Friday, February 19, 2016

"Perhaps the (NATO) advisers should stop stepping on the same rake."

Russian Military Spokesperson tells it like it is

A Russian military spokesperson was forced to interrupt his serious work in Syria this past week to correct yet another NATOJM$M lie about what's going on in Syria. He was like the little dutch boy trying to hold back the flood (of lies) by putting his finger in the dyke.  This time, as I reported last week, the BBC and its western media acolytes were lying about Russia bombing some MSF hospitals near Aleppo in Syria.  The Russian spokesperson can be heard in the above video explaining how Russian planes were no where near the hospitals during the time in question.  But, when the Russians examined their intelligence...they discovered that two American planes had left their base in Turkey and flew over the target right at the appointed time of the alleged bombing.

Why does the western media keep "stepping on the same rake" the Russian so adroitly phrased it? I would submit that the JM$M's currency/end product is lies.  They don't report the truth.  If by accident....some truth should leak into their's immediately twisted and contorted...or buried on the back pages. That's why there are so many false flags these I have submitted many times on this's the JM$M's solemn duty to "drill the message".  To promulgate official lies...the more egregious and ludicrous (even Alice in Wonderlandish...such as Obama's recent California speech) the better. Any media person/reporter/journalist who questions the official story or tries to report the unblemished truth (or applies reason/logic to western ideology) is methodically rooted out during these "drills".

Sadly, I would advise my Russian friends that there will be no end to the lies.  In fact they are building to a crescendo...the "Big Event" as I've called it.  (Apparently, the Mossad called 9/11 The Big Wedding). The "drills' will take place regularly until then. As alternative bloggers...we are all little dutch boys holding back the flood of lies by putting our fingers in the dyke.

Trying to hold back the torrent of lies

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