Monday, April 25, 2016

UPDATED: Obama Ordering 250 Additional Special Forces to Syria

UPDATE:  April 25, 2016 Seymour Hersch is "horrified" about Obama sending in 250 Special Forces to Syria...but in his new book "The Killing of Osama bin Laden" he's still lying about OBL and 9/11.  Copied from "Organizing Notes" blog. You know, folks...after thinking about what Hersch said in the video linked above...I have begun to suspect he's "horrified" because he's thinking that the 250 Special Forces are an assassination squad to take out the Syrian leadership they did (and Hersch refers to this) in Iraq. If so, it is indeed an unacceptable escalation of the conflict. Obama better clarify himself soon...better still...he better think twice about this decision.

Obama ordering 250 more American troops to Syria
Boots on the Ground

Russia Today is reporting that Obama has just ordered 250 more Special Forces to go to Syria to fight ISIL.  What gives?  Did Obama have a phone call with Syrian President Dr. Bashir al Assad during which the president (newly confirmed leader by a recent election) invited him to place troops on sovereign Syrian soil? If not, why would the president of the premier world democracy behave in such a flagrantly anti-democratic fashion? Does he want the world hatred of the US...already simmering just below the boiling explode?!

The world is so tired of USrael stirring the pot and causing and maintaining wars and destruction all over the world.  These troops have been sent to destroy the already threatened peace agreement in Syria...which the US paid just enough lip service get its warmongering ducks back in a row. In my opinion the US troops will act as "human shields" to protect the terrorist ISIL that the USrael has created, trained, funded and supported as it ransacks ancient lands and peoples. The US troops will insert themselves amongst the terrorists and....beware....should the Russian or Syrian forces bomb them into oblivion.  It is a provocation in so many ways.

But one wonders what side of the ongoing US secret civil war sent the troops.  As the RT video in the report above indicates...Obama has heretofore spoken very negatively about putting more "boots on the ground" in Syria.  Now he's speaking out of the other side of his mouth.  Who's he speaking for? Is it the Pentagon or the CIA?  Perhaps the puppet mouthpiece Obama doesn't even know.  Will the opposition US side fire against the newly installed US troops (I've previously reported about instances in the past...where two US supported factions were caught firing on each other in Syria).

And as I noted before....none other than President Abraham Lincoln warned the US about the difficulties of maintaining a divided house.  Obama better stop speaking out of both sides of his mouth...he needs to explain WHY he has gone against his previous policies in Syria....before his puppet strings get hopelessly entangled.


Addendum: While I correctly identified this event as being a major development in the Syrian conflict--between the sovereign State of Syria, its supporter/ally, Russia and the proxy terror armies supported by USrael who are trying to topple the Syrian government, here, Scottish geopolitical analyst John Wight says it better:

‘Treacherous move’
Political analyst John Wight describes Washington’s decision to deploy extra troops to Syria as “a very serious move which is designed to undermine the sovereignty of the Syrian government.” The Syrian government “has been involved in the unremitting conflict for five years at huge cost to its people,” he told RT. “It’s an insult and a treacherous move” on the US, which “created the conditions for this conflict and for its continuance,” Wight added.
“The important thing to be stated here is that unless the deployment of these troops is being done with the clear cooperation and consent of the sovereign Syrian government in Damascus, then this is tantamount to the invasion of Syria by American troops. This is a violation of their territory and it should be treated in this regard,” he said.

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