Friday, April 8, 2016

Panama Papers show Western Greed/Evil is "too Big to Fail"

Rachel Maddow on Panama Papers Disclosure
re what happened to gold bars stolen in 1983 "London Heist"

On November 26, 1983, six men broke into a London Warehouse and million$ in British pounds and tons of gold bars was stolen. Security codes were known to the gang of thieves and the heist was obviously an "inside job". At the time it was called the "Crime of the Century"*. Rachel Maddow, in the video above, describes what happened at the time of the heist...and now, according to the Panama Papers...what happened afterwards to the money. Apparently, according to an e-mail written by the senior partner of the lawfirm Mossak, Fonseca...the Panamanian law firm salted the gold away in hidden bank accounts and deliberately and knowingly prevented the British Law authorities from ever finding the gold/money involved or solving the crime. (did the British government collude in this?)

It is amazing that the JM$M can focus on tangential connections between Putin's friends and nefarious activities of the law firm and virtually ignore (with the exception of Rachel Maddow's report above) this huge story.  Even Rachel wastes some moments describing the flimsy evidence against Putin in her report about the heist above.

The implications of the above story....being downplayed and ignored by the JM$M...are HUGE. Who owned the money? Who stole the money? What were the funds used for?  Did Soros use them to stage all his phony de-stabilization demonstrations in foreign countries?  Were they used to fund the creation of al quaeda and ISIS? Were they used to fund 9/11? Were they used to fund black ops bioweapons weaponize the weather and spread epidemics around the world? Were they used to fund STUXNET and the nuclear/tsunami destruction at Fu*k U Shima?  I know, I know.....there is no "evidence" to support these notions. But ...but...but in the glaring lack of focus on this crime...what are we to think? In any case, as the JM$M has shown over and over since the papers were dumped...evidence isn't necessary in order to accuse someone (witness the unsupported attacks on Russia/Putin).

Why does Rachel Maddow STILL NOT KNOW who stole the gold and who hid the gold/stolen funds?  WHY DOESN'T SHE EVEN ASK THOSE QUESTIONS ALOUD?????!!!! What this unsolved major crime prove that Western greed and evil are now inextricably bound to the rich and powerful...the movers and shakers. Organized International Crime the one who pulled off the London Heist can continue to selectively incriminate the innocent--while they hide from justice. Like the banksters (are they one and the same?) they are protected by the the banksters...they're too big to fail.  

* A similar, but smaller, heist took place in I reported here.


Penny said...

In other words they laundered the gold and cash... through the international banks...
and likely straight into some blacks budget ops

greencrow said...

Yes, and move along...nothing to see here....nobody will ever be prosecuted. But, Penny, if the average schmuck ever steps out of line...the police will arrest (if they don't shoot first).