Thursday, March 10, 2016

Canada's Worst Nightmare - North American Union

Is Ted Cruz a "Change Agent" Puppet
for the North American Union Agenda?

I've been saying over and over on this blog that the US presidential candidate I fear most is Ted Cruz...because he looks and smells like a "change agent" to bring on the long planned "North American Union" aka an absorption into the US cabal-owned vortex of Canada and Mexico.  A Change Agent is not a leader. Far from it. A Change Agent is a bureaucrat trained and paid to deliver the often bad news that the real leaders (who remain anonymously in the background) are going to tighten the reins of control and the expense of the workers and citizens.  Most of the time they come out of nowhere with little or no connection to the organization and/or workplace they're going to change. They can deliver the news without a tear in their eye and without remorse or compassion for the vulnerable victims.

Ted's Wife Heidi Cruz wrote a paper on the North American Union and submitted it to the Council on Foreign Relations...that group of notables who supposedly makes all the really important decisions. That fact alone is a bit too much of a coinykidink.

The manifest destiny agenda to take over North America has been a wet dream of the oligarchs and military/industrial cabal for several centuries now.  It's all hidden under a smarmy wet blanket of pseudo evidenced in the "State Visit" that's going on in Washington at the moment....Trudeau of five in tow going to the White House for a photo shoot. Frankly, I would be much more impressed if Trudeau travelled to Russia and met with Putin. That would show he was a man and a leader of a real country...not the unaware, guileless lackey he appears in all the photos.

On the same day as the Canada/US state visit...there's news in the alternative press about a dossier of ISIS recruits being "leaked" to the press.  Apparently 20,000+ ISIS recruits came from Europe, the US, Canada and other western countries.  I would say right off the mark that the Canadian "recruits" are yet another CSIS (Canadian Security Intelligence Services....aka CIA mole in Canada) project. Yet another example of how our tax dollars are being squandered on providing mercenaries to the cabal to fight its proxy wars.  No doubt Australia and New Zealand...other just as pathetic members of the "Five Eyes" provided recruits too.  Will the reporters attending the joint press conferences held by Obama and Trudeau ask questions about this report? Not likely.

The North American Union is next up on the agenda of the perps. Why? Well most of all because in the ridiculous "Who's got the biggest penis" competitions of international statecraft...Russia currently has the biggest landmass. The US lags behind both China and Russia.  The US needs to show the world that it is the biggest country on earth...if it wants to retain the hegemony it earned through the rigged petrodollar and (its now outmoded) military hardware. Secondly, the US wants to go "mano a mano" with Russia in the Arctic. Canada just doesn't cut it with its piddly icebreakers and non-existent (due to "intentional"? technological flaws) British-built submarines. The US wants to flex its muscle up there and perhaps stage WWIII on the Arctic border between Canada and Russia. The ultimate goal here is to engage Russia in WWIII and break it up as an independent world force. Thirdly, and most rationally...the US wants to grab Canada's resources...particularly water. It doesn't want Canada's already frayed and compromised "sovereignty" getting in the way. The US military plans to build a massive superhighway from Mexico straight through the US and Canada up to the Arctic.

That's why the presidential candidacy of Donald Trump is such a "spanner in the works" of the globalist elites--and why they're choking on their chicken bones and flying to Jeckyll Island to have emergency meetings.  They have this very specific agenda...that Trump with his Mexican Wall obviously isn't in on. The "agenda" has already been set back several years at least by Russia's insistence on the revival of rule of International Law through the UN.  Running roughshod over centuries-old laws...and having murderous and destructive invasions isn't quite the slam/dunk it used to be (prior Syria/Ukraine).

Not too long ago, the perps had all their ducks in a row...(1) They had their Change Agent Cruz all lined up...(2) they had their gullible, pliable leaders in Mexico and Canada in place. Then suddenly, with Trump, it's all gone sideways. Trump could be Canada's (and Mexico's) new best friend and save us from a fate worse than death...the North American Union!

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