Wednesday, March 30, 2016

UPDATED: Vaxxed...we've known about it for YEARS!

VAXXED the Movie Review by 
We Are Change's Luke Rudkowski
April 2, 2016
Thanks to "From the Trenches" for this link

"Vaxxed" - the Trailer to the documentary
 that will be shown in New York City soon

We in the alternative media and blogosphere have known about the connection between autism and vaccinations for years. We've felt it in our bones and witnessed all around us that the epidemic of autism in western youth was not an accident or an anomaly. We've speculated aloud and written about our fears. Now a documentary:

"Vaxxed From Cover Up to Catastrophe"

about the vaccination atrocity has surfaced but has now been quickly silenced and quashed....before it could be shown in the prestigious New York "Tribeca Film Festival".

The people behind the pharmaceutical corporate empire are extremely powerful. They make billion$ a year by way of mass, compulsory injections of foreign substances into our children's bodies.  They can't give up the gravy train...but more importantly...they don't want to leave themselves and their corporations open to massive class action law suits by those who've been saddled with children (who are now adults) with massive care needs...who are walking, babbling, destructive vegetables.

In British Columbia, the "autism program" came on stream a few decades ago...just when the autism epidemic started to surge. Someone in government knew something and was desperate to keep a lid on and plug the hole in the health care/social services dyke.  Funds (hush money?) up to around $20,000 were given to parents of autistic children so they could "purchase programs and services" to ameliorate the harm done to the children and to the fabric of the family...which in many cases was being destroyed trying to care for the children.  In my career as a social worker, I assessed families for the "autism program" and wrote up the funding contracts for programs and services.

I saw the children...and was aghast at the severity of the autism and the toll the behaviours of the autistic children were taking on the parents. I remember one boy in particular. He was around 13 or 14 and about 5'8" tall and probably weighed close to 200 lbs. He was non-verbal, in a perpetual rage and went around bumping and banging things. The worst aspect of his autism was that he was not toilet trained. When he had to go to the toilet he was taken into a shower in the downstairs of the home where he peed and pooped while standing in the shower.  His parents had to clean him (and the shower stall) up afterwards.  I often think about this young man and wonder how he's doing today. I wonder how his parents are coping.

The connection between the MMR vaccination and autism-like symptoms has long been crystal clear to me...from personal experience. As I've mentioned before on this blog, my older son has ADD, which he "got" right after a very difficult recovery from a MMR shot when he was a toddler. I knew his arm became swollen and stiff and that he had a slight temperature immediately after the shot. What I only found out years later when he became an adult is that the morning after the vaccination...after he woke up...he could not feel his legs for some moments. He never forgot the sensation of having no feeling or movement in his legs. The experience of raising a child with ADD, who had a lot of difficulties in school and socially, was instrumental in my capacity to understand and support my clients when I was dealing with the "autism program' in my career. I even had several discussions with parents where we whispered quietly in agreement that the autism may have been triggered by "vaccinations".

The silence, collusion and criminal conspiracy surrounding the connection between autism and vaccinations is proof positive, if anyone has any doubt, of the supremacy of the evil media and corporatist empire that rules us.  For the perps to continue unabated to get away with stealing so many young lives...and destroying so many families...and STILL demand that our children submit to their toxic evil is almost beyond belief. Yet it is happening....and there seems to be NOTHING we can do to stop it.

UPDATE:  Here is a video from TheHealthRanger that quotes directly from a FDA press release admitting that toxins in vaccinations cause negative symptoms (including autism) in recipient children:


wiggins said...

I read this some years ago.....
It is very frightening that these loons have such power over the general public not to say the medical industry.

greencrow said...

Thanks for this link, wiggins. It's important to view the entire multifaceted war on humanity by the corporate banksters in historical perspective. It now appears that the corporations, including the medical industry, are all "too big to fail". In other words....the perps think that millions of children maimed for life and their families destroyed are preferable to having to own up and take responsibility for massive criminal negligence.

Oh for the days when those who dishonoured their "profession" resigned and/or fell on their sword!