Sunday, May 8, 2016

Despite Palmyra Exorcism....USrael destruction of Syria Continues

Scene from the movie "The Exorcist"

What happened in Palmyra last Thursday, with the Russian orchestra playing beautiful music on the very site that just more than a year earlier had been the site of a summary execution of more than 25 Syrians was nothing more or less than an exorcism.  It was a calling out of the Demonic forces behind the actions of the child soldiers of ISIS...created, trained and funded by the US/UK/Saudi/Israel....who shot their victims in the head while they were kneeling in the ancient Palmyra amphitheater....on the very spot where the Russian Orchestra now played.

This was a brilliant lesson for humanity from Professor Putin. He deliberately counterpoised the symbols of good and evil in a sublime teachable moment.  What he was saying was that good can and will overcome evil.  All it takes is courage, determination and positive imagination.  As evil as the ghouls were who planned the execution in the amphitheater, then filmed it and sent it around the world (can we not identify these ghouls?) the image that replaced theirs....that of culture, beauty and peace...routed them out...emerging from the shadows between the pillars and howling through the air...escaping the exorcism. If you look closely, you can see the demons....spiraling upward in the azure sky over Palmyra....evaporating into the sunlight.

Putin won the battle of Palmyra but the war for Syria still rages on.  The demons will double down in their dark lairs for retribution. The USrael forces, according to this report, are escalating their air strikes in Syria and Iraq....duplicitously targeting citizens and infrastructure...even as Kerry pontificates, sucks and blows at the same time...over how the democratically re-elected Assad...must be gone by August.  Just to make their enemies and targets perfectly clear...ISIS recently targeted Christian religious symbols in Syria.  One of their aims is to turn Syria into a chaotic bantustan....fanatically jihaddist...instead of the non-sectarian, multi-denominational, multicultural haven it has traditionally been. In other words...the demons want to "possess" Syria.  An exorcism, as well as a resistance war is required.....this was the message of the "Prayer for Palmyra Concert".

And....just as in the movie "The Exorcist"...the demons will return and attack in relentless, ever-more terrifying test and taunt "the Exorcist/Putin". In the end, it will be a fight to the death.


james@wpc said...

Exorcism is a great way to describe this concert, Greencrow. Humanity and creativity expelling evil and destruction.

greencrow said...

Thanks James. And that is the lesson of Palmyra for humanity.