Thursday, May 12, 2016

UPDATED: Brazil latest victim of US Economic Hitmen

UPDATED:  May 11, 2016 Geopolitical analyst and journalist Pepe Escobar has a very good and detailed analysis of all the ins and outs of the USrael removal of Brazil's democratically elected President from office

Brazil President Dilma Rousseff

‘Brazilian senators have voted to put President Dilma Rousseff on trial for breaking budget laws. She is to be suspended from her post after five years in power.
“Today we are trying to overcome this situation by removing an irresponsible government. We have no alternative,” said Senator Blairo Maggi, as cited by Reuters.
The senate voted 55 against 22 in favor of putting the Brazilian president on trial.
Vice-President Michel Temer is to become acting president during Rousseff’s trial, according to the senate.’
The BRICS Post reports on the democratic takedown.

As blogger Stephen Lendman says   This is yet another parliamentary coup...Read his comments and I will have my own thoughts to follow:

"In an overnight Wednesday session, majority fascist Brazilian senators voted to impeach Rousseff without just cause - following majority lower house members in mid-April voting the same way.
An 11th hour Supreme Court appeal on her behalf was denied, along with a separate appeal to bar vice president/interim president Michel Temer from replacing her ministers with ones he and other fascists usurping power choose.
Rousseff must now step down for 180 days until a Senate trial convicts or exonerates her. Removing her requires a two-thirds majority. A previous article explained no legitimate grounds for impeachment exist.
She committed no crimes.
Charges allege budgetary practices similar to what many government employ legally without opposition.
Her supporters held an overnight vigil. Street protests are planned. Once officially notified of suspension, she’ll address the nation on national television, making her case before the Brazilian people.
No legal basis justifies removing her. The US-manipulated scheme involves replacing social democracy with neoliberal harshness..."

John Perkins should be doing the "play by play" of this typical economic hit by the USrael Economic hitmen.  It follows all the "rules of the game".  It is similar to the Ukraine "regime change coup" in that trumped up charges against the duly elected government are followed by political shenanigans and staged (Soros?) public demonstrations.  Will Nuland be handing out cookies in the city square?

Rousseff has fought valiantly for democracy in Brazil but she'd better watch out...because the economic hitmen are just that...hitmen. IMO, Her life is in danger. This political close to the Summer Olympics, is set to ensure that a western frontman puppet leader will be greeting all the dignitaries at the opening ceremonies. The country will be rendered an unsafe place for leaders like Putin to join in the festivities.  It is also a direct hit at the heart of BRICS...the alternative trade agreement partnership to the TTIP group...led by USrael/NATO.  This coup follows months of economic and political turmoil stirred up by the expert economic hitmen. The bottom line is that democracy and economic/political sovereignty are luxuries that countries like Brazil, Ukraine and others simply cannot afford.

Once the coup perpetrators have their clutches on the reins of power...Brazil will be made into a dysfunctional, economically bankrupt state like Ukraine is now. Political chaos, economic instability, social unrest...police's what they dooooooooooooooooooo!


RickB said...

Thanks for posting. Hope she survives with her life.

greencrow said...

Yes, in a positive development...Pepe Escobar says (in the link I posted) that former Brazilian president Lulu is poised for a comeback. Hope so!