Tuesday, May 3, 2016

UPDATED: Trump brings up JFK assassination in campaign against Cruz

UPDATE:  May 3, 2016 Latest election results show Donald Trump is running away with the Indiana Primary, edging ever closer to the magic number that will make him the official Republican candidate. In one sense, considering the wild flurry of accusations between Trump and Cruz of this morning (see videos below) this could be the first victory of the Truthers. Trump's accusation about Cruz's father, made as it was just as polls were opening this morning...made the primary vote a referendum on the truth. Blurting out inconvenient truth seems to help Trump electorally.  Do you really think he's unaware of what he's doing?!

Trump interviewed on Faux TV -implicates
Rafael Cruz in JFK Assassination

Neocons Poo Poo accusation of Donald Trump - "first they ignore, then they laugh..."

"....then they fight" - Cruz comes out swinging - calls Trump 
a "Pathological Liar"

Breaking News: on day of Indiana Primary, Donald Trump accuses Ted Cruz's father of involvement in JFK Assassination

Watch the three short videos above to see history in the making, folks.  For the first time since the Assassination of President John F. Kennedy...shot down like a dog in the streets of Dallas, Texas on November 22, 1963...the JM$M has been forced to present something even remotely close to the truth of what happened on that day. Shocking, particularly for the perps of that atrocity...some of whom like CIA co-conspirator George H.W. Bush Sr....are still alive.  These toads must be squirming in their dark lairs, at the thought that more revelations might bubble to the surface...courtesy of Donald Trump, the quintessential loose cannon--rolling around on the deck of the Secret Pirate Ship of State of the US government!

The culpability for the death of the US President has wound its way up the ladder, like a greasy python snake, through generational, successive US governments ever since the JFK assassination/coup.  Each and every president since that day from Lyndon Johnson (one of the plotters) through to the lobotomized Obama (mother and grandfather were CIA assets...the CIA provided the masterminds, like James Jesus Angleton, for the assassination) has, either closely or remotely been implicated in the crime--to the point where active or passive complicity with the JFK assassination has become a criteria for the office. Cruz was anointed by the neocons for the presidency BECAUSE of the connection between the CIA assets Oswald and Cruz.  Now, the odious connection has come back to bite the snake in the tail.

More than anything else that Trump has said so far (and there have been many shocking statements out of his mouth...including the most recent--that Russian planes flying close to US military equipment...placed by the US provocatively close to Russian borders--should be shot down) this revelation of the connection between Cruz and the JFK assassination is a mortally dangerous statement for Trump to have uttered. IMO, it is proof positive that whistleblower Trump (although a fellow traveler with the ziofascist neocon secret state) is an outsider, innocent of the criterial crimes who, if allowed to continue, threatens to bring the whole corrupt, criminal, warmongering, financially bankrupt, 9/11 mass murdering, bloody house of cards crashing down. Stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

the quintessential loose cannon--rolling around on the deck of the Secret Pirate Ship of State of the US government!Brilliant gc.

greencrow said...

Thanks Geraldine....Donald Trump is quite a character...we should enjoy him while we can.