Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Ted Cruz...Stalking Horse...or Trojan Horse?

Ted Cruz - Change agent for a North American Union
...fronting for the Bankster Cabal

As I feared....Ted Cruz won the GOP Wisconsin Primary last night...thus edging the Republicans towards a "brokered convention". Trump came out and said today he believes that Cruz is just being "used" by the party to cause a "brokered convention" which time they will introduce another more amenable candidate to take the nomination from Trump. Kind of like a 'stalking horse'.

It is amazing, with all his money, connections and experience, that Trump is essentially so politically naive. If he thinks that the GOP is just using Cruz...why would the controlled US judicial system allow the ineligible Cruz to stay in the race?  No, Cruz isn't a stalking horse. He's a Trojan horse for the North American SOME Americans are beginning to catch on to...and as described in the video linked to above.

Unfortunately, Trump is running a negative campaign...always a mistake.  He should take a page out of Justin Trudeau's "Sunny Ways...Sunny Day"s campaign playbook. (Trudeau's campaign advisers were Americans, BTW). Trump's dour campaign is based on his firm belief in Capitalism. If he can just get Americans to believe in Capitalism again ("anyone can get rich like me in America") he will be off to the races. The problem is that Capitalism, if it ever long dead. The US, and almost all Western countries...are the biggest social (publicly funded) welfare bums the planet has ever known. Sucking off the public tit, successive governments...whether Republican or Democrat...Liberal or Conservative...have been more rash and profligate than the most down and out welfare bum on Welfare Wednesday...rushing out of the welfare office with a fist full of public tax dollars...hailing a cab and heading downtown to satisfy addictions--for cigarettes, booze and sex...or, in the case of corruption, military/industrial warmongering and global hegemony. The only difference between the lowly welfare bum and the government is that the lowly welfare bum is broke by the following Wednesday...while the government just prints more money!

Maybe Trump does know all this. He knows it's just a shell game and that it will soon collapse like the pyramid scheme that it is. But if he did have a deeper than superficial understanding of capitalism he would know that it works more like a wood chipper. It needs a continuous supply of more wood (fresh resources) in order to create that satisfyingly loud crunching and snapping sound. Cruz is the Trojan Horse--lined up to lure the fat, complacent and trusting "nations" of Canada and Mexico into the NAU wood chipper. Ted Cruz (according to the plotters at the top) can pretend a "Canadian" he would never do Canada any harm. And, as a Spanish-speaking president...he would never give Mexico anything other than a "fair deal"? It's a god damned miracle! Like the Second have such a uniquely bred and qualified leader just "happen to come along" herald in the North American Union.

No. Like 9/11, the Iraq war and the "five countries in seven years", this plot has been in the hopper for decades. My fear is that Canada will end up just like Ukraine...broke, friendless and a potential WWIII War battleground...caught between a rock (the US) and a hard place (Russia).  

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