Tuesday, March 8, 2016

US Building Two Air Bases in Kurdish-Held North Syria?

For several days now, alternative news sites like Sputnik have been warning that the US is building a military airbase in the "Kurdish held" area of Northern Syria.  Read the following report from Sputnik and I will have my thoughts and comments to follow:

The construction of two US air bases in Kurdish-held territory on the northeastern and northern edges of Syria is under way, according to Kurdish media.

© AFP 2016/ Mursel Coban, Depo Photos, File
Kurds Receive No Official Invitation to Join Next Round of Syria Peace TalksMOSCOW (Sputnik) – The United States is allegedly nearing completion of constructing two air bases in Kurdish-held territory on the northeastern and northern edges of Syria, Kurdish media cited military sources as saying. 
Unnamed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) revealed to the BasNews outlet that "scores" of US experts were working on the runway in an abandoned airfield straddling the Turkish and Iraqi borders in Rmeilan, Hasakah province. 
"The majority of the work is already completed," the SDF source said, adding that a second air base is slated for construction in southern Kobani, Aleppo province, on the Turkish border.
The Stratsfor security analyst team said in January it had satellite imagery depicting US forces expanding a disused airstrip near Rmeilan to nearly double its length to 0.8 miles.Rumors of US activity in the region have been going on for several weeks prior to that.
The Kurdish outlet claims the two air bases would be used to boost US presence and military support for the Syrian Kurdish forces engaged against terrorist organizations, including Daesh terrorists, as well as for non-military purposes.

Why is there no confirmation or denial of this blockbuster development in the JM$M press?  Is Russia on board with this...as the report above seems to suggest?  But, MOST IMPORTANTLY OF ALL....has the sovereign government of Syria given its formal approval to this invasion of its soil?

If not, then every nation on earth should rise up in opposition. This "unauthorized invasion" should be taken to the UN Security Council immediately for discussion.  As I keep saying to my zombie fellow Canadians...an assault on the sovereignty of one nation--sets a precedent for the assault on any nation...hear that Canadian sheeple?!  The US will soon be (s)electing a president (Ted Cruz) who has the explicit agenda of euthenizing Canada and (formally) absorbing its corpse into the criminal vortex of the Ziofascist Empire.  The world needs to hear from Syrian President Dr. Bashar al Assad whether or not the US has Syrian permission to build these bases!!!


Anonymous said...

That's a great picture gc,can you imagine a gang of terrorists coming into your house ,and building a wall right through the middle,then telling you ,if you come near the wall we will nuke you,it's ours now,we are the law, we are above all you stinking filthy goy,talk about boiling blood!

greencrow said...

The world is on to them now, Geraldine. The amazing thing about it is they're so vulnerable because they can only operate in the dark and in secret. They need lies and subterfuge. The good guys can operate in the wide open daylight...like Putin...bombing their proxies right in their Syrian nests.