Saturday, February 27, 2016

The Death of Twitter

"The Death of Twitter" read a recent Internet headline. If true...thank Gawd these awful silos of communication are dying. Twitter and Facebook are Big Corporatism/secret government's attempt to funnel dissent and commentary into minute silos and then minimize and degrade the content. Is it over yet?

Here are some recent examples of Twitter garbage that I picked up from the Internet roadside. They prove, without a doubt, how Twitter merely serves to stir up trivial mock dissent and conflict...and ends up making all the participants look like fools.

Twitter rampage over losing hockey goalie

Twitter "shuts down" Hillary Clinton critics

Twitter provides platform for someone to "get away" with threatening assassination of Donald Trump.

Twitter, IMO, was not only brought into being to degrade human has several other functions:

1.  Get rid of "on the spot" professional a sense...everyone with a cell phone becomes an unpaid reporter capable of providing on-the-moment reporting of local events to an international audience. All the better to rig this coverage and make it "unaccountable" and very free.  It's a real break for the JM$M in these times of high costs and very low revenues...due to declining readership.

2.  Tool for Soros-types...who manufacture dissent and "regime change" colour revolutions...rely heavily on Twitter and other similar platforms to rouse and control the "rent a crowds/audiences/drill participants" (i.e., during False Flags)....

3.  Easy for professional trolls to infiltrate, subvert and debase the discussions. Say no more.

4.  Good opportunities to target politicians, celebrities and activists and surveil for "blackmailable" quotes and comments to use later. Youngsters will have all their silly ramblings (and photos) saved for later...when they are older and can all come back to haunt them!

I have never used Twitter and wouldn't know how to. I was briefly on Facebook and "Linked in" (by accident) but quickly got off once I realized that it (social media) is the biggest spy operation in the history of humanity.  Also, and the other one--that tests your  Avoid these two for the same reason.  All they do is gather information for later use/abuse.

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