Sunday, April 24, 2016

Lessons from Libya...continued

Gold is the primary valuable of nations looted
by protection racket International Banksters

It feels like spring fever...this urge to leave my laptop and get out into the warm air and budding greenery. I haven't been posting much in the past few days and it's like pulling teeth to get me to sit down at my computer these days....but some interesting information has crossed my desk that I want to share.

The post I did last week on Libya sparked some reader interest. James from "Winter Patriot" blog communicated to me his views on the international 'currency wars', as I like to call them. Some time ago, James wrote a very good analysis for Winter Patriot and sent me the link. I would encourage everyone to read his post.  It is clear, concise and astute.  James gets into the history of  the Petrodollar currency...and the US Federal Reserve's abandonment of the gold standard in the 1970's after acquiring universal control of the petrodollar. Frankly, I consider the Petrodollar domination of international finance just a big, planetary protection racket. It's no different than the crude thuggery depicted in the movie "Gangs of New York"...where a big thug would prey on weaker individuals in the neighbourhoods...who'd pay him a financial premium to not come and wreck their businesses. In fact it's probably an evolutionary direct descendant of this culture/practise. The US/NATO military is just the brutish enforcer of the predatory and exploitive "system" against nations. It's really that simple and mundane...sorry to those who want something complicated and arcane. But, that's the problem with the crow, I view issues from afar and get limited to a a frustratingly broad and general outline. I leave it to others (like James) get out a microscope and parse the details and minutia. Some folks get stuck in the weeds (or are dazzled by the smoke and mirrors) and never see the very simple games that are being played globally. Both perspectives are, IMO, essential for a balanced conclusion. James post is, therefore, a 'must read'.  I was going to post portions of it but you need to read the entire post. Thanks James.

Focusing on the Libyan atrocity....James adds:
"....The first thing NATO's terrorists did in Libya was to create a privately owned central bank. This was even before Gaddafi was deposed. Libya's economy will be forever choked down as a result. It is beyond appalling what the bankers have done to the people of Libya.
Libya had its gold stolen and was no doubt used to cover previous sales of gold that had not been delivered. It's oil is being stolen, sold for US dollars and sold cheaply.Both moves with oil and gold keep the prices of both down which helps keep the value of $US up. All the power of the usual suspects rests on the ability to issue $US and maintain its value - or at least to prevent runaway inflation. The banksters have done e remarkable job so far of preventing runaway inflation."

Stealing the gold of a targeted country seems to be job one for the Federal Reserve military Enforcers....Ukraine also had its gold stolen after "Maidan revolution".  The thugs seem aware the petrodollar is on its last legs and that gold, an historical default currency, is being piled up...awaiting the collapse. I note that the race to horde gold continues apace. Russia added another 500,000 to its reserves just this past March.

But the Federal Reserve protection racket thugs will play the game for as long as they are allowed. Currently they are focusing on the countries that make up the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) economic co-operation organization.  Paul Craig Roberts gives us a brief but useful update here about how they've been busy tearing Brazil apart.

"....In Brazil, Washington has used corruption insinuations to get President Rousseff impeached by the lower house. Evidence is not necessary, just allegations. It is no different from “Iranian nukes,” Saddam Hussein’s “weapons of mass destruction,” Assad’s “use of chemical weapons,” or in Rousseff’s case merely insinuations. The Secretary General of the Organization of American States, Luis Almagro, notes that Rousseff “hasn’t been accused of anything.” The American-backed elites are simply using impeachment to remove a president who they cannot defeat electorally.
In short, this is Washington’s move against the BRICS. Washington is moving to put into political power a rightwing party that Washington controls in order to terminate Brazil’s growing relationships with China and Russia..."

Funny how every country that is selected to hold the Olympics has to pay a huge price.  It's almost like a surtax on the privilege of hosting the world to a peaceful event...yes, that's what it is....a tax on peace!

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