Monday, May 2, 2016

CawRANT Events #23

CawRANT Events #23

It's another gorgeous sunny day on the West Coast. Only a few, occasional chemtrails criss-cross the sky.  Yesterday was perfect for pulling the boat out of the water and giving it a thorough cleaning and hull painting. Back into the water today with a new prop. Should be out in the garden but blog duty time for a RANT! 

Canadian News Update

I like to start with Canadian News first.  There's an update on the CN Railway Fire near Mayerthorpe, Alberta that I reported on last week.  The son of a former mayor of Mayerthorpe...who worked part time for the Fire Department, has been arrested and charged with setting five fires...including the Trestle Fire. It's very sad for the family...which is suffering from the humiliation and pain of having their own implicated in such a serious crime...but, if the allegations are proved in's good to know that it wasn't a wider plot...or conspiracy.

Next, we have the threatening news that...

Canada hints it may join US missile shield to ‘enhance national security’  

Russia Today (why don't we ever hear about these developments in our own news media?) is reporting that the ugly head of the US Missile Defense Shield program has reared again--with the election of the neophyte, US-sycophantic Justin Trudeau in the hot seat. Every time a new Canadian Prime Minister is elected, he's pressured to pepper the Canadian North with Missile Command Bases...which will be manned by...guess who? Would this make Canadian sovereignty more secure the RT report asks?
"Would a shift in policy in this area enhance Canadian national security and offer an avenue for greater continental cooperation?” Sajjan said, as cited by Defense News. “Or are there more effective areas in which to invest to better protect the North American continent?" However, Sajjan added that the public and experts would be consulted regarding the issue, which has been sidelined since 2005, when the then-Prime Minister Paul Martin rejected the opportunity to take part in the Ground-Based Midcourse Defense system.
“We want to make sure that the defense review is open and wide,” he said. “By not opening up the discussion on ballistic missile defense, allowing Canadians to have a say in this, it would not be an open defense review..."

Putin tells Russian Media off...including commenting on US missile defenses

Listen to Putin two-thirds into the the video where he's talking about the US establishing Missile Defense in countries bordering Russia...but the "...Americans don't even trust the countries hosting the missile defenses...only their [US] personnel are allowed in the control towers."

So...what Canadian Prime Ministers have done in the past to forstall this massive building of American bases on Canadian to insist that "Canadians must be consulted first". That generally puts the kibosh to such schemes...until the next time. My personal opinion is that, given who is the real threat to Canadian sovereignty...Canada should cozy up to the Rooskies and join with them in protecting our common northern borders.

Of course...other countries are also extending the range of their long range missiles.  Here's a report, also from RT, that says that China is boosting its Missile Defense System capable of reaching US. What's the concept at play here? Oh yes...."mutually assured destruction".

Elsewhere, in Canadian News - A Whole lotta Pain

Finally, the other shoe dropped in the story about the mass suicide attempts by First Nations youth in the Canadian north--Drugs are fueling the mental health issues in Attawapiskat.  Of course.  This is at least 75% of the problem. Sale of illegal drugs, mainly in the form of pills like Oxycontin are rampant amongst First Nations in Canada...not only in the north. During my years as a social worker serving First Nations here in the Vancouver lower mainland...I was amazed at the prevalence of pill addiction...particularly amongst the young men...who were rendered unfit for work or basically any worthwhile activity. Even though many of the men were fathers...they spent their days playing video games in their mother's (yes, generally raised by single mothers) basement. Tylenol '3's were also used on a daily basis by the youth. Who's targeting this vulnerable group with potent pills like Oxycontin? That's the question. We could ask investigative reporter Gary Webb...but of course...he died...after finding out who sold crack to the black youth in Los Angeles.

It's not looking good for the RCMP in several of their high profile legal cases.  

RCMP doesn't look so good in Senator Mike Duffy Trial Outcome...all 31 charges dismissed.  The RCMP has fallen on hard times ever since it was targeted...beginning in the Mulroney a symbol of Canadian excellence and sovereignty that had to be destroyed. In a step towards harmonization for the North American Union, dontchaknow.  First, there was the "sale" of the RCMP image to Disney...of all things. I think that contract has lapsed...and then there were all the connivance's with the foreign mole CSIS (Canadian Security and Intelligence Services) in trying to trick unfortunate and vulnerable Canadians into false flag terror plots.  Remember the Paintball 9 or whatever they were called?  A group of Muslim youth out of Toronto who were tricked by an undercover RCMP member into plotting all kinds of notorious crimes...including the assassination of the Prime Minister.

Could the recent dismissal of the Duffy charges presage the future outcome of the Vancouver Terror Patsies Trial? (the convictions set aside) The judge is supposed to bring in a verdict on that trial later in the summer....keep posted for that!

US Election Update:  "The Biggest Loser?"

