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CawRANT Events #22

CawRANT Events #22

Its a beautiful Spring Morning on the West Coast and I'm itching to get out into my garden and put it in order for spring planting. The rain was so relentless over the past months it has seriously gone to weed. It's harder to write when the weather is nice and so, if I'm not posting as much...I hope my reader(s) with bear with me and just picture me out in my garden pulling weeds.  But right's time for a RANT!

First some updates on some Canadian stories I've been following:

Firstly,  The Leviathan II capsizing was in the news again last week.  Apparently some of the passenger survivors of the whale-watching boat capsize are suing the boat company.  It's very mysterious that we have this lawsuit without yet having a formal report on what caused the boat to capsize. Again, I fault the media for not getting an interview with the captain shortly after the incident. We needed to hear from him before the authorities got to him.  I don't think there's a law against interviewing someone after an accident involving loss of life.  There shouldn't be such a law if there is one. The public deserves the truth.

Next up, the Turks and Caicos

Every thirty or forty years...the topic arises of Canada making the tropical islands called the Turks and Caicos into Canada's 11th province. It came up again last week. I remember the first time it came up back in the '50's. At the time, being young, I thought it was a great idea to have some tropical paradises as part of balance off the frozen it were. But the prime minister at the time, Louis St. Laurent...yes, I do go back that far...put an immediate kibosh on the matter.  I remember him giving a speech where he said that "Canada is not and never will be an empire...and so we will not be having colonies."  Right! I agreed. Yes...we don't want to be an empire because then we will have to get involved in foreign wars to "protect" our colonies. Well..."they" found ways via the Imperial Army--NATO--to get Canada involved in foreign wars of Empire ("Afghanistan") anyway...even though we have no colonies. There is absolutely NO benefit to Canada to have some random tropical islands in the Caribbean that we have to support and protect.

CBC now calling First Nations "Indigenous People/aboriginal"

Besides, how can we support some tropical islands down south when we can't even maintain healthy aboriginal communities in our Canadian North? For the past several weeks, stories about suicidal youth in the remote northern community of Attawapiskat (on the shores of James Bay) have made international headlines. I've written several posts on the issue. Since the news went public..there have been protests and sit-ins at "Indigenous Affairs Offices" spread across Canada.   This begs the question...when did "First Nations" people start being called "Indigenous" here in Canada?  I can see a trend in the Canadian media of dropping the term "First Nations".  Why? It seemed like a very respectful and honest way of describing the people we stole the land from hundreds of years ago (and ongoing). My guess is everything else...we're not supposed to be different than our neighbours to the south...who, BTW, are still erroneously calling the aboriginal people down there "Indians".  They would never call their first nations people as it might give them too much power. So, no doubt for the sake of the ongoing North American Union harmonization project...perhaps the PTB have settled on the word "indigenous". Indigenous is one of those vague, academic, anemic, neutral terms that doesn't confer any rights or anything dangerous like that.

At any rate...the media has been focused on aboriginal peoples in general and the suicidal youth in Attawapiskat in particular. Some good reports have resulted. Including this photo essay of life in Attawapiskat. I have always wanted to travel the Canadian north. These photos make me yearn to go and see for myself what the remote corners of Canada are like.

Community and Culture the Keys to Healthy Aboriginal Youth

As I said in one of my previous posts on this topic...the key to Aboriginal health is community, communal life and preserving and restoring aboriginal culture.  This is a very good essay on the topic from the perspective of an aboriginal community in Nanaimo, BC.  Having been to Nanaimo many times, I can report that it has a large and vibrant aboriginal culture.  The Canadian government would be wise to fund projects that allow aboriginal cultures to travel and visit across the country to meet and share ideas about what works. One of the first learning in social work is that Isolation is the key ingredient in unhealthy lifestyles. Northern Ontario communities' isolation is IMO, what has led to this break down and crisis.

Moving on to other Topics...The EU and the move to BREXIT has been in the news:

BREXIT - It Works for NATO!

