Tuesday, May 17, 2016

CawRANT Events #24

CawRANT Events #24

It's a glorious Spring Day on the West Coast.  Shorts and T-shirt weather, indeed.  My CawRANT is a day late and a dollar short...as we say.  The weather has been so spectacular and my arts and crafts project so multifarious and demanding...it's very hard to keep up the blogging end.  Rest assured that I will soon be posting photos of at least four art project that I'm currently working on.

But the CawRANT file is also full to overflowing...so Time For a RANT!

What I've gotten into the habit of doing is working in concentric circles outwards from where I live to the world...and then if necessary to the Universe at large. So beginning in the Pacific Northwest...there are ever more worrisome nuclear radiation reports out of Washington State.  Again, you will have to go to RT to find out that the Hanford nuclear waste site in Washington DC is becoming a clear and present environmental danger local and worldwide.

And what about these radioactive "BURPS"?

Apparently the radiation is spewing out in "Burps" that, insanely as it sounds, are considered "extra" and are not counted in to the radiation levels that are released to the public.  I had a "Beam me up, Scotty" moment when I read that.

The Vancouver Real Estate Market is another sign of insanity at the highest levels.  As everyone who lives here knows....

“China is Buying Canada” – Notes From a Gigantic Real Estate Bubble by Michael Krieger

Within 20 years you will think you're in Hong Kong when you visit Vancouver.  Unless...of course...the PTB can cause another "famine" in Ireland...or another "coup" and "civil war" in Ukraine...to force those two perennial suppliers of white skin to give up their populations to emigration.

BREAKING NEWS!  From the lying and conniving BBC - Oil Workers are told to flee oil fields around Fort McMurray in northern Alberta.  This lends credence to the conspiracy theory voiced by Northern Truthseeker and others that the fires were deliberately set and/or allowed to burn out of control because the low price of oil which has rendered shale oil mining unprofitable.

In Canadian Electoral Reform News

The Canadian Federal Government of our Dauphin Prime Minister Trudeau is going to tinker around with our electoral system.  He has put forward some ideas for discussion.  The only reform that would make a whit of difference, of course, is NOT up for discussion.  That reform is, of course, the brainchild (and long time hobby horse) of yours truly....the "None of the Above" option on the ballot (NOTA).  I have written about this many times on this Blog.  It is so simple and makes such common sense that, of course, it simply cannot be considered!

Instead, in a slap across the face to all Canadians with half a brain....one of the reforms under consideration is to fine people for not voting!  Have you ever heard of anything so moronically stupid?!  So!  the Canadian political parties will continue along as they have been doing...colluding with one another to provide the same platforms (warmongering) and to agree not to discuss any hot button topics (like war and pipelines) during election campaigns...BUT we will still HAVE to vote for either tweedledum or tweedledee.

Here is a Comment I put on the CBC website under the following heading:

I note that one of the "reforms" being considered is fining people for not voting. Yet the alternative...allowing an option to vote for "none of the above" is not being considered. As I have written about many times. The ability to put down a vote for "none of the above" and have that vote counted and tabulated would bring back thousands of disaffected voters like myself....who are tired of both parties having the same platform and/or not following through with campaign promises. If a majority of voters voted "none of the above" it would force a re-election...where the parties had to provide citizens with real choices! "None of the above" is an option on some other countries' ballots. Why not Canada?« less

In other Canadian news, Canada finally removed "Objector status" from beside its signature to the UN declaration of Indigenous Rights.  Most Canadians probably didn't even know that Canada, in another show of insanity...was for years an official objector (along with its handler, USrael) to the UN Declaration of Indigenous Rights...a declaration that it had helped to write!

Chalk one up for Justin.  It is long past time that Canada put its money where its mouth is on indigenous rights...and that means actually sitting down with First Nations and working on the many challenges facing Northern Canada...and the many indigenous living in our inner cities.

looking south of the border we see an interest in Canada...

Texas Realtor Reaches Out to #NeverTrumpers – She’ll Sell Your Home So You Can Move to Canada

Americans, for some reason, think that Canada is some place to escape to.  They never heard Pierre Trudeau's description of Canada..."like a mouse sleeping with an elephant".  And that was BEFORE the Ziofascists took over the Province of Ontario.

Now to International News....

I have been watching in shock and disgust the progression of the TTIP which is like a python slowly and silently encircling and crushing world trade and commerce.  TTIP Horrors from the netherworld of the Secret, Signed and Sealed Agreement.  Here is an analysis of the Agreement:

The agreement has been drawn up in secret, and has only been available to Congressmen in a special room as a read-only copy. Not even Congressional staff have been permitted to see the details. The reason is that the terms of the TTIP are so awful that it could never be approved 
by voters. That is why the lobbyists for banks, insurance companies, drug companies, oil and gas companies and other special interests that wrote the law are trying to bypass democratic government and going directly to Brussels – and in the United States to the Executive Branch of government.
The aim of the TTIP is to replace the application of national laws with special courts of referees nominated by the special interests. This includes the organization of health care. Last week Britain’s main labor union, Unite, warned that the TTIP would mean that the National Health Service would have to be wound down and privatized.[1] Although “Austria, Germany, Greece and Italy do have explicit reservations in the TTIP text to protect existing rules relating to healthcare,” the privatization lobbyist strategy is to have the treaty “provisionally applied” to force matters, by backing compliant politicians. Objections will be sidestepped as the “provisional’ law becomes a fait accompli.