Moving on to US news...there is a momentary lull in the GOP nomination campaign. Ted Cruz has been successfully (in my opinion) neutralized. There is now a delegate-by-delegate war going on state-by-state to facilitate a "brokered convention". Could the GOP nomination go to "The Biggest Loser"? Perhaps Cruz or Kasich could win on a second ballot. But, in an unexpected development...the issue of Cruz's eligibility for the office of president has gained traction in the US media. It is amazing that this issue has not been decided by the courts by now. It really makes you wonder if they want the issue defined. Of course. the PTB love candidates with compromised citizenship (witness Obama and the "birther" controversy) allows them to take another pot shot at the US constitution. What a lot of people don't see is how this controversy is also about Canadian sovereignty and our vulnerability to being suckered into a North American Union. If someone like Cruz were allowed to be president of the US...that (to me at least) would mean that Canada isn't really a sovereign country with a distinct citizenship. Rather, it could be viewed as more like Puerto Rico or some other colony of the US. That's why I hope that Cruz is denied the nomination...even though it would mean that my prediction that he will be the GOP candidate would be proven wrong.

9/11 Update:  Some of the scales are beginning to fall off the Sheeples' eyes?

With the steady inroads that 9/11 truth has made to the "official lies" over the past 15 years...the perps...still embedded as they are in the US Government....are having to come up with new lies to divert growing public understanding of Israeli/Mossad complicity. The official story is now so complicated that even one of the 9/11 masterminds, Phillip Zelikow, doesn't know who did it. Thanks to stalwart 9/11 eyewitnesses, like William Rodrigues, however, truthers are in full command of at least 90% of the truth of what happened on that day.

Moving on to world News

Canada is not the only country waking up to its vassalage to USrael/NATO.  Here, Paul Craig Roberts exposes Demonic media in the Netherlands Roberts posted a letter he received from the Netherlands, formerly known as Holland, the Home of the Dutch People:
"Observations about the vassal status of the Netherlands
Thank you for your excellent and powerful articles about Neocon policies and how they destroy world peace. As a Dutch citizen (having done an MBA in the US in the seventies) I’m appalled at the slide into sycophantic behavior of our elites and press. A few facts to illustrate:
(1) The Dutch PM said recently that the sanctions against Russia will continue as long as they occupy Crimea. While Putin is vilified in the Dutch press, the investigation into the causes of MH17 has stalled and press and government remain silent about it. The reason is clear: Russia is already branded as the perpetrator in the public mind.
(2) The Neths. has ordered 37 fighter jets F35s with hook ups for 20 odd upgraded nukes to be stored on Dutch soil. In case of war Dutch pilots are to drop these on targets to be determined by the US. Belgium, Germany and Italy have the same arrangement.
Two ex PM’s of the Neths. came on TV arguing for a national debate. They rightly claimed that this arrangement was in contravention of the nuclear proliferation agreement. The entire press in the country was outraged and headlined “traitors” effectively shutting down the debate. I could go on with many other signs that the Neths has lost its bearings. Thank for your important work! Steven"

What's going on in Mosul, Iraq?

The perpetual war ravaging Iraq...started by the insanely hubristic Bush Jr. is coming to some sort of denouement. Some think that Iraq will be split in two...with the Israeli-supported Kurds taking over the northern part of Iraq. This, of course, was the plot from the beginning...long before the US invasion. But I don't think it's in the cards. In fact, the Iraqi national army seems to be gaining strength as the war drags on. Last weekend there was a "storming" of the "green Zone" in Baghdad. I think the Iraqis are getting a lot of logistical and technical/equipment assistance from some foreign allies...including Iran and maybe even Russia (on the sly). Everyone knows that if Iraq is destroyed...there will be a catastrophic domino effect for the rest of the middle east. That's why I predict there will be a "Saigon Moment" in the not too distant future...where...finally....and mercifully...helicopter ladders will reach down towards the roof of the multi-billion dollar US (uninvited) Embassy in Baghdad, Iraq.

Fracking turns river ablaze in Australia

Lastly, a few tidbits (as NTS calls them :) of environmental news. An anti-fracking activist recently set a river ablaze in Australia. The fracking company had spent a goodly sum on a PR campaign to convince the locals that the fracking would do no harm...but saw their investment literally "go up in flames". This just shows that you can never trust these corporate entities with human health and welfare. Just like Big Pharma with its array of expensive, toxic vaccines poisoning our children. They simply cannot be trusted because the almighty dollar comes before's as if they, themselves, aren't human...but that's a topic for another RANT!

In closing...I return to my roots...
Ravens and Crows are the smartest...who knew?

In a recent experiment, crows went up against other species, including chimps...and came out tops in brain power. I am pleased to announce that I received my first "trinket" at my crow feeding station in my own back yard. Last year I posted about a mother and daughter in England, who regularly fed peanuts to the local crows, and were given random trinkets by the crows in return. So, shortly after, I started feeding peanuts to the Canadian crows in my backyard. Last week, I found a plastic bottle cap in the feeding tray. It could only have been placed there by a crow. Bravo to Canadian crows...just as smart as the Brits! : )
That's it for this RANT!....until next time!


