Friday, May 6, 2016

The Assassination of JFK Jr.

The Assassination of John F. Kennedy Jr.
Video by John Hankey

With the likely nomination of Hillary Clinton to be Democratic Candidate for president in the upcoming Fall election, it is timely to return to one of the most egregious allegations made about her and her husband, former president Bill Clinton.  This is that they were involved in the conspiracy to kill John F. Kennedy Jr.  Above is a very good link that includes all of the evidence that JFK Jr. his wife and her sister were murdered by some very powerful forces (including government, military and intelligence services) on July 16, 1999.

JFK Sr. speaks from the grave about his assassination [Washington's Blog seems to have removed the link I I'm going to insert one of my own posts on the JFK assassination here]

The circumstances surrounding the CIA/Mossad conspiracy to murder JFK Sr. are well known, but those of his son are less known. Washington DC beltway investigative journalist, Wayne Madsen, recently wrote on his website that he knew JFK Jr. through JFK Jr,'s editorship of his magazine "George" and that he was told that JFK Jr. had plans to hire investigative sleuths (like Madsen) to find out (and then publish the findings in his Magazine) who really murdered his father.  As if that wasn't enough....JFK Jr. was planning to announce his candidacy for Senator from New York immediately following his plane trip to Martha's Vineyard to attend his cousin's weekend wedding. Following his death in a very mysterious plane crash (his small, private jet, which he was piloting, literally dropped out of the sky...and crashed into the ocean below...where naval ships were waiting "come to the rescue")

Fortuitously for Hillary Clinton, JFK Jr. did not live to announce his candidacy and run against her for the nomination...which he would have won handily.  She went on to become Senator from New York.  Now, with Hillary running for President and Donald Trump "the mouth that roared" her opposition...will he bring up (or make allusions to) the untimely and mysterious death of JFK Jr.? Stay tuned.

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