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CawRANT Events #20

CawRANT Events #20

Another interminably grey day on the West Coast.  This past winter has been the wettest and greyest in my memory of living in BC since the mid 70's.  Some place somewhere must be getting a lot of sunshine...if you look at a satellite weather map...the clouds and rain seem to be driven like a long train up here.  I don't have an opinion about "global warming'...but I do believe in weather manipulation.  Even a rain forest can get too much rain...the cedars and spruces are looking water-logged.  Enough already! Time for a RANT! 

The first item on the agenda is someone I think about a lot. Leonard Peltier. He's a elderly gentleman who's been imprisoned in the US for most of his life on spurious charges of being involved in an American Indian (AIM) uprising back in the 60's. Knowing what we now know about false flags...and set-ups. The charges against Peltier that he killed a US law enforcement official seem to be trumped up...particularly the weapon tying Peltier to the killing.

I have urged clemency for Peltier many times on this blog. It seems to me that Barak Obama is busy tying up some loose ends to his "Hope and Change" presidency as it winds down. Giving the ailing Peltier his freedom would be probably the most positive thing to come out of an Obama presidency. Will the powerful "behind the curtain" rulers of the US allow the puppet Obama to do it? Doubtful. Leonard Peltier must be a very powerful and charismatic speaker and leader...for them to feel the need to keep him in all I have to say.

Obama in Cuba

Obama has been allowed (probably the more accurate word is "ordered") to visit Cuba for the first time a president has visited in what, 88 years?  Luckily, I have already visited Cuba and so have scratched that destination off my bucket list. I was fortunate to visit it before it the rest of the Carribean....MacTropics. A big US hotel chain has apparently already inked a deal. The Cubans should have left well enough alone. Why have they allowed the US to put its empire-sized foot in their door? Something tells me it has something to do with oil and gas fields off the coast. But beware of that US never stands for anything less than foreign control, surveillance...and...if needs be..."regime change".

On a related topic. Someone was asking recently why the US is so good at pinpoint missile and drone strikes, killing innocents at darkie wedding parties and funerals in the Middle East and Asia...but so tragically inept at delivering food and essential supplies to starving people? Apparently, their "humanitarian" food deliveries in Syria and Iraq have been wildly off the mark. I remember last year...some of their air drops (with weaponry) even ended up in ("gasp") the hands of ISIS...their "sworn enemy". Yes, it's truly time for regime change. Speaking of which...

The Donald is gaining Traction in the GOP race

As Trump gains delegates in the US GOP primaries...the elites are wetting their pants. I recently read that the percentage of adult diapers is shortly going to overtake the percentage of baby diapers sold in the US. Well, some of that increase can be put down to the 1% ers fear and trepidation at the idea of a Trump presidency (the main--if not the only--reason I've always been "pro Trump"). A Trump presidency is a non-starter. It's totally out of the range of possibility. Why?  Because it would be tantamount to a second Revolution or a second Civil War.  The evil ones have been in charge of the US since the JFK assassination coup. They have vetted and chosen every president since then. They have NOT chosen the "loose cannon" Trump. His election would be a coup against them and a revolution. Not goin' to least without a titanic battle...where we finally see the ghouls bare their faces, their fangs and their claws.

We are already seeing glimpses of all three. Witness Bush "turd-blossom" strategist Carl Rove coming out of retirement to attend a recent anti-Trump strategy session. It appears they've come up with what I call the "pariah" strategy.  All their resources, political, media, corporate, etc. are going to treat Trump like he has leprosy (or the Zika virus?!)  Soros will fund the paid anti-Trump demonstrators. The "liberal" media (NYT Maureen Dowd on Trump) are already treating him like he's hitlermussolinicharliemanson. So, things have taken a very interesting turn. Trump...not because he's in any way a statesman or possesses intellectual prowess...but solely because he has moolah and indomitable the world's best hope to remove the evil satanic forces.  

California Primary will be cut off "best before" date for Trump

Just to make things a bit more interesting...I'm going further out on the limb I've climbed onto with my prediction that Trump won't be the GOP candidate once the election proper is under way. I'm now predicting that there is a "best before" date for the Trump candidacy...and that's the California primary. I don't know exactly why (although I can make a semi-educated guess--# of delegates) why the California primary is so important. I know they had to get rid of RFK when he won California. So, I think they'd like to get rid of Trump as not to draw too many odious comparisons. I'm predicting that Trump will be gone by June 7, 2016...the date of the California primary. Again, as I've said before...I hope I'm wrong on this one....because I would truly like to avoid WWIII (Hitlery's agenda) for the sake of planet Earth.

Canadian Government Corruption

Rotten to the Core Department

The US isn't the only western country under zionfascist occupation. According to the Ottawa Citizen, in a report dated back in 2014 that has mysteriously re-surfaced....Canadians are up to their eyeballs in Israeli globalist crime syndicate.

CSIS (the CIA's foreign mole in Canada) has been busy supplying recruits to I've mentioned several times on this blog. Nothing has been or will be done to clean out this rat's nest....but the world is undoubtedly watching and taking note. And we think we deserve a seat on the UN Security Council (rolls eyes).

Paul Craig Roberts (always) tells it like it is
A New Russia has appeared on the scene and demonstrated to the entire world its power to checkmate the hegemonic ambition of the crazed neoconservatives who have controlled the US government since Bill Clinton. The world now understands that the leadership for peace comes from Russia not from warmonger Washington.

These machinations of the globalist cabal--that have occupied all the major western governments and have them in a death grip--are set against the backdrop of the Russian renaissance. Vladimir the speech I copied in my previous a sterling (or should I say golden...considering how much gold Russia and China have amassed...while Canada inexplicably got rid of every smidgen of ours) example of what a statesman should be. He has raised the bar....all the while extending the hand of friendship and support to those countries...such as Syria and the BRICS nations...who have been under the oppressive hand of the satanic monsters. With the Syrian Peace Agreement, Putin has set out a template of hope for all the countries in the middle east, including, strangely enough, Turkey.  I have already suggested that Erdogan go crawling on his knees back to Putin and ask for help in getting rid of the "ISIS" terrorists that are conducting NATO/Gladio-style bombing attacks on Turkish civilian centres.

Canada should also seek the friendship and co-operation of Russia in protecting and developing our North.  I note that the US is making yet another territorial claim against Canada in the North...nibbling away at our boundaries for these past many decades as it has. Trudeau Jr. has not made a more stupid mistake than the one he made during the Canadian Federal Election last fall...when he dissed Putin...IMO, he will have to eat those words.

Boaty MacBoatface

Finally, I will end on a humourous note.  It seems the Brits have built a big strong boat capable of northern exploration (unlike the "yellow" lemon submarines they sold Canada) and are seeking the public's help in naming the vessel.  So far the front runner name with 27,000 supporters against the next most popular at 3, "Boaty MacBoatface".  I guess, so long as the Brits can keep their sense of humour...the world can't be in that bad shape.

Bye for now, until the next RANT!

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