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Cancers of Convenience?

Former Toronto Mayor, Rob Ford passed away
on March 21 at the age of 46 from cancer

Well known former politician, Rob Ford, who for several years was the embattled, drug addicted mayor of Toronto (the Good) has passed away in hospital.

Rob Ford, the Toronto city councillor who became the world's most famous mayor during a wild, scandal-filled term, is dead at age 46. 
The married father of two young children died after 18 months of treatment for a rare and aggressive cancer first diagnosed in the midst of his 2014 bid to be re-elected mayor. Ford would have turned 47 on May 28. 
A brief statement from the Ford family announcing the death Tuesday described the former mayor as a "dedicated man of the people" who "spent his life serving the citizens of Toronto." 

In the midst of all the media frenzy over the latest False Flag terror bombing in Brussels, the JM$M was still busily sharing the news about Ford's death.

Ford's death reminded me of several other well-known politicians and personalities who died of "fast acting cancers".  In turn, that made me think again about a small news report I read on the Internet a few years ago about two men who lived in the North East portion of the US (could have been New Joisy) who were convicted of possessing the methodology to produce cancers in humans as a form of assassination.  I remember reading this short news report and then trying to find it later...only to realize that it had been scrubbed forever from the Internet.  If anyone ever finds it...I would love to get a link.

Anyhooooooooo.  Nobody knows what causes the rare cancer Rob Ford became afflicted with...coincidentally just when he was fighting (and winning) a battle for re-election as the mayor of Toronto. You see, Ford was kind of a poor man's Donald Trump. Rob Ford had a huge following of every day people (called the "Ford Nation") who were absolutely fed up with the "usual suspects" and their control over every position of power in the country. Sound familiar?

Ford's death also reminded me of several other deaths by cancer of people that other people wanted out of the way.  First on the list is, of course, Venezuela's president, Hugo Chavez. Remember him? This was several years ago...he went to the UN and spoke right after George "Dubya" Bush and famously said that he could "still smell the sulfur".  Chavez was bucking an awful trend...the trend written famously about by John Perkins in his bestseller "Confessions of an Economic Hit Man". Chavez was one of those marked men...a leader who would not sell out to the american Corporatist Hit Men.  He died after a several years battle with a fast acting and ferocious stomach cancer.  He himself and his successor both alleged that the cancer was a form of assassination.

With one of the known causes of cancer being radiation poisoning...I would be very surprised if radiation has NOT been weaponized as a tool of assassination.  We've all heard about that Russian mafia/spy/oligarch guy who mysteriously died after sipping polonium-laced "tea" in a London restaurant.  The Brits are still trying to pin that one on Putin.

I have always thought that Jacqueline Kennedy was offed by a deliberately caused cancer. Her cancer was very invasive and fast acting.  She was living in [N]ew York....and we all know the 9/11 perps were busily planning the WTC take-downs even back then.  They also wanted to off her son John Jr. (before he could run for the New York Senate) and did not want another media-hyped "Kennedy Tragedy" involving the beautiful, dignified and sorrowful madonna.

Jackie, on Nov. 25, 1963 flanked by also assassinated RFK and JFK Jr. January 1994, Onassis was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma, a type of blood cancer.[252] Her diagnosis was announced to the public the following month. The family and doctors were initially optimistic, and she stopped smoking at the insistence of Caroline, having previously been a three-pack-a-day smoker.[253] She continued her work at Doubleday, but curtailed her schedule, making her last public appearance in March at the Municipal Art Society re-dedication of Grand Central Terminal.[citation needed] The cancer proved to be aggressive, and by April had spread. She made her last trip home from New York Hospital–Cornell Medical Center on May 18, 1994. A large crowd of well-wishers and reporters had gathered on the sidewalk outside her Fifth Avenue apartment.

Likewise, Teddy Kennedy died of a brain cancer. Was he thinking of writing a memoir? You will note that both Kennedys lived in the same region of the planet as the UN (where Chavez spoke) and where the two gentlemen were convicted of having a "cancer machine"....and not far from where Rob Ford plied his political trade.

Then we have that really sharp "thorn in the side" of the "usual suspects"  Yasser Arafat.  Didn't his wife come right out and say publicly that her husband was poisoned (I don't think it was a cancer) by Israel?

Theories about the cause of death 
Main article: Cause of Yasser Arafat's deathNumerous theories have appeared regarding Arafat's death, with the most prominent being poisoning[161][162][163][164] (possibly by polonium) and [165] AIDS-related illnesses,[166][167][168] as well as liver disease[169] or a platelet disorder.[170]

Cancers of convenience?  We'll probably never know. This is truly one of the most diabolical ways of killing a human who's standing in the way. But it would be very surprising indeed if it was not one of the many tools in the Satanic perps' toolbox.  It would be very naive for humanity to deny this possibility. Of course, the perps will foster denial about "assassination by cancer" just as they foster denial of 9/11 "inside job conspiracies".  And the same dolts will swallow the "sheeple pill".

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