Penny said...

I'm jealous- warmth has eluded us here in Ontario!

We've been so far below seasonal's disgusting
May 2nd today and we are barely into the mid 40's fahrenheit- strike that we've actually hit 47 F !
Yesterday was cold and misty, like walking through the fog
Our poor tomato seedlings have to stay indoors today, again.
We have zero leaves on our trees, I mean zero. Finally buds are showing on my maple at the front of the house..
No AGW anywhere to be seen- LOL
It's been like this for years now- though thankfully this winter was more normal
Unlike the frigid, frigid two winters we had prior to that

greencrow said...

Hi Penny:

You Ontarians have to start paying your Weather Modification Warfare protection money...oops...I mean "carbon tax" lol.

james@wpc said...

Hi Greencrow,

Re the suicide issue amongst First Nations youth, I came across a recent interview with Kevin Annett which summarises very succinctly the whole issue of the genocide of indigenous peoples.

First Nations Genocide

The drug taking is, I'm sure, encouraged by tptb and is part of the ongoing genocide. At base, I believe that what was so threatening about indigenous cultures to the Catholic Church and their lesser siblings was/is their vastly different understanding of what a human being is and what the world is. This understanding must have been perceived as a threat to the churches' power over the minds of the people of the 'civilised' world.

Anyway, I'm sure you are aware of Kevin Annett's work but, never-the-less, I think you'll find Kevin's talk very interesting. He is a very good speaker, too.

greencrow said...

Hi James:

Thanks for your comment. I am familiar with Kevin Annett. He has been front and centre bringing the devastation of the residential schools to the table when analyzing First Nations challenges in modern society. When I was in Social Work School, we had to take several courses on First Nations History and issues. His work was and no doubt continues to be used in those courses. You may be interested to know, however, that First Nations people themselves are divided as to the damage caused by residential schools. They get into pretty heated arguments about whether it was better to stay in the schools, or stay at home with the violence, addiction and sexual predation that went on on the reserves. So it is not exactly black and white...while there is general agreement that the generational loss of parental skills can be traced to the residential schools.

Thanks again for the link.


james@wpc said...

I remember reading about 25 yrs ago of how John D Rockefeller took over rival companies. He would buy off critical staff within the target company, and even had his own men apply for jobs with these companies, and instruct them to sabotage the company in various ways.

The idea of that strategy stuck with me over the years and I have read many examples and variations of that same weapon. It is now common knowledge that the PTB strive to control their opposition groups through infiltration. Was it Lenin who said; "the best way to control your opposition is to lead it"?

I think it likely that the govt (and those behind them like the churches for instance) would do all they could to control of the leadership bodies within the First Nation movement.

If this is so, I think it likely that these controlled agents would become apologists for the churches and govts over the issue of Residential Schools and cause controversies of all sorts to knobble their effectiveness?

I don't know much about the details of the situation in Canada but I would be very surprised if there were no shills amongst at the political leaders level (and below) of the First Nations peoples.

In Australia, the govt has been throwing multi millions at the peak body of the Aboriginal groups for decades yet the conditions never improve on the ground. The public scratch their heads at this and wonder why the govt continues to finance an obviously ineffective body.

The answer is that the govt continues to finance this Aboriginal peak body (which doles out the money to other groups) because it is ineffective.

greencrow said...

No doubt there is an element of infiltration in FN leadership groups. I know that the elected leader of the "Assembly of First Nations" has to be able to "work well" with the federal and provincial governments. This position, "Chief of Assembly of First Nations", was raised to some importance during the Meech Lake era of Canadian politics in the 1990's...when I was an activist against the Meech Lake Constitutional Amendment, which, amongst other things, designated Quebec to be a "distinct society". The Federal government needed First Nations to sign on to the Accord (which they were opposed to). After the failure of the Meech Lake Accord...the position of Assembly of First Nations Chiefs gradually lost importance.

But, along with this suspected infiltration...there is a lot of disunity between First Nations at the reserve level. There is a small reserve here in my metro Vancouver community that sits on a multi-million dollar piece of prime real estate. I got to know the people on the reserve quite well at one point. There was a lot of infighting and addiction and eventually there was a scandal about a big government payout to the chief for a land right.

This is the way it goes. Two steps forward, one step back. But, amazingly, the population of First Nations is one of the fastest rising "ethnic" groups in Canada. First Nations people are literally outgrowing their living spaces.

james@wpc said...

It only takes one psychopath in a group to set people fighting amongst themselves; then it's Mission Accomplished.
Perhaps the priority for improvement is for everyone within the First Nations is to understand psychopathy and be able to recognise it.

That mightn't be a bad idea for the rest of us!

I've been pondering your insightful comments on housing for First Nations people since you made them .