 Anti-TTIP demonstrations in Rome
and TTIP in a "nutshell"

US Election Update:

What a dope!  Trump says the next 9/11 in the US could be caused by Syrians

Just when Donald Trump appears to be getting his motor mouth under control...he spews out more verbal diarrhea.  His latest verbal POS is predicting that Syrians will be behind a future 9/11.  Anyone who has seen the videos of the destruction of Syrian cities by the NATO funded ISIS knows that Syrians are in no position to do the inside job necessities involved in another 9/11 (like the NORAD stand down, etc., etc.) Where does the guy get this stuff?  Many pundits say he has some deep state rebels behind his campaign but this makes absolutely no sense...unless...of course...he has been ordered to give them a raison d'etre to put "boots on the ground" in Syria.  But electorally, this kind of talk just alienates the majority of Americans who want an end to the "perpetual wars" that have been fought by the two wings of the same electoral bird.

Meanwhile....USrael handler Sheldon Adelson is poised to give Trump a $100 million donation.  So much for the promising aspect that Trump was "self-funded".  Most devastating of all is the William Engdahl assertion that Trump is an asset of the New York Mafia going way back to the days of Meyer Lansky.  Anyway you look at it, the US is truly F*CKed.

Another day, another USrael Economic Hit of a South American Country

Last week we had the disgusting visual of a parliamentary coup in Brazil...with a certified CIA asset taking over from the democratically elected president.  Just in time to ruin the Olympics.

This week, Venezuela is on the ropes.

My, my it seems just like yesterday that Hugo Chavez spoke about smelling sulphur in the UN in NYC...and shortly thereafter contracted a fast acting cancer...presumably from inhaling said sulphur. But, South America has ALWAYS been the US's backyard where they allow their CIA pittbulls to roam freely within the confines of a chain link fence. C'est dommage.

We Are Change...one of the three websites I financially support...has proven their worth again by compiling an extensive list of Conspiracy Theories as factual history.  Just to test the potency of this list...I sent the link to my better half (who has proudly and defiantly never been able to "handle the truth").  It made him cranky and argumentative for two days!  Well done, We are Change!

One of my favourite conspiracy theories that never made the list had a recent update:

Joan Rivers' daughter settles medical malpractice lawsuit.

Hmm...8 figure settlement...that would be something like $20,000,000 (just counting the zeros here). That's a hefty price to pay to shut someone up...even for the CIA.  I believe Joan Rivers was killed because she (quite believeably) asserted that Michele Obama is "a tranny", as she put it.  Joan, with her decades-old reputation for telling the cold, hard truth...was sadly, cold and hard herself...within two weeks of uttering said assertion.

Well, on that dark note...I will end this RANT...It's truly time for me to leave the dark and enter the light...of a glorious warm and sunny day on the West Coast.

Until my next RANT...bye for now.


james@wpc said...

"..one of the reforms under consideration is to fine people for not voting! Have you ever heard of anything so moronically stupid?!"

Well, actually . . . . in Australia it has been law for many years that you have to vote or face a fine. So it is illegal not to vote . . . if you are on the Electoral Roll. But it is not illegal to not be on the electoral roll. But few people know that because 'they' do not publicize this fact, of course.

I agree entirely that there should be a NOTA option. Years ago, in Tasmania, there was a referendum of where to put a dam on a wild river. "No Dam" was not an option, of course. So campaigners promoted voting 'informal' by messing up the voting slip one way or another. The majority of votes were informal ones! The politicians dropped their plans for a dam.

The election circus, especially in the US, is all about getting people to vote and it doesn't matter who for. The point is to involve them in a system that they think is connected to outcomes. While ever people are doing something useless, they are not thinking of useful alternatives . . . something that might actually change things.

Back to voting, another tactic could be to organise to campaign for the challenger in every electorate to remove the incumbent regardless of their party affiliation. All you would have to do is draw up a list of the dodgy legislation that they voted for. Changing the majority of faces in each new parliament would throw a big-time spanner in their cosy system and would put each individual politician on notice that they will be judged on their personal voting record.

greencrow said...

James says:

".....organise to campaign for the challenger in every electorate to remove the incumbent regardless of their party affiliation. All you would have to do is draw up a list of the dodgy legislation that they voted for. Changing the majority of faces in each new parliament would throw a big-time spanner in their cosy system."

I don't think Canada has that (challenger) option. It is a slippery slope to fine people for not voting. Nwxt thing you know...they will be fining people for not attending a "coronation".

NOTA is so simple, so effective, so democratic and so cheap. That's why they're terrified of it!