Tuesday, May 31, 2016

EA804 UPDATE - strategy of tension? Or, is the Aegis system a piece of crap?

Egyptair 804 went down with 66 aboard
on Thursday, May 19, 2016 - all perished

One of the most interesting and addictive things about blogging is that every once in a while...perhaps a couple of times a year...you come across something, some tidbit of information that makes the hair on the back of your neck stand on end. You feel the beat of your heart quicken as you read the information presented and then factor it into all you already know about the topic.

Yesterday, I had such a moment when I read blogger Scott Creighton's excellent report/update on the EA804 Egypt Air jet plane disappearance. Scott and some other bloggers have been investigating the intriguing connection between the sudden disappearance from radar of the plane carrying 60+ live souls and the holding of yet another US military drill in the vicinity. This time, there was a naval drill going on at the exact same time beneath the EA804 flight path in the waters of the Mediterranean. Coinkydynkally, there was a similar naval drill going on in the waters off Malaysia/China when MH370 disappeared a few years ago.

Since the drills included the same class of destroyer with the Aegis radar system on it....the conclusion that Scott is considering is there is something horribly wrong with the Aegis system and some missiles are going astray. This is in no way similar to the MH17 crash...which, as everyone but the totally brain dead (unfortunately a sizeable portion of humanity) knows was caused by the Kiev Junta airfarce (or foreign agentz hiding behind same) shooting it down in mid-air...to frame the Rooskies.

You can see why the MIC (military industrial complex) wants to have live drills involving the Aegis system...ever since the ignominious "Donald Cook Incident" in the Black Sea a year or so ago....where two Russian jets totally shut down the US vessel...and the sailors became traumatized when they couldn't even make cell phone calls home to their mamas.

Where I have a problem with Scott's theory is his writing both jet disappearances off as "accidents" caused by faulty equipment. I don't see it that way. There's too much to gain from such gladio-style terror events....which function exactly like a standard "strategy of tension" in the geopolitical arena.
"Please....somebody...[NATO?] save us from the horror of disappearing airplanes--we'll give up all our freedoms, sovereignty/independence to have the nightmares stop!"

I also think there's merit in one of the alternative theories surrounding the shoot down of MH17. Some think the perps were actually targeting the similarly painted Russian government jet of Vladimir Putin...which was airborne in the same area at the exact time as MH17. Perhaps the perps are like the crocodile that dogged Captain Hook in the children's story Peter Pan. They're dogging Putin....and other opposition leaders....lurking and following jet travel throughout the world ...shooting down random jets as a threat/warning to anyone important who might be flying through international high traffic zones. When they finally do shoot down someone of importance....like, say, Putin...they'll say..."Well, it's a real mystery, now ain't it?  Just like MH370 and EA804 (and TWA800).....just one of those danged thangs!"  Crazy conspiracy theory?  Perhaps.  But, the fact of the matter is that no one who uses air travel to get around is safe while the cause(s) of these two plane disappearances remain a mystery.

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