Monday, March 7, 2016

BREAKING NEWS: There've been no False Flags for at least two months now.

BREAKING NEWS:  No False Flags so far in 2016

...What Gives???!

For an unprecedented third straight month...there have been no false flags in the Western World. Sure, there have been bombs galore exploding in Turkey, Syria, Yemen, the Middle East and Africa (all done by the "usual suspects" IMO)...but not in the ZioAtlantacist territories.  What gives?

Sure enough, Scotland Yard is muttering away about a false flag "large scale attack" event by ISIS in the planning stages.  And there are reports from a Serbian newspaper that Russia is going to give Syria a missile with enough power and accuracy to hit Erdogan in his bedroom.

Russian General Gerasimov


give the Syrians a missile that hit

the bedroom Erdogan

From a rough translation:
Battleship Russian chief of staff, General Valery Gerasimov inflicted a blow fraudulent American policy in the Middle East torn by accused Turkey - NATO member - to facilitate terrorist attacks on Syria, a traditional ally of Moscow."Since 2011, Mr. Obama is seeking to overthrow the democratically elected president of Syria. More than four years to make up stories faded effect Syrian government, all these years, Obama and his successor - Turkey's Erdogan - are trying to destabilize the region, which led to hundreds of thousands killed or displaced innocent Syrians. "RIA Novosti General Gerasimova."Here in Moscow, we looked at how public support has Erdogan," the general Gerasimov, "and we now believe that he was just a megalomaniacal despot who dreams about how to rebuild the decaying Ottoman Empire submission to the neighboring countries, but as far as Russia, which Erdogan more supports its Al Qaeda mercenaries faster will be his downfall. ""Throughout history, the Russians never left in the lurch your allies and judging by the orders of Mr. President (Putin's) best Russian elite forces will set foot on the soil of Syria to destroy the terrorists, supported by Saudi Arabia and Turkey." Said General Gerasimov, adding that Moscow will provide Syria precision ballistic missiles to hit Erdogan's bedroom, to Turkey, Syria freed Hitler of the Middle East.During that time, the Russian Foreign Ministry expressed surprise at the White House warning that Russia is escalating four-year civil war in Syria. The Minister of Foreign Affairs stated that the Kremlin's policy towards Syria is actually providing military aid to the Syrian army to fight against the terrorists and that this is in line with the policy in the Middle East."We always give them the equipment (Syrians) to combat Al Qaeda terrorists," said Maria Zakharova, an official with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. "We support them, we support them and we will continue with that."General Gerasimov concluded: "We will never abandon our allies and together we will defeat Obama, this time on Syrian soil."
Source: Agency Gazeta

When I read the above, it seemed to me to be propaganda in advance of an attack on blame the Rooskies. Surely, there are more actors on the world stage than the Russians who consider the Turkish President a liability. But, you know the perps...they like to multi task and multi function. If they can have a bloody attack on Erdogan, blame it on the Rooskies (like MH17) AND get rid of a bothersome much the better.

And, they NEED another major false flag...and soon.  They need the negative energy which the Satanists feed vampires...they need the distraction from other globalist moves they're planning. Every time they pull off a false flag...they grab the high ground in the conflict...until the shock wears off...they're in control. 

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