and quality of the comments...and this one gets a high rating!

James...thanks for your link. I will have a listen. Engdahl is a writer I respect...and if he is starting to catch on to the "secret war going on between elements of the US military industrial complex...then the concept has legs.

Incoming!!! Yes there is race social engineering going on on a massive scale. I see it as primarily a reward to the capitalist banksters/oligarchs for their loyalty....a fresh influx of cheap, pliable labour. But also diluting and "adjusting" of the races. That is one of the main reasons that Ukraine has been targeted, IMO, to force emigration to the West to dilute the oriental and eastern that the white will always be dominant (the plan) ...see for example the forced exodus's from Ireland over the years. Well, Ukraine is having a mass exodus, as planned. Unfortunately, most of the emigrants are moving, not to NATOland or America...but to Russia!

The mystery of how Pope Francis got to the papacy and what happened with "Benny the Rat" is a topic I've always wanted to post you could trigger a "calling in [of] favours from centuries ago".

Re the chopped off feet in sneakers...we're asked to believe (and for the most part I do) that most of them are bridge-jumping suicides...or local murders...and that the body of the unfortunates deteriorate at a faster rate than the currently very well made rubber sneakers. The sneakers, after the foot becomes detached from the body...rise to the surface and float. But, as with all the topics mentioned in this comment...there is much we don't know.