Friday, May 27, 2016

UPDATED: BBC wants Olympics moved....uses Zika hoax as excuse

Rio De Janeiro Carnival
Will Brazil's Olympics be stolen?

The BBC (Britain's Best Calumny) is up to its usual a media onslaught on behalf of the globalist, ziofascist bankster cabal.  This time it's trying to spearhead a panic attack to move the 2016 Summer Olympics out of Brazil.

More than 100 leading scientists say the Rio Olympics should be moved or postponed over the Zika outbreak. 

The group says new findings about the virus make it "unethical" for the games to go ahead in an open letter to the World Health Organization.
They call on the WHO to revisit its guidance on Zika, which is linked to serious birth defects.
The International Olympic Committee (IOC) said in May it sees no reason to delay or move the games due to Zika.
The outbreak of the mosquito-borne disease began in Brazil a year ago, but now more than 60 countries and territories have continuing transmission.
While Zika's symptoms are mild, in the letter the experts say it causes babies to be born with abnormally small heads and may also cause a rare and sometimes fatal neurological syndrome in adults.
The letter is signed by 150 international scientists, doctors and medical ethicists from such institutions as Oxford University and Harvard and Yale universities in the United States.
They cite the failure of a mosquito-eradication programme in Brazil, and the country's "weakened" health system as reasons to postpone or move the Olympics in "the name of public health".

Now...why would the BBC be tasked with raising the dormant Zika virus hoax (successor to the failed WHO/Ebola scare) as a reason to move the Olympics?  My guess is that the recent USrael coup...temporarily at least getting rid of democratically-elected Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff is not going quite as planned. Yesterday, I saw a report that her impeachment "trial" might be over in August...allowing President Rousseff to return to her presidential portfolio right during the Olympics (gasp!)  The usual suspects are determined that a BRICS what they see is an Atlantacist party (and show of power) just ain't gonna happen.

They're turning pale at the thought of a conquering heroine returning to the halls of power right while the glare of the international media is focused on Brazil.  The perps always box themselves into a corner over these supposedly humane and peaceful celebrations.  They always think they can control and use them for their own nefarious advantage.  Then...usually at the last moment...the thing flies out of their hands and they're left scrambling...desperately and (worse) obviously coming up with this ploy or rain on the parade. They're such party poopers.  But they never learn.

All Brazil needs to do is get the names of the "100 leading scientists" do background checks and publish their "gonnections"--to the usual suspects. While that should end this won't likely end the overall mission.

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