Monday, May 9, 2016

UPDATE: Alberta Wildfires: But...but...but....could it be?! "Clearing the land" for uranium mining fracking?

UPDATE: May 9. 2016 Prime Minister Trudeau has declined the assistance of Russia and some other countries who offered assistance in fighting the fires. Turning down the valuable opportunity to build bridges with of the world's superpowers and leaders in airplane technology...Trudeau said that we were okay fighting the fire on our own...which as it predicted to take MONTHS to put out. Does this guy EVER make the right decision?  

Alberta Fire Crisis - Evacuation?  or "Clearing the Land" for 
Uranium Mining deal between Clinton and Russia

Watch the disturbing video above which raises the sinister allegation that the Fort MacMurray fires may have been deliberately set to "clear the land" (like they did in the US ie., Bundy Ranch) to allow fracking-style uranium that deals already made between the Clintons and Russia for Uranium sales could go ahead. Sounds weird...but possibly true. Russia has offered to help with the fire fighting. Why would they help fight fires that could work towards their interests? IMO, the above video, if nothing else....proves just how cynical Americans have become about their government....and the fact that I'm re-posting it shows just how cynical I am about the Canadian government's degree of sovereignty--and ability to put Canadian interests first above their corporate masters.  NOTE:  In a "freudian slip" the videographer refers to the Province of Alberta as a "state".

Vladimir Puchkov,
 Russian minister of emergency measures.

Russia offer of Wildfire aid unanswered

As of this post, Canada has not responded to the Russian offer of aid to fight the fires.
The proposal was made late last week by Vladimir Puchkov, the Russian minister of emergency measures.
A spokesman for Russia's embassy in Ottawa, Kirill Kalinin, says they continue to stand "ready to help our Canadian partners to fight the ongoing wildfires in Alberta."
The offer involves sending converted Ilyushin Il-76 transport planes — the kind occasionally leased by the Canadian military — that can dump as much as "42 tons of fire retardant into fire spots."
Moscow also says it has "rescuers and specialists with necessary equipment" ready to help on the ground, if need be.
Speaking on CTV's Question Period, Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale said the fire, which is expected to cover up to 3,000 square kilometres by the end of the day, continues to grow, but he made no mention of the Russian overture — or any other potential pitch of international assistance.

I believe Russia's offer of aid proves Russia's bona fides in this matter and that Canada would do well to take Russia up on the offer. After all, Russia has proven highly effective in putting out the fires of terrorism in Syria...perhaps it can put out the fires in Alberta....and allow the residents of Fort MacMurray to return to their lands ASAP....and put the lie to the apocalyptic scenario alleged in the video I posted above.

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