Thursday, April 28, 2016

Plan "C" ("C" as in Chaos/Catastrophe)

Plan "C" - Nuclear Armageddon to
cancel the US Presidential Election?

There's a race going on. Not just the US presidential race.... or the race between the US and Russia to consolidate power bases in the Middle East and throughout the world. In fact, I see it as a merging of these two races...with unpredictable results.

Today, Syria, one of the last remaining democracies on the face of the planet, reacted to the US's unilateral announcement that it intended to put "250 soldiers - boots on the ground" in northern Syria. In fact, Russia has reported that 150 of these US soldiers have already arrived.  Syria says the US plan to put "boots on the ground" in sovereign Syria is a blatant act of aggression.  The US secret leadership that controls the puppet Obama must have calculated that desperately blowing the last tattered vestiges of their "bringing democracy to the world" public cover to smithereens must be worth it.

The world will no doubt react with increased fear and loathing of the US, but the US population, protected as they are from the truth by their pop culture-obsessed media...will continue their somnabulatory march to the lemming edge as per usual.

NATO planning Black Sea Navy

The US is also ratcheting up the war machine right on Russia's doorstep and planning to build a NATO navy in the heretofore peaceful Black Sea. Of course, the US didn't sign the Montreaux Agreement prohibiting such who cares?

What if, the PTB--faced with the unplanned for eventuality of a future Donald Trump Presidency...which would pull the scab off their 9/11 mortal wound of the USA...elects instead to choose Plan C instead of Plan A (Ted Cruz) or Plan B (Hillary Clinton) BTW...Plans A and B are interchangeable.

Plan C

Plan C is to deliberately cause a WWIII--and thereby force a cancellation of the upcoming Fall US Presidential (s)Election? That's why the sudden about-face duplicity on Syria and the steady ratcheting up of tensions along Russia's borders. The neocon, 9/11 murderers are going to "roll the dice" and cause such an international crisis (think Cuban Missile Crisis) that of course, dontchaknow...Obama can't leave the war room to a newly elected neophyte...he'll have to stay on until the crisis is abated...or not. It's the pliable devil you know (the long ago lobotomized Obama) vs the devil you don't know (Trump) choice.

Trump makes Neocon Foreign Policy speech

In an effort to prostrate himself before his future masters...Donald Trump recently made a major foreign policy speech. Gone were the "dese, dem and dose"..colloquialisms...up were the teleprompters and paid speechwriters. I didn't watch the speech. You can see parts of it here, if you want. Apparently it was his typical "all things to all men...turkey in every pot" speech nonetheless. The only hope for humanity is that Trump's the biggest con man/liar the world has ever known. That he's so good at his craft...he even fools the 9/11 blood-soaked ghouls into believing he's on their side...not a likely scenario.  But, sadly, this is what the citizens of the US are desperately hoping...that Trump is their's just that he has to keep lying that he's not...nudge, nudge, wink, the monstrosities don't assassinate him.

Meanwhile...the monstrosities are planning Plan C.  And Russia (China and the rest of the BRICS nations) is, no doubt, preparing for Plan D.


Terrance said...

Nostradamus and the Age of Dsolation, G. A. Stewart, Page 448

So, here is the point where my book transitions from the past and present into the future. This period may see a confluence of many events: a NATO invasion of Syria, followed quickly by a nuclear attack on Iran by Israel, a global economic collapse, the sinking of the United States’ 5th Fleet, and a military coup d'état in the United States

Hello Greencrow. ..many respects
Something to share....G . A . Stewart, former government analyst, author of 'The Age of Desolation '

greencrow said...

Hi Terrence:

Thanks for your comment. Your book "The Age of Desolation" sounds quite apocalyptic. Hopefully things will be pulled back from the edge that we agree they are currently on. I wholeheartedly agree that there is a very distinct possibility of a military coup d'etat in the US...given my position, posted on this blog several times, that there is currently a secret civil war going on in the United evidenced by the illogical/conntradiction of many of its foreign policies.