Wednesday, March 16, 2016

NATO (via member Turkey) destroying Peace Agreement

Syrian Balkanization

You can't have it both ways, folks.  Well...maybe in the two dimensional world of the Western Presstitute media you can. But only there. In the real three dimensional're either supportive of something--or you are not.  The US agreed to the Syrian Peace Treaty which was initiated by Russia. Living in the three dimensional world as it does, Russia announced a few days ago it was withdrawing it's military, with the exception of personnel manning two bases, one of which it has held for decades.  IMO, the sole reason for this move was to shore up the Peace Agreement.

NATO, on the other hand, is still waging war on Syria via its member state, Turkey.  You cannot have it both ways...either Turkey is a member of NATO and NATO is responsible for its actions...or Turkey needs to be kicked out of NATO for insubordination.  If Turkey is being allowed to remain in NATO, then NATO must, ipso facto, approve of its conduct.

Today, we have Sergei Lavrov, Russia's foreign minister, lambasting Turkey for still waging war on Syria by shelling the northern regions on its border.

Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Wednesday Turkey’s actions in the region reduce the effectiveness of the cessation of hostilities in Syria.The Russian official made the remarks at a news conference with visiting Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry in Moscow.
Lavrov said Russia was aware of the Turkish army’s actions in the Iraqi territory as well as their shelling of Kurdish militants in Syria from the Turkish soil.
"The actions of Turkey in fact undermine these efforts - undertaken with the approval of the United Nations Security Council - both on the ceasefire, and on humanitarian aid deliveries, and on the start of a political process,"
the Russian foreign minister stated.
The new round of indirect peace talks on the crisis in Syria is underway between the Damascus government and the foreign-backed opposition in Geneva, Switzerland.
The negotiations are taking place as a ceasefire has stood since February 27. The truce does not apply to the Takfiri Daesh and al-Nusra Front terrorists.

Why is Turkey allowed to break the Peace Agreement with impunity?  IMO, because the proxy Turkey is still (perhaps being unknowingly manipulated by the "great manipulator") working on the unfinished business of the creation of the Kurdish (Israel-friendly) state in northern Syria and Iraq.  The once non-sectarian Syria is being balkanized into tiny, religion-based statelets....each capable of being controlled by the future "super state" of Israel [will Israel then finally set it's boundaries? NOPE! it never will!!!].

Extrapolating from what is going on...vis a vis NATO member Turkey doing Israel's work in Syria...with not a word of reproach from "the West"...we can conclude that NATO is really Israel's army. And, as Israel itself is really the plaything of the globalist, warmongering psychopathic banksters...NATO (of which Canada is a member) is really an zombie-like army for planetary destruction.  God help us all!!!

ADDENDUM:  RT is reporting today  that the Kurds in Northern Syria want to set up a loosely federated Kurdish State but that Syrian President Bashar al Assad has rejected that idea as artificially separating Syrians, one from another (no doubt he's rightly seeing this as the 'thin edge of the wedge' of outright separation).  As far back as I can remember...posting on the NYT forums in the early 2000's....the zionist posters pushed for an "Independent Kurdistan" until I have forever connected it in my mind with the "greater Israel" project.


Northerntruthseeker said...

It is all according to the Greater Israel project, Crow....

The Jewish power commands their slaves to have Syria torn to pieces, and the slaves all say "Yes master" on command...

Turkey is the lynch pin the plans... And the Turkish people are being used like suckers as well....

BTW.. No "Caw Rant" this week?

greencrow said...


Thanks for the comment. We see aye to aye on this one ; )

As for the CawRANT...I was collecting some items (like my post on 'postnational Canada) and then decided to dedicate a whole post to this important topi....Trudeau is a real dupe and sucker, IMO.


Anonymous said...

Spot on gc, your reporting on syria is second to none,I now have your little gold nugget of a blog set very high in my favourites,and cleared out a load of devious shills,thank you for your very important work.

greencrow said...

Why thank you very much Ms Batt. There are few topics more complex...and with more shades of grey...than Syria.

Northerntruthseeker said...

Yes Justin "True-dough" is getting to be a bit stranger by the day...

I still see our new PM is pushing the fraud Carbon Tax bullshit as well... I wonder how that scam is going for you guys out in BC these days?

greencrow said...

I have posted several times about my suspicions that the "Carbon Tax" is, in fact, a tax meant to cover the costs of geoengineering...i.e., chemtrails, weather modification (HAARP) etc. which must be a quite expensive, if hidden, part of the military budget. It is also a "protection racket". For instance, a country that doesn't pay up...the carbon tax...might get hit by an extreme weather event. These people are gangsters and this is how gangsters operate.