I have to laugh at the confusing messages we're getting via the JM$M about the threatened break-up of the EU. Factions in England want to take England out of the EU (BREXIT).  My theory is that the US is very ambivalent about the EU and always has been. It wants the EU to be successful enough to contribute billion$ to NATO...but not so successful that it poses a challenge to USrael hegemony. It's a delicate balance which it achieves through the manipulation of the UK.  The UK needs to be just supportive enough of the EU to keep it together...but its membership must be kept destabilized enough so that the European Union doesn't take the next logical step and form its own army for self-defense...and thus be in a position to kick out NATO.  This balancing act will go on for as long as Europe remains in vassalage to the US...which IMO has been going on for far too long...ever since 1946 now...the end of WWII. Pretty soon the generation that remembers the reason for US military presence...the WWII generation...will pass away and younger Europeans will ask themselves...Whaaaaaat!?  What are these foreign soldiers doing in our countries?  But, by that time...with any "luck" at all...the US will have successfully demonized Russia as the 'enemy du jour' that necessitates a NATO presence.

US Election Update:  Donald Trump says "System is Broken" and "It's going to be a Rough July"

Donald Trump says "System is Broken" and "It's going to be a Rough July"

Donald Trump is casting a bright neon flood light into the dark and mouldy recesses of the US political system. The illumination shows it is not...and never has been..."democratic". Granted, it used to be more democratic than it is now...but the PTB found that if they didn't control at the front end (the election) it could get very messy (and bloody) to have to regain control at the back end...through assassination. So they now do their dirty business up front and right in the open and let the chips fall where they may.

The only way to create change in the US or in any "so-called Western Democracy" is something that I've repeated many times on this blog...but have not done so it bears repeating.  Public demonstrations don't work anymore...the perps just penetrate and infest them with saboteurs and provocateurs. Voting doesn't work anymore, because they just rig the vote.  The only thing that will work are the strategies of Gandhi....peaceful resistance and non-compliance.  Strikes, in particular, are the only thing that will bring the perps to their knees. The police can't go into every home in the nation and force people to go to work...can they?  Of course, the government can cut benefits (and services such as electricity) so citizens would have to carefully plan before calling a general strike. But that, my friends, is the only alternative to the ever-increasing oppression from the PTB.

Syrian War was always about Israel stealing Syrian land

Finally, Netanyahoo came out and said publicly what everyone with half a brain has always known...the fight against Syria and all the other "Seven Countries in Five Years" has always been about Israel stealing land.  Just the other day Bibi declared that the Golan Heights would always belong to Israel.. Syria immediately responded with the declaration that the war (against it by the USrael proxy army ISIS) would never be won until Syria regained its traditional territory of the Golan Heights.  It's a positive least to force Israel out of its comfort zone...hidden in the dark shadows...and publicly declare it's after the land.  For Israel...every public move is a sign of weakness.

And, finally:  The Big One?

Map copied from showing likely location
of next Big Earthquake in the "Ring of Fire"

Scientists are warning that there are more earthquakes to come in the current series of "Big Ones" in the Pacific Ring of Fire earthquake zone.  As indicated by the map above...the big red arrow is pointing right at the West Coast...home of your's truly. What would the fall-out be on me personally if a Big One should strike the Vancouver area?  I would be worried about my relatives who live on Vancouver Island...where a Tsunami might follow an earthquake. I worry about those who live in high rises...getting out would be a real problem if the elevators were broken. Well, it would certainly affect the real estate bubble out here...not a bad thing. I also worry about underground gas main lines..a very large one of which runs right by my home...about 1/2 a football field away.  It makes one feel very helpless to contemplate what might happen.

But worrying about an earthquake isn't going to help one might as well enjoy the beautiful Spring weather and get out to the garden.  I leave you with a wonderful TV show I watch every few years.  Peter Paul and the BBC Tonight in Person Show.  This classic defined them and folk music for a generation. It doesn't get any more perfect than this.

Peter, Paul and Mary 
Tonight in Person BBC 1965

PPM: "If I had my way I would tear this Wicked Wall Down!!"

That's it for this RANT....until next Time!


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Planted my tomatoes on the 18th here in Calli.

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