Thursday, May 5, 2016

Trump Invictus? - Indiana Primary Postmortem

Trump wins Indiana Primary and is now
(unofficial) Republican Presidential Nominee

Surfing the Internet and blogosphere this the dust continues to settle after the definitive Trump victory in the Indiana Primary...I have a few thoughts as to what the future holds in the US Presidential campaign.  First of all, I was wrong. Yes, folks, I miscalled the GOP race from the beginning. I felt sure that Cruz would take the nomination and that Trump was beatable...perhaps not even a serious candidate. But like many other "pundits" I'm eating crow this that cannibalism?

Cruz was, in fact, neutralized and "taken out" by the razor sharp and acerbic tongue of the Donald. Trump uses his tongue like a machete....fighting his way through the political jungle...lashing left and right. In a last moment coup de grace, Trump brought up the verboten topic of the JFK assassination and implicated Cruz's father, Raphael Cruz, in the a CIA asset, along with the other CIA asset/self described patsy, Lee Harvey Oswald. This was a masterful and unexpected (not to mention courageous) slash with his machete/tongue. He would have likely won the Indiana Primary without saying anything about the connection of Cruz to the unsolved murder of the US President...but he did a warning to what's ahead. He did it to warn Hillary about the kind of campaign she's up against. After all, Hillary (and the Clinton Crime Family) have much more to fear than Cruz (who was only tangentially associated with the Bush Crime Family)

Hillary Clinton is up to her eyeballs in crime, corruption and deep-state atrocities...including, IMO, the assassination of JFK Jr. clear the way for her to run for the New York Senate back in the 1990's. Will Trump raise the question of all the unexplained evidence surrounding that murder?  Not to mention what went on in Arkansas back in the 70's/80's with the drug running through the Mena, Arkansas airbase.  Not to mention Benghazi...that Donald has already alluded to...where Hillary set up a false flag to make the Obama Regime look good.  BTW, I am going to refer to the current government of the US as the "Obama Regime" now that Kerry and the US State Department insist on calling the recently re-elected government of Syrian President Dr. Bashar al Assad the "Assad Regime".  Anyhooooo...back to Hillary. Her Benghazi caper not only got the US Ambassador to Libya killed in the streets of Benghazi with a rifle butt shoved up his torso. THAT alone, should have disqualified Hillary for the race....but here she is....the "favourite" in the Democratic race...with her "superdelegates" all sewn up. On the surface, it looks positive for her...but now that she knows what boats Trump is prepared to doubt she's "considering her options" they say.

One option for the Neocons is to do a Plan "C" that I posted about previously, i.e., create some sort of national/international "crisis" that would either cancel the election altogether...or facilitate shoehorning a new, "emergency" candidate into the race...such as what happened with US WWII General Dwight Eisenhower.  Writer Thierry Meyessen explores this possibility here.  Of course, as many pundits have stated...and even Russia has warned, Trump is at grave risk of being assassinated. Men and women have been eliminated for far less than Trumps' mortally dangerous/provocative public resurrection of the JFK ziofascist/neocon coup.  Again...I state that he deliberately used this strategy to warn Hillary about what skeletons might come tumbling out of her family closet, Very interesting times lie ahead. I saw the weather forecast for the local region and it predicts a very hot summer....I predict that there will be a very hot summer politically in the US as well!


james@wpc said...

Hi Greencrow,
That's an astute observation about Trump raising the JFK assassination as a warning to Clinton and/or her handlers. It makes a lot of sense. Certainly a lot more sense than Trump risking so much to defeat an already defeated opponent.

JFK/JFKjr - that's as strong an association as you can get. Perhaps Hillary will be arrested and charged for just one of her many crimes to avoid a far, far larger scandal. High stakes, indeed.

greencrow said...

Yes, James, Hillary really should consider her options. All Trump has to do to force her to drop out is to come up with a campaign advertisement that shows Ambassador Chris Stevens being dragged through the Streets of Benghazi....and don't for a moment think that Trump will shirk from doing something just like that.

james@wpc said...

You've really got me thinking! :)

james@wpc said...

An interesting but not unexpected development-

Did Donald Trump Just Go Full Establishment?

greencrow said...

Thanks very much for this link, James

Donald's new "apprentice" has a very interesting background:

“....In addition to Goldman, Mnuchin also worked at Soros Fund Management, whose founder, George Soros, has funded many left-leaning causes. Where it gets even more bizarre is that Mnuchin has donated frequently to Democrats, including to Clinton and Barack Obama.”
Making matters even worse, it turns out that Mnuchin profited handsomely from the 2009 Wall Street bailouts. According to Mother Jones, after buying the bailed out IndyMac Bank for pennies on the dollar, “Mnuchin and his partners, who named their new bank OneWest, ended up doing spectacularly well. They parlayed their $1.55 billion investment into a $3.4 billion payday.” He was able to do this because taxpayers took on all the risks of the bank’s bad assets, costing taxpayers an estimated $13 billion in losses. All the while, the bank continued to foreclose on homeowners who were no longer able to make mortgage payments."

All I can comment must be VERY hard to find good help anymore in the USrael.