Monday, April 11, 2016

Supermassive Black Hole

Supermassive Black Hole
MSN comes up on my desktop when I go onto Windows 7, otherwise I would never go to the website. I refuse to download Windows 10 as my old laptop might crash. IMO,Windows 10 is a stalking horse for a "pay as you surf" Internet. They are creating "levels" or echelons of the Internet that we will have to pay a premium to access sites we now take for granted.

Anyhoooooooo... MSN really is a shape shifting compendium of useless "newzlite" information and disinformation. Take yesterday for instance...there was another story about scientists discovering a "supermassive back hole". Panama Papers "data dump" going sideways?!  Quick...drag out another blatant lie about outer space that nobody can check up on. IMO, The Black Hole story is a metaphor for the news cycle itself.  All the news is random matter swirling around, eventually getting suckered into a big black hole...nothing ever gets resolved. There is no justice or resolution (except for the small peons like you and me, should we step out of line) left in the world. There's no closure. Biggest heist of gold bars in the century disclosed in Panama Papers? "Journalists" don't even demand to know who did it....never mind that they be arrested. All the stories are moral equivalencies...they're all random is no more important than the other and each is no different that the next. Aliens? Politicians? Mass Murders? Financial Scandals? Electoral Fraud? Personality attacks? Environmental disasters? They're all the same to the JM$M....and as soon as they've served their purpose....they're all sucked into the memory black hole.

The reality is there are no aliens, black holes or rogue planets heading our way (another news story of the past week)...just us plugging away on this finite, environmentally endangered planet. We don't need a supermassive black hole to destroy us...we're doing it just fine with plastic....swirling around in the Pacific in a mass the size of North America (last I heard). But the environment is no more important than last week's primary election fraud, last year's Empire proxy war on indigenous peoples...or yesterday's effort in the ongoing project to take down the black hole analogy.

The good thing about getting old is that you've been through so many newz cycles that you recognize the beat of the hang out truth....LIE....distraction....etc., etc. You realize that the JM$M has been honed into a finely tuned instrument and the evil ones are playing humanity like a Stradivarius violin... Fortunately...I like Muse music better.

Supermassive Black Hole - Muse

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greencrow said...

Funny how it happens. I was very particular to refer to Microsoft News as MSN in my post this morning...but when I logged in this afternoon...the spelling had been "corrected" to MSM. This isn't the first time a gremlin corrected my spelling. Whatever.