Thursday, March 3, 2016

UPDATED: Trump wins six states out of seven...but still doesn't have a lock on the nomination...Why?

UPDATE:  March 4, 2016 I have updated this post with several important links containing comments and analysis post last night's horrific "debate" (should be called "debase") .  The links support my longstanding contentions that elites oppose Trump as an "outsider" and there's a secret agenda for a North American Union driving the "chosen" candidates in this race.

Trump Wins Six out of Seven States on "Super Tuesday",
but, amazingly, GOP "insider" opposition
to his nomination explodes in the media!

I have to admit watching the US Presidential Elections has always been one of my favourite past times. You can't beat it for Kabuki Theatre, circus atmosphere and downright street fighting. Today, the headlines scream about a "leaked" speech written by former GOP candidate Mitt Romney that has surfaced, in which he calls Trump a "phony" and a "fraud". LOL...quintessential pot calling kettle black. Romney apparently has been tasked with the job of trying one last time to get rid of Trump "legally", i.e., without rigged votes or assassination.  If he fails (most likely) then it's "no more Mr. Nice Guy time" for the neocon, bankster, USrael cabal secret deep state that runs both parties.

You see, the PTB don't want to break the law to get their way. They'd very much rather things were done they don't have the horrific aftermath of, say, the Kennedy brothers assassinations, the Senator Wellstone plane crash, the JFK Jr., plane crash, and all the other bloody take-downs. They've learned the hard way there's a certain percentage of the population (roughly 33%) who are on to them, will investigate these murders and who will continue to press for the (non-existent) US justice system to do its job.  Ideally, they would prefer a "Dean Scream" scenario...where they do a pincer movement on the offending candidate....all their resources, media, FBI, CIA, military/industrial complex and big corporation/banksters. They'd paraphrase Carl Rove ("Turd Blossom") re: former candidate and "war hero" John re-engineer Trump's public image the end of the day "the voters will not even know what side of the war he fought on". In this case, the public will not recognize the man previously known to them as successful businessman and successful political candidate Donald Trump. The perps have gone to the mattresses (a la "The Godfather") on this one.

Why has the American public rallied around Trump in spite of their efforts thus far?  I think that Americans subconsiously know in their gut that, after two previous failed attempts at breaking the strangle hold by electing an independent candidate (Ron Paul and Ross Perot)...Trump is their last, best hope. Why is Trump so popular with grassroots America?

Courtesy the blog greanvillepost:   This writer (Matt Taibbi) said it best:

...Compared to [George W.] Bush, Donald Trump is a Rutherford or an Einstein. In the same shipwreck scenario, Trump would have all sorts of ideas — all wrong, but at least he’d think of something, instead of staring at the sand waiting for a hotel phone to rise out of it. 
Of course, Trump’s ignorance level, considering his Wharton education, is nearly as awesome as what Bush accomplished in spite of Yale. In fact, unlike Bush, who had the decency to not even try to understand the news, Trump reads all sorts of crazy things and believes them all. From theories about vaccines causing autism to conspiratorial questions about the pillow on Antonin Scalia’s face to Internet legends about Americans using bullets dipped in pigs’ blood to shoot Muslims, there isn’t any absurd idea Donald Trump isn’t willing to entertain, so long as it fits in with his worldview. [ed:  actually some of these ideas-autism and vaccines-have merit]
But Washington is freaking out about Trump in a way they never did about Bush. Why? Because Bush was their moron, while Trump is his own moron. That’s really what it comes down to. 
And all of the Beltway’s hooting and hollering about how “embarrassing” and “dangerous” Trump is will fall on deaf ears, because as gullible as Americans can be, they’re smart enough to remember being told that it was OK to vote for George Bush, a man capable of losing at tic-tac-toe. 
We’re about to enter a dark period in the history of the American experiment. The Founding Fathers never imagined an electorate raised on Toddlers and Tiaras and Temptation Island. Remember, just a few decades ago, shows like Married With Children and Roseanne were satirical parodies. Now the audience can’t even handle that much irony. A lot of American culture is just dumb slobs cheering on other dumb slobs. It was inevitable, once we broke the seal with Bush, that our politics would become the same thing. 
Madison and Jefferson never foresaw this situation. They knew there was danger of demagoguery, but they never imagined presidential candidates exchanging “mine’s bigger than yours” jokes or doing “let’s laugh at the disabled” routines. There’s no map in the Constitution to tell us how to get out of where we’re going. All we can do now is hold on. 
Matthew C. Taibbi

Why do I, as a Canadian, have a soft spot in my heart for Trump? I know he's fundamentally "unfit for public office" due to his statement that he would "Nuke" the Terrorists in Syria. It's because of the quality of the "opposition". Hillary is an unindicted mass murderer (Libya) and guilty of treason--leaking government documents for personal gain. Rubio is patently in the hands of the USrael mob.  He's a "white Obama"....with the same skeletons in his closet for blackmail purpose. But the worst of the other candidates, IMO, is Ted Cruz. Ted Cruz terrifies me as a Canadian.  His background qualifies him as a "change agent" to bring in a North American Union. As a former government worker...I saw many "change agents" in my time...nothing they ever brought into fruition was successful. I can "smell" a change agent at a thousands miles away. Cruz stinks! At least Trump is no change he would get my vote.

According to the news, fearful (is there any other kind?) Americans are googling information about how to move to Canada should Trump become President. This shows their ignorance of the reality that, as a commenter told me years ago on the NYT forums, "Canada is just the US's backyard that hasn't been landscaped yet." My question is...if Cruz gets in (as I have predicted...although I hope I'm wrong) where can Canadians move to?????  So, IMO, Trump is the only hope...for Canada.

As a bonus to this piece, I'm posting a hilarious video of George W. Bush bloopers....Oh, for the good old days...NOT!

Bushisms to lighten up your day 


BuelahMan said...

It's because of the quality of the "opposition".

It is called the "lesser of two evils". It is intentional that we are only offered these people, which forces our vote to who they wanted all along.

Kabuki Theater is right. And Trump is one of the leading roles.

greencrow said...

Are you suggesting that the perps WANT Trump elected? I don't think so. Knowing what a death-grip the cabal has on American does make sense that Trump has to "play the fool" in order to circumvent all the traps they've laid for candidates not of their choosing. It reminds me of the role of the Court Jester in medieval times. This individual played the fool in order to move in circles close to the King. Ultimately, they became very close to power. Do you think Trump has actually thought this through? That he's actually saying these clownish things about banning Muslims, building walls in Mexico and nuking the Middle East in order to distract from the deadly combat that is really at play here....a struggle to the death between Americans and the evil cabal that's taken over their government. THAT is the central struggle here. Everything else is smoke and mirrors. In my wildest hopes and dreams...I believe that Trump knows this and is willing to risk his life to save America. Once he gets in...he will level with Americans in his first "Speech to the Nation". He will tell them that all his wild statements were just distractions and that now he is going to get down to the real task of purging the country of the evil doers, bringing the 9/11 perps to justice and setting America on the long road to recovery from the decades of darkness that it (and the world) has endured.

I can dream...can't I?


Anonymous said...

Yes you can dream miss greencrow,I hope your dream on the donald bursts into life,it's funny, I have the exact same dream as you,God bless you gc.

greencrow said...

Perhaps if enough of us have the dream it will filter up to the Donald.

Thanks, Miss Batt


jetstove said...

I couldn't watch the Bush video...too embarrassing. Leader of the free world, ouch.