Friday, March 25, 2016

Good Friday RANT and Easter celebrations

A Brit on a RANT that needs to be heard
around the Western World!

I can't say I disagree with a single word this gentleman says. Time and again the Brits show that they know what's really going on. Matt Belamy and "Muse" in their new classic "Drones" album also prove that the Brits have a certain alchemy, a certain way of expressing themselves in "their" English language, that is still without peer.

Muse "Aftermath"

As we celebrate the message of love that the story of Jesus brought us....we need to move towards the light and away from darkness. I am disappointed with Mike Rivero of the otherwise excellent putting a disgusting "Charlie Hebdo"-style cartoon photo at the top of his blog. a time in history when the message of Jesus, the human being, more crucial to human survival than try to make some kind of cheap "humourous" political point. I suggest you concentrate instead on re-evaluating your shopworn and time-expired errors regarding the "lunar landing" hoax.

Good Friday is a time to reflect on human it exists around the world and as it was shared by Jesus Christ in a monumental example of resistance to authority. Here's one of the most authentic portrayals of that suffering:
Mel Gibson's classic "The Passion of the Christ" Trailer

Whatever you may believe...the Passion is a story of human suffering, resistance and triumph through peace and love.


I'll be spending the Easter weekend with family and friends and taking a breather from blogging. Please see the "Favourites Blog Roll" on the right of this page for some excellent bloggers and enjoy this celebration of seasonal renewal! 


Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful easter break GC,God bless you.jesus christ is the gateway to heaven.

greencrow said...

Thanks for your good wishes, Geraldine. Hope you had a wonderful Easter Weekend!